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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Whenever dark times came into my life I started to understand God.  This verse,  came from from an older and much wiser lady named Mary White that worked with me at the University Hospital in the 1980's. When I look back at my life so far, I realize God sent a variety of knowledgeable older men and women into my life to mentor me. To help me through those tough times. I use to question God, why me, what have I done to deserve this and other desperate words in a cry for help. All along God was sending me His message through others.
As a young child, my father instilled this into all of his children. He would say, always remember when you point an accusing finger at someone, four of your own figures are pointing back at you! This verse from Scripture says it all, all of us are sinners, like it or not. My father attended school until the 4th grade yet he was the smartest man I ever knew. He lived his life so closely to what we should, he was kind and humble, faithful and smart. If he did not understand a word he would look it up in the dictionary.  He had exquisite handwriting and he was logical and forgiving. He never judged people. He never used inappropriate language and he raised us with a firm foundation based on biblical principles.

I remember being rebellious and thinking what ancient values my folks had. Today I am so grateful they did. I was blessed having the earthly parents God gave me. I cherish each and every memory of them and only wish my own children would remember me as fondly as I remember my own parents.
I am going to try to be here at least once a week sharing something I am grateful for. The world around us is getting more dark and difficult. I want to show everyone there is still so much light around us and people to be grateful for.

On the drive back from the bus station, where I drop my sweet hubby each weekday, I heard the sweetest story on the radio. A little girl named "Sunshine" was counting the money from her piggy bank. When her grandmother asked her why, she told her kids at her school did not have money to buy milk and she thought everyone deserves milk with their lunch! The DJ on the radio said he was impressed, first of all, that Sunshine had $30 dollars in her piggy bank ( a future entrepreneur?) but her grandmother posted this story on social media and they set up a Go Fund Me page which accumulated $7,000 for the school's milk money program! What a kind child, Child hunger in the USA is devastating. My own children attended school with many kids who did not have lunch money etc. I know many teachers who fill their cupboards with healthy snacks and share them with these very children. A woman I know who counsels people who have been in trouble with the law, said she noticed when a client came in to her office, his children often waited in the outer lobby eating Slim Fast bars. He said he gave them those bars because they make you fill full. She said she emptied her snack cupboard and gave him every single edible item she had! Life is hard but many good souls are wandering around it and as Mother Teresa always said:
I am grateful for the simple things, a roof (two years old) over our heads, an old but stable house, heat and cooling and clean running water. We take a lot for granted. But we can be grateful and find even simple ways to pass kindness on to others.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


I am moving my tea tyme giveaway here because the comments disappear at my new blog My Tata's Cottage. Frustration and chaos are plentyl right now with so much going on in our phamily, all good stuff, but still stressful regarding deadlines,

It is simple, if you already follow me here, that is the first step. The second step is tell me if you love tea or coffee and your favorite. Tell me your favorite color and finally leave a comment here. Don't forget, some chocolate may be involved in this giveaway and you need to tell me what is your favorite and if you do not blog, leave an email address so I can contact you for your address if you are one of the three lucky winners. Right now only US participates please.
Oh my goodness, tea tyme is a favorite time for me. Usually before bedtime the hubby and I drink Sleepy Time Tea from Celestial Seasonings, right here in Colorado.
In keeping with my tea tyme giveaway here is Miss Kitty serving you high tea. She will bring the sandwiches and pastries out shortly. Please visit Sandee

Ham, Pineapple and Cucumber Sandwiches. Miss Kitty prefers a bit of catnip in her tea tyme fun!
Blue Monday is not complete without something blue, a vintage cobalt blue tea cup and saucer just for you.
Love is...sweet!
Oh Maxine, but you know, that pie will be delightful at the next tea party.

Come join this on line tea party today and answer a few simple questions to enter the three winner giveaway today. I will keep this open until October 31. I will reveal all three winners on November 1st, my 8 year blogaversary here. Have a beautiful week.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


