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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Pinks to Brighter Your Day!

This is my Vintage Garden Princess House tea stuff! See the pretty pink fake sugar packets? Not a fan, those belong to my oldest daughter. I worked in the medical school. I don't do chemicals and Equal and Sweet n Low are 100 percent pure chemicals! Artificial sweetener's, that is the truth! Gee, now I got off the topic at hand!
How did that silly squirrel get into my pinks? Hmmm....he is watching over the delicate pinks, blues and pretty pastels.
Feeling blue on a Pink Saturday. Nick is running in the Southern Stampede XC Invitational at Joplin, MO. today. I want to be there but here I am! Please pray that he and his team run well and the rain does not turn into a big storm. Have you ever made these cupcake pops? I know they are full of empty calories but they look so delicious! I like the pink icing over the chocolate. It is a great color combination not to mention flavor! Yummy!
If I can't be with Nick I would want you to stop by and we could share some petite desserts with a tall pink refreshing drink. You choose what you would prefer. I am a gracious hostess and want you to enjoy your visit.
Oh my, these are sweet and so light and airy! I will share with you. Stop by.
I will brew you a cup of tea. Just let me know what kind you like. I have a full cupboard with many different kinds.
Catherine from Bolton, England in the UK has these sweet balm of friendship tags at her etsy shop. I thought they were the perfect ending to my Pink Saturday post. Please visit Beverly so you may share your pinks and visit the blogs of lots of pinkies and check out their creativity, encouraging and simply fabulous pink posts! Have a terrific weekend.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful!!!!! Loving all the pink!!!

Unknown said...

Cheering Nick on right along with you! Hope your day is great. I truly wish I could sit down and hang out with you and have a pink drink! It looks yummy as does the cupcake pops! Happy Saturday!

LV said...

Anne, I do not know how you find so many interesting and neat things to share. Love visiting and hearing what you have say.

Jeanne said...

Hi Anne, I am praying that Nick has a good run and will be safe from a pending storm. I'm sorry you can't be there too.

Thank you for your sweet comment. You are a blessing Anne.

I love the Princess House dishes and the sweets you shared are making me want some. Yum. I do love tea, all kinds. I never put anything in my tea though. Straight up is how I like it the best. Smile.

Happy Pink Sat.
Hugs, Jeanne

Theresa said...

Praying for Nick:) Love all of the pretty pinks and YUMMY treats! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Pinks, Anne! I hope Nick does well in his race and will get home safely.
Your china is so pretty and the treats are yummo! Will have to check out those tags. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday.


Denise said...

Everything looks so gorgeous.