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Saturday, December 1, 2012

"B" is for Birthday's/ Beautiful Porches!

We all have them! They come around once a year whether we like it or not! I have decided to accept them with grace and be grateful that I am another year older! Birthdays are celebrations of our lives. Some people choose not to celebrate them! Others love the celebration! The attention. The gifts. Then there is the cake! Ah.....birthday cake! What to have! What flavor to choose! I am a December baby! Go here to see who shares this date with me! I am  into celebrating with people I care for! Phamily. Friends. Which reminds me, here in blog world I share my birthday with Julie and Jan at  a journey.... They are two super cool ladies and I want to wish them both a terrific birthday! I also share my birthday with a good buddy Barb S. and Jeannette.  It is a wonderful and popular day! I hope you will visit Ms. Jenny and tell her to please accept my assignment for Alphabe Thursday! Even if I was late!
One of these days I will  post a bunch of beautiful baby photos of me! LOL! I hope you will head over to Beverly's and thank her for her gracious work each week as we share into the holiday season with a wonderful venue of Pink Saturday's! This week we are showing off  holiday porches and showing our wares on Blog Shop! Since I am way behind on my holiday decorating I will share more google images with you!
Tell me what porch here is your favorite! This first one is such a classic!
How about a little fruit for the Christmas cheer?
A snowy porch filled with much cheer.
Some sporty cheer on your front porch!
A child's favorite undoubtedly! I love that sweet bear!
Look at those sweet ornaments hanging on this front porch! The red door is certainly very festive!
A cozy bench with lots of holiday decorating!
Look, they left your gifts on the front porch! sweet! I wonder what is inside these pretty packages.
A holiday glow. Lights remind me of the true reason for the season. The Savior was born into a dark world and He filled it with light!
A precious pooch. Do you suppose he was hoping to go sledding today?
This red and white venue makes me feel like Christmas is just around the corner! Look at the lantern filled with ornaments! Isn't that a sweet touch?

A fitting holiday celebration, right on the front porch!
This Christmas tree adds a real sense of the presence of Christmas!
I think black and white makes a charming Christmas porch. I would feel so cozy here.
Did you think I would forget to give you a pink and pretty porch this holiday season? Christmas looks so calm and peaceful on this colorful front porch!
Another pretty pink porch complete with a snow lady in a wide brimmed hat! Hope your weekend is terrific and you enjoy the porch of your dreams here or at your own home!
On Blog Shop this week I have these  Princess House berry bowls. They are a small version of the Fantasia bowls and I have several and use them all the time. You can purchase these for $12 plus $12 shipping today. You may e mail me if you are interested.
This was an original Princess House hand blown potpourri bowl. But you could fill it with some small ornaments and use it as a decorating piece for any holiday! The gold metal top is great for using as a "frog" to arrange a small bouquet of flowers. It is $12 and $12 shipping. e mail me if you would like any other info too.


Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday!♥♫

LV said...

We had the same idea today. I had to go to internet for mine as well. I like what you found and none of them were like mine. Beat wishes on your special day. Hope you have good luck on selling your things. I do not have a pay pal account, so I am not listing things.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy early birthday to my BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!!!!!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

that birthday cake looks yumme and all the decorations....beautiful

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Happy birthday! Chocolate cake and a park bench on the porch look like perfection to me.
Thanks for visiting this week. :)

Dewena Callis said...

Well happy birthday! And here you go giving us the gift of beautiful porches to inspire. My front porch is so neglected. We have got to do something about it.

Rhissanna said...

Happy birthday!

I love your selection of fabulous porches. It's a difficult choice, but I'm really drawn to the spectacular tower of green wrapped gifts in the urn, and the cosy glow of the black and white porch.

I do really like how pink is making itself known as a Christmas colour. It's almost becoming a new tradition.

Thank you for your visit to my little doll blog and your sweet comment!

Mevely317 said...

First (n' best!), Happy soon-to-be Birthday!!! (You, and my precious grand-daughter!)

My fav? Has to be the red door with the pooch ... while some are prettier, or fancier ... this seems most friendly! :)

... BTW, YES, I'd love to see your baby pictures!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Who could choose...each is uniquely beautiful. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous entrance-ways. Thanks also for your lovely compliment on my gift crafting. It is appreciated.

Lady In Read said...

happy birthday! have a great day, and a wonderful holiday season ahead..
i love the ... well, difficult to pick one out of all the beautiful decorations.. love them all
thank you for your comment on my blog..

Scudds Harrison said...

Happy birthday to another December baby:) Can't wait to see your baby photos.

This post surely deserves A+++...very beautiful and what a wonderful Phamily you have.

All the best,
Scudds x

Denise said...

Happy, Happy Birthday.

bohemiannie! art said...

Now that's a bunch of beautiful porches. I love the pinks and those with the ornaments hanging from above. How lovely. Happy, Happy Birthday...and birthday MONTH to You!!!

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday! I love the picture of the dog by the sled.Maybe he did want to go sledding after all!!

Maggie said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes from Normandy!
The cake looks scrumptious
My favourite of all the porches is the very first one,, simply classic.

Bee said...

The first porch is my favorite. I can't imagine leaving fruit on your porch. Wouldn't the squirrels get them? lol

Happy birthday!!!!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! YES, another year more beautiful:) I think I like the Sporty Cheer porch! Have a blessed day! BIG HUGS!

Claudia Willison said...

Happy - early - birthday!

Thank you for stopping by my Alphabe- Thursday - mine for letter 'B' @ ImagesByCW is about beach photography

Cottage and Broome said...

So many fun porches it is hard to decide! I like the first one and the one with the show shoes! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

Judie said...

Rod is decorating our front porch this weekend. I'll send pics as soon as I figure out how to hide all the extension cords! Hahahaha!

Thanks for the comment, Anne. It has been a rough three months, but I am beginning to feel better now.

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, Happy Happy birthday and wishes for many more. I know we may want to forget them sometimes but deep down we want to celebrate with our friends and family.

Your porch pic inspirations are so pretty. Lots of ideas but I do wonder about the fruit on display. I would hate it to be wasted. Maybe it is not real. I love the look of it though.I like the wrapped packages the best. I did that once and the wind kept blowing them away. I guess i needed some rocks inside to weight them down. Smile.

Happy days ahead getting ready for the Christmas fun.
Hugs, Jeanne

Leann said...

Hi Anne

Happy Birthday sweet friend! I have a birthday surprise - you won a copy of the Nutcracker from my giveaway!!!

E-mail me your address asap!


Anonymous said...

So which of those porches are you going to make yours? There are a lot of good ideas here. I like the one with all the packages.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday dear Ann, happy birthday to you. sandie

Ames said...

Happy Happy Birthday Anne! I hope yours was one to remember!~Hugs~Ames

Cafe au lait said...

Happy Birthday Anne! God bless.

My Blue Monday.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful woman...

I love Bold Christmas decorations and these are absolutely Beautiful...

Great post for the letter B...


❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!
Fabulous Porch Decor,Thanks for sharing!

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog & sorry you missed my giveaway!! Loving the Christmas vibe you have going on here! Oooh I wish my porch looked as nice as any of those!!

Catherine OurVillageIs said...

I love birthdays! Happy, Happy (belated) birthday!

I love the festive entry ways. They are gorgeous!

Sandra Tyler said...

dont' you just LOVE that, how you take care of everyone else when they're sick, wash your hands, try not to ever spread your own germs and everyone else just sneezes all over you? Good C.

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