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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday and My BoJon Heritage with Direct Selling Companies/Pink Saturday

 Please visit Jenny and Warm Heart Wednesday. This was an easy one for me. I can tie this into My BoJon Heritage  This old memory from my old neighborhood as a child and our Catholic school always warms my heart.

Seventh Grade, Mrs. Martha Sandstrom. I am in the second row, the third girl on your right with the super short flippy do! I still see and/or talk to many of these kids to this very day. I will put up an old black white photo daily if I can get into my old habit and blog, blog, blog!
I was thinking about Direct selling companies, and those I have been with in the past and I decided for some reason to post each day something with each 26 letter of the Alphabet! I will challenge myself to get this down in the next 26 days! I will start tomorrow.

These lists are a small percentage of the thousands of direct selling companies you can join or simply view and purchase their products. Did you know that Avon is the number one direct selling company with over 11.3 billion dollars in sales in 2011 alone!

Oops, sideways! My friend Cindy Miller-Jones begged me to do House of Lloyd with her and together we did it until I moved to Denver in 1983. I started up with Linda, a mail carrier here but she and her hubby, also a postal employee were going through a horrible divorce and it lost the appeal. Harry Lloyd was an awesome man who  put his faith before his company and when he passed away his children ran the company into the ground, bankrupt and out of business. It was so  sad, they carried a line of very reasonably priced porcelain dolls. But many younger ones want what their parents had but they want it "right now"! I will always smile because Cindy shared this fun company with me.
After House of Lloyd I tried Avon. It was ok but I never made much money because I bought everything I tried to sell including their clothing! I will say this about Avon, I own many pieces of their costume type jewelry and I have pieces dating back to 1972 that are still as beautiful as ever.

Although this is an old kit, Princess House was a good extra money venture for me. I truly fell in love with their product and I had a good upline. Jonel White helped me achieve so much and she was always so helpful. Although she passed away unexpectedly in 2010, I will never forget her and the many friends I made through this company. I also made some decent money too.

I spent about a year with Beauticontrol but will always love the MaryKay products better. Beauticontrol was fun for a handful of people who supported me but I never made any lasting ties with the people in the business or the company.

I never became involved with this company but I do love the Scentsy products. Many years ago a co worker had a cousin in Texas who was selling this produce and I purchased a warmer and some melts. I have always loved their product but in order to get into this company they want you to go through your consultant and often there are too many pushy people doing businesses today and I don't have the time or energy to be hassled by some of the overly eager consultants. I think if you like a product you should be able to do it. I don't think they need to force you to be with people you aren't familiar with but that is just my thoughts. My consultant in Texas left the company so she could not be helpful to me.
Mary C. Crowley was the most amazing lady who founded the Home Interior company. She was also the sister-in-law of MaryKay Ash the founder of Mary Kay Products. I have most of the books Mary wrote and I admired her because she was such a wonderful Christian women. When she passed away her children and grandchildren also ran her company into the ground. So sad, she cared more about empowering women and witnessing to them and counseling them then she did making millions. A nurse who cared for Mary while she was at Baylor Hospital in Texas said Mary witnessed for the Lord until she drew her final breath. Although I was never directly involved with this company I made two wonderful friends from all the shows I hosted and attended.
This company, Younique ( a great marketing gimmick) is relatively new (2012) and was founded by a brother and sister team. They are a make up company and their products seems to be excellent. They list each and every ingredient and what that ingredient does. I would love to know more about this company and find out the demographics, do they serve a wide range of ages or do they cater only to the younger set? The company encouraged me to talk with one of their presenters and collect information. But before I make a purchase I want my questions answers.
I do love direct selling companies. I recently attended a show hosted by my friend Lorna. It was this company:
Premier Jewelry! Oh my goodness, we had so much fun.  I chose to take a surprise gift and won a beautiful necklace that is retired from their line. I am going to be hosting a show in the near future. The consultant, jewelry lady, Kasia was so much fun, I felt like the Princess House days, being around someone who has so much enthusiasm ! The way she presented her product and the games we played were great fun.
A gal I know here is very successful in this company. They seem to have a great product too. My niece Holly is involved in this company and loves it. Essential oils have been around for a long time and they do have many great healing qualities.
When it comes to direct selling companies, there are hundreds to choose from. These are just a few of my favorites and a few of the companies that I spent time with. Do you have any direct selling companies you love? Before you leave please make an effort to visit Pink Saturday because I know you like visiting the pinkies and you can tell Beverly you saw some pink here too.


Lux G. said...

So many things happened in a few days, huh?
Thanks for sharing this. That arrangement on the table is so lovely.

Edna B said...

Gosh, the companies you mention brought back so many memories of days gone by. I had the same problem when I used to sell Avon. I bought everything I was supposed to be selling. Ah well. I am not a very good salesperson.

I do like the essential oils. I have a few of them that I use. Years back, I used to do a lot with them.

Today is raining, but hopefully the rest of the week will be sunny and warm. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Jim said...

Hi Anne ~~ Direct selling companies do provide a way for the consumer to buy at much lower prices. Have to watch things though. My cousin need up with a garage full of stuff sh couldn't use or sell. We have/had a franchise with our company and sold a lot of Christian books while we were active with it. We sold in book parties, to church libraries, and had ten spinner racks in stores, mostly grocery stores. I'm having a memory lapse with the company name, it was/is (??) located in Minneapolis.

Betty said...

I didn't realize there were so many direct sales companies. I thought they might have gone by the wayside with the Internet. Tupperware used to have a booth at the mall, but they've been gone for a while and I never hear of anyone selling Tupperware. I do hear about Avon and Scentsy from time to time, but that's pretty much it. You've kept busy over the years!

Love those old school pictures!

shortybear said...

good post.

Jeannie Marie said...

Maxine is certainly on target! I was just telling my daughter that when I sold Avon I made very little money but had a lot of products every month that I normally would not have purchased. Same with other companies. It's hard to make money that way. There are people who do very well though, but must be way more disciplined than I.

Susan Anderson said...

Crepes, kids, and kittens always warm the heart!

To say nothing of memories…


Intense Guy said...

Love the school photo with you in it!!!