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Monday, March 28, 2016

Aw....Monday/Blue Monday/Belated Easter Wishes/My BoJon Heritage/Love is.../

I know I am a day late but the days seem to get away from me. This one would have been perfect for Beverly and Pink Saturday. We have wild bunnies living under our front porch and they drive the dogs mad, except for Bandit. Poor fellow is getting ancient and he loves those bunnies. We once found him under the backyard shed sitting and contemplating life with a bunny! Leo and Stella dream one day they will have a bunny for a hardy meal! Smokey could care less, he just wants to hurry inside and enjoy a nap.
We have to keep those toilet seats closed. One day I was rushing around and our Mr. Kitty was attempting to pull his chubby self to the bathroom sink where he enjoys a long, cool drink. He tried to hop up on one side of the toilet and poof he was getting a bath! His face was priceless. He looked very much like this fellow! Now share a smile with Sandee and everyone who shares their Aw.....'s for Monday.

I found this image at Tumbler and the sky and sun appear to be cotton candy colors. I thought Jeanne and everyone at Blue Monday might like this. Please stop by for a visit as Jeanne is   wonderful as  hostess  our Blue Monday.

Hoping each and everyone of you had a beautiful and very blessed Easter SONday. We had a quiet dinner with Rebekah, Zach, Hannah, Jeremy, Brittany and Addy. Nick is still at college in Kansas and Noelle and Roger opted for their own quiet Easter time.
I miss my mother making these traditional sLOVEnian Krofi a deep fried dough that has a slight sweet flavor. A piece of ham or kolbasi makes for a nice snack. I am fearful of making so many of these dishes due to the mile high altitude I live at. I am tempted to take a bread baking class at the rec center. My friend Dr. T. did and she whips up light tasty bread and elegant French pastries too. I am going to try to recruit my girls to go with me.
Perhaps I will make some tasty Madeleines like these too.
I would truly love to visit this place where my grandparents were all born. My cousin Kay was there this summer and she found out some interesting history about our loved ones.
I love snail mail. Today a sweet card arrived from Jenny Matlock. I belong to the encouragement group with   Pamela and enjoy sending encouragement to folks via the mail. I hope you will encourage someone today and visit some of these wonderful shares here. Thank you and enjoy your week.


Edna B said...

Sometimes I think I would love to visit the land where my ancestors lived. I'm just so big on flying so far away. But there is a castle in Scotland that I'd love to visit. Hmmmm, so much to think about!

Your "Easter" kitty is adorable. And that poor little darling who fell into the toilet looks so forlorn. Poor baby.

Pogo and I had a nice quiet Easter. It was sunny with mild temps. What more could we ask for? I hope your Easter was happy. Hugs, Edna B.

LV said...

No matter if you are late, it is always a pleasure reading your post.

Sandee said...

I love the bunny story. It's funny how our babies react to different critters. Some they don't care about and other they want for dinner.

Awww on the kitty. What a shocker though. Poor baby.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ☺

Kathe W. said...

awesome- love the story! Cheers and may the bunny be with you!

Anonymous said...

Last week I found the new Blue Monday - and I see you found it too:):) So you have a Slovenian heritage? When we lived in Europe we traveled extensively to the East.Eur. countries (part of hubbies' job). Love their hospitality and their good food!
Also, hope you'll be a part of SEASONS this week - it's crazy there are more reports of blizzards, so you can link one of these up if you like! Hope to see you there, blog friend:) Have a smooth adjustment this week!

Jeanne said...

Hi Anne, We used to have pet bunnies for our very young children. It was a blast but bunnies are hard to raise. Your bunny story was adorable. i am afraid our pup would bark and scare them away. She is a barky poodle but we adore her.

Thank you for the shout out for blue Monday. You are so sweet Anne. I am enjoying doing Blue Monday very much. Especially with friends like you joining in.

I have never heard of the dough gobs you make but they sound good to me. I make bread in a bread maker and love doing it a lot.

We didn't have any of our children for Easter but had a lovely time with two of my sisters and some friends from church. I am going to post it next week.

The cat story was funny and the photo was cute. Most cats hate water. HA!

Thank you for joining Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor.
Big hugs,

Ida said...

Those first 2 are just priceless. - This was a fun post.

Lux G. said...

The first photo cot me cracking. :)
Happy Easter to you!