This was Mother's Day 2013 and the kids were being silly. Except Rebekah, she was taking a pretty picture. The hubby was the cameraman.
Auntie Ang as a young woman. Rotten cancer, specifically breast cancer, stole her away from me. A better mentor, shopping buddy and lunch date there will never be. She was so strong willed and I am pretty sure it rubbed off on me. I never stop remembering her and all the fun we had together. She taught me this, when I married, "His money is your money, your money is your money, got it?" She told that same thing to my than new hubby. Uncle Louie backed her up, "Avery, he said, she's not kidding, just remember it and you will have a good marriage." A woman who was a crafty gal and my uncle, the Colorado history walking book. I miss them so much and can never remember a miserable time with them, except when they passed away.
We hung out together at our phamily reunion held at my mom's cousin's son's ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado. Wow! A beautiful and amazing place and they had a Brahma Bull. He was a prize winning stud and I wish I had snapped a photo of him. He had a barnyard filled with waiting bovine ladies.
The sweetest, most humble, faithful and strong woman I knew plus I was doubly blessed to have her all to myself (most times) until I was in the 6th grade. My grandmother Steblay was the most amazing woman. Having lost her sight when I was 8, she was an unbelievably remarkable human being. Never wavering in her faith and never feeling hopeless with her job as mother and father when her husband, my grandpa Joseph, passed away unexpectedly in his 40's and left left her with a house full of children to raise. He and their youngest son Anthony (Tony) who was 17, lost their lives in a gold mining accident in Victor, Color Leaving my grandmother in charge of her remaining children, Uncle Louie was 18 and he also worked at the mine, having just come up for a break when the accident occurred. He spoke about it until his passing in 1990. He crushed his soul but he never lost his ability to continue on  even those darkest days. My mother was 13 and often I reminded of the incredible pain she must have felt but I always loved her stories of her dad and how much he loved all of his little girls, Mary, Cecilia, Ann, Elsie and Jo. She buried two younger baby girls as well, Frances and Rose. My daddy bought a headstone for  Frances and I need to go home and snap a photo. But Rose was buried in the old cemetery and unfortunately it has decayed badly and there is not much of a record to find a grave. Heartbreaking for me. My great grandfather is buried on the edge of the old cemetery and his grave has sunk so badly and it is quite unfortunate the cemetery in Pueblo, Roselawn, does absolutely nothing to preserve these old grave sites. It is interesting though, the people on their board of directors have loved ones buried in perfectly manicured graves. Political favoritism  hmmmmm?

So much sadness in our world, I choose God's love and having been praying for Denise who use to blog at Shorty Bear's. Her husband had found her unresponsive and the doctors are telling Eddie there is no brain activity. Pray for this couple. She has been nothing but a shining light for Jesus and my heart is sad that she won't be there to chat with and ask questions to.
My morning is beautiful today but can we all relate to Garfield! Some days it is a chore just to move one muscle.
Snoopy has a great idea about life! I like his idea better than what I hear on the news. I have gotten to the point I check the weather and flip the TV off. More and more people are getting away from TVS and turning them off permanently . Our middle had a college professor who said, television is for fools and he would never own one. I think he may have hit on something here.
Been there, done this!
A sneak peek at one of the Tea Cup/Mug exchange packages I received from Brenda in Georgia. She made this sweet tea wallet just for me. Made my heart smile. We eat breakfast out on the weekends or when the hubby has a day off during the week, the local Village Inn does not serve any herbal teas, only black tea and Earl Grey. This is a great little wallet to tuck into my purse and order their tea and replace the plain with something I love, I am a real fruity kinda gal some days and love different fruit flavored teas.
A pleasant and dreamy thought today. I am a bit sad. Although I have a few followers at my blog My Tata's Cottage I do not have any comments on my tea giveaway post. I really have some lovely tea things to giveaway and I wanted to have three winners. It is simple to enter, follow the new blog and answer a few simple questions. It will help me choose the most delightful gifts for you if you are one of those winners. Please stop by.
Have a perfectly beautiful day and share some kindness along the way.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Snoopy and I will get along beautifully today. Going to bed too late, snow coming around way too early for me and other life chaos. Stop by Sandee's and say Aw....Mondays.
Blue Monday means blue skies. Who knows what our skies will look like tomorrow? We just pray. we will wake up and see the snow going away. This was a pinterest fine.
I miss my sister. She was so very beautiful. Those long legs and that smile! She was an incredibly kind human being. My goodness, the world is lacking in kindness today. I can never recall a time when my sister Pat was mean, hateful or rude. She had a beautiful heart. When I was young, my grandmother would always say, "God takes the good ones".  She always said the rest were left to learn lessons. My sister was struck down by cancer in the prime of her life. I guess my grandmother really was telling me a truthful thing- only the good die young. Makes me sad not to pick up the phone and talk to my big sister, but I would not wish her back into this world filled with so much uncertainty and so much unkindness. She deserves nothing but goodness as she lived a very exemplary life. Heaven is so much better because she is there.
Snoopy and Scripture, they both give me so much  that I need. Snoopy can always bring a smile, he was just such a silly cartoon dog but smart and funny and always able to bring smiles. This is a good scripture to remember especially when times are tough.
Love is....makes me smile even with snow in the forecast! I love my electric blanket in the winter but my hubby is a great warming device. While I am freezing sometimes, he is perfectly warm and easy to stay close to.
Maxine I sure feel like this lately. Too much negativity in the world particularly at social media. What makes me sad is the fact that I enjoy talking privately loved one far away yet I cannot stand all the negative talk. I've said it before:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017



Had to write a special post for my sweet friend Linda Reid Stubbs . although Linda does not blog the way she use to, and we miss you Linda, she helped her phamily welcome their latest grand girl Chloe Lanae into this world.
Congratulations to the Stubbs phamily youngest daughter Taylor and her hubby Tyler on the birth of Miss Chloe.
A baby girl....oh my goodness, my grandmother Steblay always said she felt God allowing babies into this otherwise uncertain world, shows that He is ultimately in charge and  will continue to  be.
Happiness for this precious new life and all those who will love her unconditionally. Congratulations Stubbs phamily.
Enjoy your day and if you think about it please P R A Y.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Thursday, September 28, 2017


After the weekend filled with more controversy than one needs to see I need a break. Here are some words, that I think are powerful. 

