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Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday is Filled with Baseball, Joy, Pink, Ed Sheeran and Stuff

Baseball is here and soon the new season will open and fill the air with Springtime, listening to the crack of the bat and good old fashioned fun! I love baseball.
I wish you were here with me dad, but just for the goods things, like baseball. Otherwise I would never wish you back to our messed up world.
Barbie has always been a favorite of mine. I have collected her as an adult because as a child all my Barbie's were passed down to the younger nieces and I don't have those anymore. My late sister Pat and my late cousin Audrey made so many beautiful clothes for Barbie. My sister handed beaded a wedding dress and Audrey crocheted beautiful outfits for my Barbies. What terrific memories I have.
Today Barbie is petite, tall, curvy and she has lots of hairstyles and clothing,  You can visit Pink Saturday and see more pink there.
You can own a pink Barbie house too. I have so much Barbie furniture I need a bigger house!

Ed Sheeran is the same age as my youngest son. His music is very beautiful. I admire talent like his. 
His talent is incredible and he sings a variety of beautiful music. I can have the worst day and his music can makes me smile.
He is a smart young fellow. 
Snoopy is a Joyful character! He is a comic favorite. so today I decided to use the word JOY as my alphabet choice for the letter J.
The past week has been a less than joyful one and I try to find joy in it. So here is a favorite verse from the Book of James.
Before I close I want to ask for some prayers. My friend Linda recently lost her husband. She is experiencing great sadness, please pray. Annie and Jade headed to Beijing in China to finalize the adoption of Miss Cutie "Edie Joy". They are going to take her home to Illinois where their other three kiddos are patiently waiting for their new sister. Like her sister Ollie Faith, Edie Joy is a Downs Syndrome kid. Brother Everett and big sig sis Aubrie are excited for their new sister. Please pray for this phamily. They are amazing and awesome. Annie use to blog at The House That Jade Built and you can catch up on their faith, phamily and fun there.


Sandee said...

I'm glad you'll be able to enjoy baseball soon. That's a good thing.

I too loved Barbie. My granddaughter had everything Barbie had when she was little. I made sure of it.

Everyone you mentioned are in my prayers.

Have a fabulous weekend, Anne. ♥♥♥ said...

I love LOVe that blue tea set!!