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Friday, December 8, 2017


I have not been here. I was feeling so poorly with this nagging cough and assorted wedding lists to complete. My doctor gave me an inhaler and a steroid medication. Not a fan of pills of any sort but I was desperate not to hack at the wedding.
These are going to be candid shots taken by phamily. We are praying the photographer's shots will be equally beautiful. This perfect wedding went off without so much as a glitch. This middle daughter of our's worked nearly solo for 57 days to pull this wedding off! She did it beautifully and my husband kept saying he knew God had His hand in this beautiful day. Their vows, which they wrote themselves, were beautiful and Pastor Chris gave them  a fantastic wedding ceremony filled with God's goodness and grace.
 This is my folks on their wedding day in August 1936. My mom was 22, dad was 25. Rebekah set up a lovely table with photos and this one had a message from heaven.
Avril, a phamily friend's daughter was the flower girl. My great grandboy Harrison hit it off with her at the reception. Avril even wore blue shoes, like the bride.
My hubby is so handsome with his tux on. The fathers wore traditional ties, the groomsmen and groom wore bow ties. I love them both. I pulled this oldie, but goody out of my closet. My dress , oh what a long story that is! So this sweet classic came in handy. I had silver shoes and accessories with it. I felt like a queen giving our daughter away to the man of her dreams.

Our sweet Hannah was the maid of honor.
Zach's dad and his lovely wife Gressa took some lovely candid shots. Hannah put the names together for every single guest. She had a lot of glue gun burns on her fingers but was a real trooper making her sister's day special.
Rebekah  put many of her favorite and Zach's favorite books on each table and she made the flowers from book pages. They also added different words and quotes on each table. It was magical.
The yummy wedding cake. It was so lovely and tasty too. Lots of stories to share about various vendors. Our local King Soopers (Krogers, Dillions) ended up doing a perfect job on this cake. Not all high end bakeries are always your smartest choice. Aside from saving a lot of money the head baker treated our daughter like a celebrity princess whipping up her cake to her exact specifications.
Tiny heart shaped candles for the guests too. It was a beautiful wedding and one of the sweetest .  The ceremony was something ordained by God Himself. I think people often forget the true meaning of marriage and who should be at the center of it. I think these two will have a wonderful and happy marriage.
Candid photos often show the true nature of those we love and cherish. Zack, the ring bearer was the perfect gentleman. Since he is older than Avril he really knew how to handle her and make sure she got to her seat after the aisle walk.
The caterers were delightful and served up some of the best brisket and chicken accompanied by wonderful side dishes. I believe God truly had His hand on Rebekah and Zach all through this wedding process.
So many wedding stories to share. I will continue this tomorrow. 
Always words from Love make my day.
Before I close and continue this wedding journey tomorrow, please pray for the fires in California. A lifelong BoJon friend is getting ready to evacuate her home with her new puppy. I have so much phamily and am concerned for their safety too. Prayers appreciated and any other requests, remember God is listening.
A sliver of pink and purple to celebrate the newlyweds first dance as husband and wife and to stop by Beverly's and wish everyone there a Happy Pink Saturday.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  I ate smaller portions but when I was shopping I purchased a wedge of Brie cheese. My hubby and youngest daughter Hannah loves it and so do I! The cashier said there was no price on it and since it was for Thanksgiving, it's free and Happy Thanksgiving! I was tickled! But she is my favorite cashier!  Brie cheese is a real weakness for me. We also had a beautiful selection of pies and lots of tasty side dishes to compliment our turkey.
Oh my gosh, this Princess Sassy Pants had me chuckling! I love this sweet sentiment.
These two fruitcakes will be married on Dec 2. I called them that affectionately because Rebekah is very into all the Irish traditions for weddings. One of them is the bride and groom eat a fruitcake together. So being a good mother, I bought them one from Collin Street Bakery.
It is being soaked in Irish whiskey for the wedding event. Jameson to be exact. Boy this mom love her girl.
Cousins, Jayden (6), Michael (2 1/2) and Harrison (21 months). These fellows make the holidays jolly.
Police humor makes me smile. Our youngest Nick has a BFF Jazin and he is a local police officer. Oh the stories you can already share! People are silly. This pooch is quite handsome too so he might enjoy visiting Aw...Mondays with Sandee and the gang.
You know you are saying Aw........Mondays!
Police Dog filing his report.

Ha Ha Ha! This police dog is not a fan of the feline ! He's pretty serious about his work.
Hope this police dog humor made you smile today.

My phamily has grown from 7 of us to currently 24 1/2. We have to count the new baby boy who will join us in March 2017. We need our own private hall to hold our holiday dinners. My folks would be so proud. They really loved their siblings and all the extended phamily we had. I hope you stop by Blue Monday and say hello.
Aw....Love is...can always make me smile.
I'm not a big shopper these days. Too much rudeness, crazy drivers and all the rest. I like to shop from home. SO I agree with Maxine here. SHe makes me smile every day.
Thinking about people who need encouragement today.
Always lots of prayer requests. A high school friends son-in-law lost his sister in a motorcycle accident. Don and Vickie, struggle with health issues. Always needing extra prayer. Pray for those homeless without anywhere to go. Pray for those struck with mental illness and unable to help themselves. Prayers for many needing full time employment, pray for young parents, as my friend Maureen says, the older generation, we can never stop telling our grands about Jesus. Pray for young married couple that they keep Christ at the center of their marriages. I have prayed for my little friends Kaydence and Mayah since before their birth. I never forget them in my nightly prayers. So many hurting hearts. Thinking of a small kindness you can do for someone hurting.  Appreciate all good thoughts you have and the prayers lifted up.
Pinterest makes me smile. Love this tea time which can be anytime at all. Look at those sweet macroons. Remember to follow me and leave comments so you can be in the second part of my giveaway, this one will be a Christmas Tea Tyme Giveaway. Come join the fun. Thank you for visiitng me and letting me share a smile, a prayer or a simple story today.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Oh Monday Monday

