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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love is Right on cue and Blue Trees for Blue Monday

I loved playing pool when I was younger! So I really like this little Love is....Do you feel that love is right on cue? Stop by and visit Marydon. It would be fun to see your favorite Love is....

Would you like to have a blue Christmas tree?  This one is in need of some decorations!

Maybe a patriotic tree is your style! I think some little American flags tucked around this tree would be fitting.

A lovely white tree with blue ornaments. That silver star on top of the tree is a sweet touch!

Have you decorated your tree? Do you put up a Christmas tree? I like some of these blue ornaments to add to the festivities. I used google images to show you these blues. Now I hope 
you join  Sally and all the blue crew! This girl is blue. My son Nick left for college today. It seems like he just got here and had to leave again. He is a good kid and he has changed in a short time,for the better. He is a really responsible young man. It was good to see him and even better to have him come and go safely.

This is a photo of Nick and his team mate Sean from the Nike Southwest XC Invitational 2011 in Phoenix, AZ. Do you like Nick's shirt? Have a wonderful week.


Debra said...

No blue trees here but this did remind me of my Grandmother's Silver tree. She did have a traditional fresh green pine tree but she had a little silver one that she put her Christmas cards on :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That patriotic tree is cool!! And loving the photo of Nick!

Denise said...

I like this post.

Theresa said...

Love is... right on cue:) Love it! No blue tree here but my Sister's tree IS blue! I do love Nick's shirt, he is so handsome! He'll be back for Christmas soon! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Jorgelina said...

Virtual Christmas party at my blog.
What are your favorite Christmas memories?

SmilingSally said...

You and I had the same idea today.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Anne.

LV said...

Thanks for giving us a choice on pretty Christmas trees. I like them all. However, I do not bother with one anymore when it is just me. Best wishes to you and family.

Chatty Crone said...

I want an aqua tree! Lol. Good Morning. sandie

Angie Church said...

looks like a beautiful blue christmas
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Jenny said...

I love his shirt!

And I love visiting your blog!

Laurie Ritchey said...

Ann, what happened to the traditional green trees? I love that patriotic tree and what fun to see all of the different colored trees. Enjoyed the post. laurie

Ann said...

Our tree is up, this year with a variety of vintage ornaments I've collected over 55 years or so. Sometimes I do a color theme too. The blues are really pretty. Nick sure looks great in his blues.

Marydon said...

Love the patriotic tree & this year there is a ton of blues to decorate with. Your son looks so handsome, Anne. I know you are going to truly miss him. ... bet he is loving college.


Jeanne said...

Good morning dear Anne, I got up early this morning to try and catch up with my blogging friends. In two hours I have hardly made any head way. Smile. I'm way to wordy for my own good but I just can't leave a few words and go. Sigh.
I love the trees and your blue you shared. Most of all I enjoyed seeing a pic of your son. He is blessed to have a family that has so much love to carry to college. Love is... Knowing that you are loved.
Happy day to you and yours.
Blessings, Jeanne

Naperville Now said...

My husband has "his" tree -- made up of blue and white ornaments, though we have yet to summon the energy to put it up yet. thanks for the inspiration.

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

I added light blue to my tree this year! :) Thanks for stopping by with such nice comments...That means alot to me!


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