Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jeremy, Kindness and Love/Blue Monday

I fall behind! I could write a song about it! But my life has been a whirlwind of life happening and not a moment to catch my breath! So I am combining three weeks of Alphabe Thursday and sending Ms. Jenny and the gang over at her fun filled place a combination of the letters "J", "K" and "L". J is an easy one! Our oldest son Jeremy was fearful of flying! Then a couple years ago his friends refused to take their annual Vegas trip via car. He boarded a plane with Cameron "the Bird" and since that time he is hooked on flying! He loves it so much he took a non football fan, Rebekah's beau Zach, and before it was all done turned him into a Denver Bronco fan! They traveled to the Super Bowl to watch our beloved Broncos play the Sea hawks. We know the Sea hawks have the best defense in the league and the Bronco's just could not keep up. But Jeremy and Zach do not regret the money they spent to watch the game and see all the excitement it involves. Besides, no offense to other NFL team fans, but the Broncos and Sea hawks were at the Super Bowl beating a combination of 28 other teams to get there! So if you are a fan of any other NFL team please don't say the loss was an embarrassment.  Every year one team wins and the other experiences the heartbreak of loss. The media had a field with it, because so many think we are out here in the old West rustling cattle with the likes of Billy the Kid and the Dalton Gang! If anything all the negative media the Broncos got was over rated! If your team has never been to the Super Bowl I would think that is much more embarrassing than being there.
This is Jeremy chillin on the Staten Island Ferry. Thank you sweet Carol and   Pat for giving the guys some ideas of free and fun things to do in NYC. People who said my son must have been sorry he spent all that money to go to see his team lose were rude and out of line! He is a Bronco fan and always will be so it was an experience of a lifetime not a loss!
Pure excitement at the big game. Check out the photo bomber. Scary dude! I had to delete a few Seattle people I knew. They did not even have the courtesy to tell me that Denver was awesome winning their division. I am appalled often by the lack of manners I find everywhere I go!
I found this ancient photo of Nick with his high school track coach Mrs. Hammerschmidt. Nick has always loved different teams and the Texas Longhorns were one of the college teams he liked to follow. It also reminded me that he qualified for Nationals two weeks ago at Texas Tech (the Red Raiders). He fell ill with food poisoning on Wednesday evening. He ate chicken in the school cafeteria and became violently ill to the point that five of his friends and team mates, excuse me, bros, called an ambulance and followed him to the hospital where they stayed the entire night until he was released. This folks is what kindness is!
This is a teeny tiny photo of the college indoor track champions 2012-2013. So a huge thank you to Elonte, Joshua, Justin , Kevin and Sterlin for helping a friend in need. If you have ever experienced such kindness please share it here with me. Nick missed the meet at Southern Missouri this weekend but we have been watching the results and we think a few more Cowley Tigers have qualified to go to NYC for Nationals.
For Beverly and the Pinkies. I have been missing in action with you too. A kindness quote in pink.
A kindness costs you nothing and may save a life, make a sad person glad or simply touch a cold heart.
Mother Teresa always said we can not save the whole world but we can save one person at a time by doing small things with great love.
February is the month of Love. It is also Womens Health and the Go Red campaign to stamp out heart disease. Do you know that it is still the number one killer of women? Do your part and save your heart. I am also a big fan of the Love is...comic strips by the late Kim Caselli. I share lots of these favorites with Marydon and you should tell me some of your favorites too. This one above, Love is...when attraction meets passion is precious to me. I will celebrate thirty years of marriage with my honey this Spring so we always had a strong attraction as well as plenty of passion in the years we have been together. I am not one to kiss and tell but thirty years later my honey still can make me smile, laugh and surprise me.
Love is...certainly more than just scratching the surface. A back rub or someone to scratch your itch is handy too!
Happy February!
If you have a chance please read this book. Especially if you have lost a dog. This pretty blue cover is filled with a wonderful story about a dog who lives and relives his/her life.  The story will make you blue and it will make you smile. But it really helped me when we lost Roxanne in November 2013. The book was given to me by a dear friend Mevely. I am so grateful for her sharing this with me. We both lost sweet furry friends in 2013. Now visit Sally and some of those cool Blue Crew folks!

Now I am going to have one last cup of hot tea, Sleepy Tea, before I drift off to sleep so I may dream about these pretty blue hydrangeas and Springtime.


Theresa said...

Yes, to make it that far to the Super Bowl is certainly something to be proud of! I would have loved to enjoy being there too! I love Peyton Manning and was pulling for him! I watched him playing golf this weekend, he is even good at that:)

Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

Edna B said...

I think its wonderful that your son got to experience the excitement of the superbowl game. Any team that makes it that far is a winner no matter who wins the game. It sure does look like the boys had a really good time. It is cold and sunny here today. Tonight we are expecting a dusting to an inch or two of the white stuff. I'll be so glad when Spring gets here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm glad you son Jeremy had a good time at the Superbowl, Anne! What a fun experiences to have. It was a shame the Broncos did not win but we are proud of them making it to the Superbowl, and for playing fairly.

I'm glad Nick is feeling better and that his friends/team mates helped him in his time of need.

Thank you for entering the Suave Professionals(TM)Body Lotion and Oil $1,000 gift card sweepstakes on my blog! Good luck!

Lola said...

Always a pleasure to visit here!

SmilingSally said...

That teapot is blue-tiful!

I agree that any team that makes it to the Super Bowl is worthy. It is a life-long thrill to have been there.

Thanks for linking in today.

Happy Blue Monday, Anne.

Intense Guy said...

Win or loose - they had a blast and life-time adventure and experience!!

Denise said...

Sending you love and prayers.

Joyce said...

First time checking out your blog. I have to say this but I live in Seattle. I am sorry people have acted terrible about this game. I am so proud of our Seahawks. And I am proud of any team that makes it this far in this game!!!! Congrats to the Bronco's. Very classy team.

Annesphamily said...

I can't get over to Joyce's page! Thank you Joyce for your kind comments. It is nice to know such classy people here. I have always admired Russell Wilson because he is a first class QB! It is nice to see youth that are well mannered. Thanks everyone for all the kind words here. Hugs, Anne

Judie said...

Hey, you sweet woman! WOW! You really covered a lot of territory in this piece. I kept reading, too, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to you and your wonderful family!!

Judie said...

Anne, I knew I could depend on you to step up to the bar!!! I loved what you had to say! Our nephew, Matt, had a procedure today to insert something into a ventricle to help the heart be more affective while they are waiting on a heart. The operation was successful so far, but we shall see what happens in the future. The system is definitely broken, and it is my belief that it is basically the people whom the government hired to work on Medicaid just don't care if people cheat or not. All they want to do is get paid. There is a lot of fraud, and it makes me so angry! I don't think that the people who NEED help should be penalized for all the people who are out to work the system.

Mevely317 said...

Oh gosh, I hear you about not having a sec to catch your breath!!! Looking at your 'previous' on my dashboard, I was sure I'd commented ... then realized I read it on my phone on a lunch break.

Love that Jeremy got to experience a Super Bowl ... and in the Big Apple, no less. Something he'll never forget, I'll bet!

Nick's teammates (er, bros) are pretty remarkable young men. Wouldn't it be great if they were to stay in one anothers' lives long after college.

Have a sweet and SAFE new week, dear friend!


Mevely317 said...

Ruh-roh ... I meant to say, your 'preview', not previous. Confuse you much? LOL!

Jenny said...

It looks like Jeremy had the time of his life there!

For all those negative people out there, I say we keep killing them with kindness...

Maybe then they will learn how to love life!

Thanks for linking to the letter "J", "K", and "L".