Monday, August 11, 2014

Love is.../Maxine /Blue Monday/ Great Loss

Late, late, late! I am always running late. But I am not late because I am lounging around. We made a fast trip to Kansas this weekend to take Nick to his new college. We were exhausted. We needed our rest and so we went to bed at eight thirty last night! Good thing, because both of us were slammed at work. This thoughtful little Love is...caught my eye because this is the hubby and I after a long hard day at the office. We stay close. We rest, we watch a little T.V. and we eat a quiet dinner.
 You know when life is crazy, Maxine always makes me laugh! I usually read these Maxine funnies every day ! Makes real life feel better even for a moment for two.
Here is another Maxine share for Sally and the Blue Crew! Ah, aging! I think as we get older we all tend to stop our thought process and wonder, what the heck was I going to say, or what was I thinking?! Maxine is bathed in blue and that hair is a shade that older ladies used. In fact, my first boss, was in her 70's when she was the County Treasurer and she use to tint her hair a lovely shade of blue. I have known several matronly ladies who wore blue hair! In Maxine's first photo here, her hair looks almost lavender!

My friend  Suzanne shared the Chicken Chick's  photo at Facebook and I wanted to talk for a moment about Robin Williams. My daughter Rebekah, who is 26, has a friend Naomi, and this is what she shared on Face Book:

"It's strange that the passing of someone I never knew has affected me so. What's stranger and even more sad is that someone who was admired and loved around the world for his ability to make us laugh, came to such an end. RIP Robin Williams, you will be missed."

It comes down to this, mental health. It is something no one, especially our government(s) want to address.  Hand over a handful of pills, so some lobbyist in Washington D.C. can fill their pockets with pharm money pushing these drugs through! I have been blessed, never struggled with depression, but I know so many who have. The medication they want to give you often gives you worse side effects. Paired with illicit drugs or alcohol and you are in a deeper world of hurt. A dear friend lost her marriage because of it. As a child, my mother's two friends, both sisters, struggled with it. One ended up in the Colorado State Hospital which specialized in mental health issues. Sadness. No real answers to make it all better. Sometime the pain is too much to bear. When a young Catholic priest my phamily knew ended his life, I will never forget the elderly Catholic priest who spoke about him. He said clergy hate to see suicide . It is hard to talk about, it is hard to fathom the why's, the what if's, the tragedy for the families.  I remember that distinguished elderly priest telling us sometime God has plans for those tormented souls that we will not know about until we ourselves meet Him at the end of our own lives. But he added, God loves each one of us, and we must trust Him that He is the only one capable of understanding why someone takes their own life.

Some of my favorite Robin Williams movies. I was pondering Naomi's words, it is very odd that someone so loved, would end their life so tragically. My prayers go out to Robin Williams family, especially his children. R.I.P.


Anonymous said...

lovely blue Maxine for Sally's Blue Monday...I am definitely getting to that stage!

Very sad about Robin Williams...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

I've always loved Maxine. Thanks for the blue.

Robin Williams will be missed. I know he entered rehab a few months back. Sad, so sad.

Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!

Leovi said...

Robin Williams delicious homage to a great actor and comedian!

Hannah said...

Your tribute to Robin Williams is sweet, it is very sad. It's great your son is enjoying college, I hope he has a fun and productive year, it must be bittersweet for you to have to leave him there, I remember those days.

Intense Guy said...

I ditto what Hannah said.

I hope you are well - you certainly sound really busy!

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne. We are so sad about this awesome man who cared about people so much. Taking his own life is so hard to understand. This is a very nice post to share about Robin Williams. It is out of our hands and into God's hands. I pray he is in a better place and that he has peace at last.

bj said...

I feel so bad about Robin Williams. He sure was talented...

Buttercup said...

Sharing your and the world's grief about Robin Williams. Enjoyed him in so many movies and of course, years and years ago as Mork.