Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Bear one another's burdens, and so fufill the law of Christ,"

I need to ask for prayer. Normally I send all my requests through Ginger and Charlotte but I want to quickly mention that I need prayer for Jackie. She is my daughter's former co worker and she is dying from alcoholism. The medical diagnosis is cirhosis of the liver. She has been given thirty days,her sister wonders out loud if she will live ten. My daughter is so sad, she was very good friends with Jackie because they worked today. Jackie is close to my age. But she has said she did this to herself and she is now ready to meet her maker. In fact at the hospice where she is receiving care she has asked for a priest to visit her. I get so choked up. It is very sad. Jackie was a fun person and I suppose I did not realize the extent of her drinking. I image she did it most of her adult life. It is a tragedy because her heart is so big. She loves people and she is a nice, decent lady. Please remember her in your prayers
. I was in Wal-mart one morning before work. This is 7 :00 A.M. people. I turned up an isle  telling myself what I came there for. A young Hispanic woman approached me. She looked so odd. Rail thin and the look in her eyes was just plain weird! She asked me if I knew Father God! I responded yes and than asked if I knew Mother God! I said I had my own belief and turned away. She starting rattling off some cult church she attended as if she had been personally programmed. It frightened me. In fact I thought of mentioning it to a manager who walked by but decided to quickly pay and scat! Later that day I was at the motor vehicle office. A black couple walked in, about my age, and the lady had a bible, a true gift of God in her hands! I decided to tell them my story. It was wonderful to share with them because they were such kind Christians and the lady said I should have shouted the name of Jesus and proclaimed Him throughout the store. But she also noted how sad that someone so eager to know the Lord could be so terribly mislead.
I thought today was a good day to tell my little story. I am not sure if I would have handled it differently. It is funny how you can be caught off guard. So I thought about this verse, another favorite of mine and I remember seeing it engraved in my parents marriage certificate. You know the beautiful ones from days long ago? This verse is written there and many times I turn to it. I hope today you will share Jackie's burden and the burden of this unknown girl and remember them wholeheartedly with your prayer time.
I was at the motor vehicle office a few weeks ago.


Theresa said...

Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment! I will certainly be praying for Jackie, her friend and her friend's family! Prayers going up for all! Have a blessed weekend!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Hi Anne...I'm so sorry to hear about Jacky...I will pray for her. Nothing is impossible for Him...and it seems to me...God is really using you..Sending you tons of hugs.

Terra said...

I am praying for the ladies you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, thought-provoking post. Lifting up Jackie: May the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the peace that passes all understanding be with her in her final days. Amen.

Tete said...

Praying for Jackie- and for you and your daughter also. God is in control. He will take her in with arms wide open. Alcoholism ruins lives- my husband has been sober for 25 years now. My grandpa and uncle went to their graves with it.
Your run in at Walmart is a great life lesson. It will help you prepare for the next time. All you need to do is bow your head and say Lord use me. He will give you the right words.
All are in my prayers and thank you for sharing- and making us think.
Hugs- Tete

Unknown said...

Thank you for being a part of my blog.

I believe that when we encounter things that take us by surprise, sometimes we experience it just so that we will know what to do the next time. I'm sure you will feel courageous and express your faith.

Praying for Jackie. I hate to hear how alcohol has affected someone so tragically.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Praying for Jackie.
sometimes we get caught off guard by people who have been misled. there are times it's best to not engage and just pray for them...but it does give you food for thought.

Charlotte said...

It is so sad about your friend. I'm adding my prayers on her behalf. I have seen alcohol ruin so many lives, many times in family members. It totally turned me against alcohol and I never had any desire to drink even socially. I may have carried it too far, but I would rather err that way than the other.
Thank you for sharing your experiences in the marketplace. It isn't always easy to know how to respond to people.