Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pink Saturday/Spiritual Sunday/Blue Monday/Love is...

I know you understand! Hello to Beverly and all the Pinkies! I have been away for a while but wanted to say hello and share a pink or two with you!
I wanted to say hello to Charlotte and everyone who participates in Spiritual Sunday. It has been a while since I have visited with many of you.
Often life can be cruel. It can bring blessings, no matter what our days are like. God is always with us. I am grateful. He gives me strength because otherwise I would not be able to go on in this world with all its problems.

I wanted to share this prayer of Saint Patrick. I am so tired of all the political correctness for the St. Patrick Day parade. I dislike the fact that people use this day as a time of drinking and acting foolishly. I can tell you, having been raised in the Catholic church, St. Patrick did not spend his time drinking and carousing!  As a girl raised in the Catholic faith and attending Catholic school from "K" to 11 I know a lot about the Saints of the Catholic church.  St. Patrick was a missionary and a bishop of Ireland.  At the age of 16 he was captured from his home in Great Britain and spent six years as a slave in Ireland. He was able to escape and return to his family. He is credited with being the first Bishop of Armgh in Ireland. His death on March 17th has been celebrated as both a religious and cultural holiday.

The Prayer of St. Patrick

I arise today
Through the strength of heaven;
Light of the sun,
Splendor of fire,
Speed of lightning,
Swiftness of the wind,
Depth of the sea,
Stability of the earth,
Firmness of the rock.

I arise today
Through God's strength to pilot me;
God's might to uphold me,
God's wisdom to guide me,
God's eye to look before me,
God's ear to hear me,
God's word to speak for me,
God's hand to guard me,
God's way to lie before me,
God's shield to protect me,
God's hosts to save me
Afar and anear,
Alone or in a multitude.

Christ shield me today
Against wounding
Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in the eye that sees me,
Christ in the ear that hears me.

I arise today
Through the mighty strength
Of the Lord of creation.

Oh the photo bomber in my John Travolta share for Sally and the Blue Crew! This was in New York City at the M and M Store. Don't you just love his platform shoes? I will share more about the trip to see Nick run soon. My life has been a whirlwind of activity.
Ah...the warmer weather will soon be here. The hubby and I love chilling out and some day's it is not as easy to get some free time. We enjoy our time together and often daydream about doing this! So say hello to Marydon and share a favorite Love is..with us today!


bj said...

Hi, Anne...glad to see you posting.
Loved all the pinks and blues...:)

SmilingSally said...

Hello Anne,

Thanks for sharing that cute blue M&M.

Have a Happy Blue Monday!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

love the blue m & m, they are my sons flavorite.
Tried to find your email, no luck please email me when you can
The Scented Cottage (without the spaces of course :) )
I DO have some suggestions for painting that don't involve a lot of sanding !

Unknown said...

G'day & Happy St. Paddy's t'ya! Love all the colorful shares Anne but most of all so looking forward to lounging in the sun, gardens in bloom. Been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng winter here,

Denise said...

Nice post. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

LV said...

Enjoyed your St Patrick's feature. Glad that all is well with you and family. Get concerned when you are not blogging.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I just had the St Patricks conversations at breakfast with friends yesterday and we were talking about St Patrick and how it turned into this kind of holiday. I went to a catholic school too and always appreciated the holy day, but never understood the green beer part?


Terra said...

St. Patrick wrote beautiful prayers including the one you share here. Thank you.

Intense Guy said...

Hope you enjoyed St. Patrick's Day - I most enjoy the Irish step-dancing on TV.

Buttercup said...

Love the dancing M & M, too!