Aw...Mondays! I hope you stop by and tell Sandee hello and join the fun. These two seem to be playing a game of peek-a-boo! Cats and dogs seem to get along beautifully. Don't you wish people would too?
I hope you will share a cup of tea (or coffee) with me in this beautiful blue tea cup set. I love the pretty scallop design on the cup. Feeling poorly is not any fun at all but drinking hot tea with lemon and honey always makes me feel a bit better. I would love to find this tea cup because I would share it with the folks at Blue Monday along with all their beautiful blues.
Love is...always has the right thing to say. It is fun to laugh more and worry less. Not much good in worry. You won't feel any better and nothing will be accomplished.

Maxine always knows just what to say and during the holidays we all know someone who would rather not have some relatives around. I guess sometime people can be annoying. I like my relatives. It is nice to gather together and enjoy the holiday season.

Princess Sassy Pants always has a positive note to share. She is a joy and she must have read my mind, I love a slice of pie anytime! Do you? What is your favorite?
A thoughtful Scripture to remind us of the gifts we receive at Thanksgiving and all through the holiday season.
A Kocman Phamily Gathering. I am guessing this was the Summer of 1949. My grandmother is holding my sister Mary, her namesake, on her lap. I was not born yet so my mom on your far left is holding on one my cousins, the twins, Marla and Darla. My dad is in the back row, far left and standing next to his brother, my Uncle Moon. Next to him is Uncle Art and he is holding cousin Kay. This is a huge group of my paternal phamily. I saw this photo and I cried happy tears. I sure love my life.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Little Weekend Fever

I have a viral thing again!  Nothing a flu shot can protect and after my dental appointment on Monday, this bug kicked into high gear to kick me down! So I am stopping by the blog to give a few updates.
Here are some teacups that would make me feel better. I have been living on herbal tea and honey and soup.  Stop by Beverly's and visit some Pinks. It has been a challenge watching my little sidekick great  grand boy but somehow we have managed. He drinks soup out of a pretty cup just like me! He has been quite a helper too.
He said I better make a u turn and head the right direction to Grammie Noelle's so we can take care of Trek.
He loves his leaves. He likes to crunch them under his feet. He is quite the great outdoorsman!
A pretty pink image. Love this tea set. Wanted to check in, since my first winner and I are trying to get together so she can get her giveaway win. Sometime life is just so busy. I am going to draw the final two winners after Rebekah;s wedding. Most days I see myself coming or going or something. I may have worn myself out trying to keep up with everyone and everything. I will make good on my promise to send out beautiful packages I hope the winners will love their treasures.
If we are to properly represent God we need to be careful how we treat the beasts of the earth that He so lovingly created for us.
My daughter Noelle was with my sister Mary today. Because I am feeling so badly I could not go and was sad. My friend Kathy lost her precious mom Simi. Noelle is like the adopted child of Kathy since she stood by me all the years I was a single parent.  Noelle attended the memorial service for Kathy's mom. I am sad and ask for prayers, not only for Kathy and her phamily grieving this difficult loss, her mom was a tiny bundle of energy and a wonderful nurse. But please pray for my friend Vivian too. She fell and could not get up and was moved into a nursing home. I have to get home after the wedding and the holidays to visit with her. She is one of those friends that sticks by you no matter what.  While she was visiting, Noelle took a photo of this childhood photo where my sister Mary is front and center and my brother Eddie in on your left and cousin Kenny on your right while the twins, (cousins) Marla and Darla were in the middle. The four of them made their first communion and my sister was dressed like a lovely angel, which she really is. I sure love my life.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Something Blue for Monday's

If you check in with Sandee and say Aw...Mondays she would love to see your sweet share! These intellectuals are having a game of chess. Quite intense and it was never my cup of tea. The cats and dog think otherwise.
I usually post on Veteran's Day. Today and all weekend long I tried to thank as many service members as I could, active and retired. I'm not going to get political but if our flag and our military offend you, there is a whole wide world out there to see.
Denver has one of the largest Veteran's Day parades in our country. We celebrated Rebekah's bridal shower so we were unable to attend this year. The state capital is behind these various military  men and women.
Colorful hair highlights are quite the trend. I like this pretty shade of blue. Maybe the folks at Blue Monday will too. Stop by and say hello and share your blue today.
Fitting words in this troubled world.
I thought these words were fitting for our military. Active and retired, resting in peace, they all served us all so well.
Maxine on the time change. SHe is one sassy but smart gal!
We like the movies, how about you? Love is...looks overwhelmed! I'm not much into a lot of violence in movies although I do like the Justice League characters.
Love this pinterest find, a cherry teapot for one. Love the sentiment too. I will draw a second winner this week. Trying to cram everything into my tight schedule Wedding projects, Harrison time, the dentist, doctor appointments. Always something happening here. I will post some photos too as I prepare to send the giveaway gifts. Stop by Beverly's and visit some Pinks!