This is food for thought. Words to ponder.
Calm words make me feel better. Otherwise my brain bursts into a giant headache!
Have a most wonderful Wednesday and remember these silly  humorous camels!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017



 I borrowed these cool questions from Myra and loved answering them! She belongs to this meme -

Something Different

What is a normal thing that took you an embarrassingly long time to learn?
  Well I have never mastered the art of driving a stick shift.

In what ways are you old-fashioned?
My faith and I try to follow the Lord's Word as closely as I can.

What is the best sandwich you've ever eaten?  Where did you get it?  What made it so delicious?
The Original PassKey Special, in my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado
An Italian sausage sandwich with provolone cheese on a fresh bun! Sigh 

What are you currently not bragging about that you should totally brag about?
 Our son expecting their first child, a boy. I want the baby to be healthy, especially because they struggled carrying a child but my father would be tickled because a son is a good thing, carrying on the phamily name.

What food have you never tasted and are most interested in trying?
 Nothing really, I have never had caviar and really not interested in something so expensive and wasteful.

What history facts were you surprised to learn because it was never covered in school.
My  friend Myra has a son (a history buff), who recently shared something that floored me:

"The Federal government demand that (Robert E.) Lee himself pay his taxes in person.  He sent his wife, but the money was not accepted from a woman.  When he could not pay the taxes, the government began burying dead Union soldiers on his land.

The government is still burying people there today.
It is now called Arlington National Cemetery." 

What is something that you waited entirely too long to start or stop doing?  What made you say, "Why did I wait so long?
 A horrible job I stuck it out at for 12 years before being let go because the doctors sister-in-law hated me. I find today it was a blessing because they were horribly racist people. I find you can not put up with such terrible people unless you yourself are one too.

What socially expected thing do you hate doing the most? 
 Never been a corporate suit or kiss up so never could advance in the working place . I am honest to a fault.

What thing about polite society really grinds your gears?
Political correctness (yuck!)

What is something about your city that I should know if I'm going to visit?  We are a mile high, 5280 feet above sea level. Good food, good health and beautiful surroundings.

What is the hidden 'must see' that you always tell friends and visitors to not miss?

Pikes Peak
I say this because it is my absolute favorite. It is one of 54 fourteeners. I went up that mountain in my youth on foot. Plus when my father built our phamily home for my mother  I looked out our living room window to see this spectacular view. It is still there today but whoever purchased my foilks home probably never noticed it. They don't take care of our home my father used his own hands to build. It is sad so many abuse our beautiful mountain ranges and because so many have died on those peaks this summer, things will certainly change.

What do you miss most about childhood?
My view of Pikes Peak. I have a real hidden treasure but rarely share it. Too many people trampling our open spaces. It is my private secret. Wink Wink! A photo share from there above.

What 'fact' did you learn in school that is not true or no longer true?
 All the beautiful history of our land. Today people are unhappy with the past so they are changing it to suit themselves. An example you can no longer say Native American Indian. I have a treasured childrens book, from 1956 and guess what? Native American Indians were just that! Plus my hubby's great grandmother was a full blooded Ogala Sioux Indian. I will find that obit and share it sometime. She was exactly was she was and extremely proud of her roots. Here is Bird Head, an Ogala Sioux Chief.

What's your favorite piece of useless trivia?

 Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts

What's your best go-to homemade 'lazy' meal?

 Fresh pasta with butter and grated Pamesan cheese. My mom called it Parmi Noodles.

What's the title of this current chapter in your life?
Old Age Ain't for Sissies (quote attributed to Bette Davis)

What is a habit or practice that you learned form your childhood that you didn't realize was 'weird' until you were an adult?
  I am not sure this falls in this category but being called a "BoJon" really isn't racist and where that nonsense came from floors me! Darn proud of it too! Plus some people in Chicago and some  Minnesota  folks know the term too! The ladies in the photo include my grandfather Joseph Steblay's mother and two sisters plus their mother. I do not have a lot of information regarding phamily ancestral history with them. My grandfather passed away when my mother was a young girl. But I knew one of the two sisters. She lived into old age.