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I was at Face Book earlier today. I shared some thoughts on marriage and I guess I have had it on my mind because at our church RedRocks Church is in the middle of a series on Relationships. It makes one think...
I love this quote. I think because my hubby told me the next portion of the office moves will be April 30-May 3. At first I thought, ahhh.....great, our anniversary is May 3. But then I caught myself being selfish and realized any extra money is a good thing. Especially with me not working. I realized we can work around it and find a way to celebrate together. Afterall, we aren't going anywhere else!

Amen! This says it all. You have to be a good forgiver in a marriage to make it work. When I was newly married I never felt welcomed into his phamily with the exception of my wonderful late father-in-law. His mother favored the other three siblings he had and I am going to be real honest here, I got the gold! The trophy, the great guy, the man who lives for his own phamily, I don't want to get into his phamily and their personal problems. But there were many and my FIL was my only ally. I loved that man, he was a kind heart and I suppose it makes sense now, all these years later, my hubby is very much like him. The zany sense of humor. Doing what he needed to do to keep his phamily afloat. If only one thing could be said about my marriage, this would be it, my hubby can make me laugh. Sometime when he has a break at work (rarely) he says the silliest things to me. We have some pet names and we talk our silly talk! But his laughter and how he can turn my grumpy or sad mood around always makes me smile!
Marriage between men and women are like the differences between cats and dogs. It has been said that dogs are prose while cats are poetry. Sometime I will bare my heart and share some poetry here with you.
For Pat:
My sister, my friend
Gone from my sight
Never from my heart
Like a star on a dark cold night
I feel your presence there,
My heart becomes light.
Missing you with all my being
Loving you always
Until we meet again
In Heaven's home

A little verse I wrote about my late sister. She has been gone fourteen years and I miss her voice and the phone calls we shared along with the laughter. I love to laugh! Which makes me think about the second thing I want to share today. Life and loss.

 What is Life

A question?

A word?

The journey of each life,

Good or bad,

Determining our future plans.

Taking us where we have never been

Or perhaps keeping us safe in the familar

Allowing us to dream,

To dance or sing,

Hiding in the darkness

Or finding our own in the light.

Grab life by the reins

And ride until there is no more.

Life to live.


Life is so complex. Sometime my head hurts thinking about it. I have a tough time during the months of February through July. Not all sadness but difficult months due to loss. If one think is for sure God is noting my life because I see it in how things happen around me.

February 2001.  On the 7th day of that month a childhood hero was lost, Dale Evans. Oh she was amazing in her personal as well as celebrity life. It made me sad. Around the same time, a friend that I had known for quite some time lost her mother. Ovarian Cancer. In case you did  not know it, cancer sucks! Then lousy cancer struck down my big sister. She was too young to die but she did. If it broke my heart I can not imagine what it did to our mother. She was lost, broken, I could see it in her face, sadness although she tried to hide it well. Perhaps her generation, they kept so much to themselves. Then along came March. Cold, windy, brutal when the snow falls in Colorado. We should have celebrated another birthday for my niece Sarah, a bright, beautiful, kind girl with so much to live for. But her life was cut short, taken away by a rare form of sepsis (blood poisoning) in January 1996. My sis would have celebrated a March 27th birthday but not to be. She was celebrating in heaven, free of pain and suffering. Enjoying heaven with Sarah, with dad and all the wonderful ones who went before us.When I say God makes notes in ones life, I was not kidding! Go back to March 27, 1987. The horrible, cold, scientific doctor could only say to me "Your fetus is no longer viable , you have suffered a fetal demise!" April 5, 1985, pregnant with my first son Jeremy, getting that horrible call from my sister Mary. Dad is gone. It was Good Friday. God took my daddy away on Good Friday. I thought, God, you are rather cruel. An attorney I knew, who happened to be Jewish, said to me, "Anne I know Christians believe in Jesus, as the son of God. I am sorry for your loss but have you thought that God must really love you and your phamily by taking your father on the very day He gave His only son?" Words to remember, two years later. April 17, 1987. Carrying my now deceased unborn daughter Rachel Lee for three more weeks and being induced into labor to see a lifeless little person. April 17, 1987 was also Good Friday. God was good to me, that horrible, rude doctor was on vacation. A young resident doctor helped deliver my unborn child. A truly horrible time in my life. But there was my husband, as strong as he could be, as right as rain and reminding me what a keeper he truly is.
Today I pray for my husband. He has received word that his oldest brother, Carl Michael is going to hospice. His is a long story, a very sad one too. So I will only hope God grants us the courage to pray. I do believe He hears our heart. Someday's I have nothing to give but my heart.

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Anonymous said...

It's not great to miss her, but you are blessed with having had your sister

Cindy's Stitching said...

A touching post. I have no memory of dates at all. They are always with you and one day you will be reunited.

Jim said...

I liked Dale Evans too. It doesn't seem that long that she has been gone.
There are good marriages and bad ones. It takes two to have a really good one. My second is sooo much better than my first, been married 42 years now, this time.

Sandra @ Sandra's Ark said...

Yes God hears our heart - I truly believe that. I also believe he cares about all our relationships. Your marriage sounds somewhat like mine with silly fun.

Leovi said...

Nice thoughts about love, life and relationships !!

SarahBeth said...

Oh, Anne, I am crying over Rachel Lee, what a sweet little one now in the Hands of God. Your friend said it so well and, truly, Good Friday was sad for you twice, but so wonderful in the way of God. A beautiful post.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Your heart was so present in this post.

love it...

Intense Guy said...

A touching post - the part about marriages shows yours to be a strong one - and one that a lot of people can envy and emulate.

Your memory is also a strong one. For every bright moment spent with a loved one - we need to give thanks.

Betty said...

Lots to think about and remember. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. When I had my second son we were living overseas in Sicily. I had to go to the Naval Hospital in Naples to deliver. They sent us up two weeks ahead of time. A group of us lived together while we waited to go into labor. The one lady and I became friends. Sadly, her baby was stillborn. Our husbands weren't there. The nurse told me Carol wanted to see me. I didn't know what to say. The nurse told me to listen that she would want to talk and tell me about it. She was right. I think of Carol every October 13th. I have no idea where she is today, but I've never forgotten what she went through. Every milestone in my son's life I thought of Carol and what she had lost.

Lmkazmierczak said...

My condolences over and over...the very fact that you can share such news and that there is such a thing as a bloggersphere is part of the answer to the why...Your strength of faith and character shines through.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Anne, my heart's breaking a little bit over here for Rachel Lee ... well, and all the Rachel Lee's who never got their dancing shoes. Surely, yours will be a joyous reunion someday.

I love what your friend said about God taking your dad on the day He gave his only son.

Your hubby sounds like a real gem! :)

carol l mckenna said...

Sending you lots of healing hugs and wonderful post and pics for R

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with the world. This was a gift to us.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Buttercup said...

Anne, my heart was so touched by this post. Know that I am thinking of you and sending hugs. Keeping your husband and Carl Michael in my prayers.