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Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday's Are Fun

Aw...Mondays Stop by Sandee's  and share your favorite Aw....Mondays feline, furry friend and other animals.
The Alphabet Day letter is "M" for Memories. With Nick getting ready to graduate from the Kansas Wesleyan University,  I am looking at all the memories stored away inside my heart. I am sharing my favorite Nick memory, or at least one of many.

I took this picture at the Margaret Carpenter Open Spaces. It is Nick's tree. It was a tiny litle thing in 2008 when Nick first ran many races at this open space. We would sit under the tree and watch the runners zip past us. This tree is such a beautiful memory. Here it is in the Summer with the sun shining on it:
There is so much more shade these days when the leaves are gracing this tree but look at the sun shining on our favorite tree. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It is perfect for Blue Monday too with the sky coloring the background of this memory tree.
When Nick ran throughout middle school, high school and all his college years, I would take the numbers on his bib and find Scripture to compliment those numbers. God never let me down and He always gave me encouragement. Nick keeps those bibs along with his running shoes. His closet is bursting with old running shoes and some of those have amazing memories too.
I love trees in open spaces and forests, every tree in our yard has given us some sort of difficulty. So when I saw this Love is...I just had to smile. For whatever reason, God gives us trees everywhere.
A little Monday humor to make you smile. Enjoy your week!


Sandee said...

Having a loving dog is the very best. Far better than diamonds.

Love the romaine calm. Very clever.

Have a fabulous week, honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Debbie Harris said...

Oh I so agree that a dog is far better than diamonds.
That tree with sunlight on it is gorgeous, although I like the bare tree as weLl.
Sweet post~