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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"I" is for .....Welcome March and the World of Tea

I feel Spring in the air! Icy cold drinks like sweet tea and lemonade will fill our days and the weather will warm!
It is still cold outside and we usually get hit with a big snowstorm in March. It is hard to begin planting until around Mother's Day and two years in a row we got snow on Mother's Day! I found these two peeking out from the cold earth this morning. I went to stand up my frog who protects the garden. He is sort of a garden gnome. I found these buds shooting up.

Since I is my letter today I was thinking of snow and icicles. I also had an idea and was going to attempt to redo a French Provencial chest of drawers and  a matching nightstand. I was thinking of using chalk paint. Let me know if you have any ideas to share.  What is your favorite "I" word share.

This tiny blue bird reminds me of Springtime. March is a difficult month for me. My oldest sister Pat had a March 27 birthday which is also the day I was informed, in 1987, that our unborn daughter Rachel had perished in utero. My niece Sarah who left this earth too soon was also a March birthday girl. But my nephew Ryan and several good friends share March as their birth month so I smile more these days. It is a reminder that my favorite feline BFF Boots left this life after a brief but devastating illness. I like to remember those who left before me in a happy way and never forget the beautiful memories I shared with them all.
If you were nearby we could share a teapot shaped cookie and a hot cup of tea or perhaps even coffee together. If you love tea and even coffee come join Stephanie for her 10th annual Teacup/Mug Exchange. If you do not have a blog you can join anyway! She is a beautiful lady and a very gracious hostess. I hope you will come join the fun but hurry over there is a limited amount of time to join the fun!
Enjoy your day and this new month too.


Sandee said...

Yes, hello March. I'm so ready for some good weather. I so ready to be on our boat and heading down the river to some fun destination for the weekend. Hopefully soon.

Have a fabulous day, Anne. ♥♥♥

Pom Pom said...

Hi Anne! The teacup cookies are so cute!
Most of my childhood friends have March birthdays.
Lemonade sounds yummy! It is still winter. I went for a walk and forgot my mittens, brrrrrr!

LV said...

Seems no matter the season, a little heartbreak is always around. We are fortunate to have our memories at times, but need to dwell on the good ones. Stay warm.

Debbie Harris said...

March is quite a month for you. Sweet memories, so thankful for them.
Your tea cup cookies are adorable!
So happy to hear that you joined up again for Stephanie's tea cup exchange.

The letter I~ Inspiration~ I'm always blessed by the inspiration ladies share through their blogs.

Bless you~