Thursday, May 14, 2015

Graduation/The Letter "Z"/Good Fences

Finally, this day has arrived! My sweet grandson Colton is a high school graduate. With a lot of pain and perseverance, tenacity, honesty and by the Grace of God, he graduated today. I was so happy to be a part of it all. He and I have had a close relationship. How many of you have a teenage grandson? He has often shared his heart with me and many times I was privileged to his phone conversations with girlfriends. He and I have a trust thing, it started the day he was born! I am very proud of all his hard work. He graduated with a small class, 103 total students and each and everyone of them has been accepted to attend college! He works at UPS and he is a very good young man. I wish him the best in everything!

It was a joyful occasion. Every single one of his fellow graduates all have a zest for life!
noun: zest; plural noun: zests
  1. 1.
    great enthusiasm and energy.

    "they campaigned with zest and intelligence"

    synonyms:enthusiasm, gusto, relish, appetite, eagerness, keenness, avidity, zeal, fervor, ardor, passion; More
    informalzing, zip, oomph, vim, pizzazz, get-up-and-go

    "she had a great zest for life"
    antonyms:apathy, indifference
  2. 2.
    the outer colored part of the peel of citrus fruit, used as flavoring.
    synonyms:rind, peel, skin

    "the grated zest of an orange"
verb: zest; 3rd person present: zests; past tense: zested; past participle: zested; gerund or present participle: zesting
  1. 1.
    scrape off the outer colored part of the peel of (a piece of citrus fruit) for use as flavoring.

    "zest the orange and lemon, taking care to discard all of the white pith"

I thought this was the perfect word for our letter "Z" and I wanted to share it with Ms. Jenny and all the wonderful people over at Alphabe Thursday! I hope you will enjoy my choice too.

A quick zany share for the Alphabe Thursday challenge. I love to be zany. Some would say my choice in graduation wear was zany! I love the flowing flowery pants with tops that remind me of my youth!
We walk at the Margaret Carpenter Open Spaces and there are some different fences up there. This one is well worn and a good place to watch the ducks and other water creatures swim by. I like to lean on this fence and enjoy the warmer weather. I hope you will visit the other folks who enjoy Good Fences with Theresa.
Words from Dr. Seuss! He was a brilliant man! Enjoy a beautiful day and get on your way....


LV said...

What a special day for this young man and family. I understand about close relations with grand kids. I have that with my great grandson. He is 10, but we have always had a special bond.

TexWisGirl said...

a nice lake area. congratulations to your grandson (and his former classmates, too!)

Gillena Cox said...

Ah yes Zany and Zest I can deal with both. Thanks for dropping in at my blog today. Haveva good weekend

Much love...

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like your choice of words. Zany and full of zest. Congrats to your grandson!
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Intense Guy said...

Congrats to your Grandson! You and his parents should be justifiably proud of him - it sounds like he is a hard worker and a blessing!

Marissa said...

Congratulations to your grandson.
Life is about to interesting now with college..

Little Wandering Wren said...

How lovely Anne to have such a special relationship with your Grandson, to have had a life where you have been able to be so present in his life growing up, I'm thinking of my family where we all live on different continents!
Congratulations on the graduation :)
Have a lovely weekend.
Wren x

Betty said...

Congratulations Colton! I'm glad that you and Colton have a special relationship. I don't have a teenage grandson. I don't have any grandchildren!

Mevely317 said...

Congratulations to Colton! What a good-looking young man!
You're so fortunate to be there for him and with him every step of the way.

Monica said...

ConGRADulations, Colton!

I love your ZANY pants!! (I have some too and they are SO comfy!)

Edna B said...

I think it's absolutely awesome that everyone in the graduating class has been accepted into a college. That's fabulous news for the future of our country.

Congratulations to your grandson. My youngest grandson graduates too in a couple of weeks. Just one more grandchild to finish high school, then I'll be watching the great grands work their way through junior and high school. Some days, life is super good!

Sad to say, I'm still not on the healing side of this nasty bout with the pneumonia, but I'm definitely working on it. So many folks have been getting this stuff, and it's definitely not fun.

I feel bad for Pogo. He wants so much to get outside and run around and play. Alas, he will have to settle for looking through his storm door with the window panel up for air.

Today is another simply gorgeous day here in New England. It's funny in a way. I waited all winter long for Spring to get here. Well here it is and I'm also enjoying it through the storm door. (like Pogo)

Ah well, soon it will be summer. I have hopes of being back up and running before then.

Well, it's getting close to nap time. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.