Sunday, September 30, 2018


Checking in here. I am sad I have had so much going on I have not been able to blog. But wanted to stop in and ask for a favor.

A fellow blogger, and one we miss dearly because he has had a lot of health issues has updated me with what is going on these days.
Karl a/k/a Iggy has a wonderful blog. He has been away way too long but he has had health issues and he recently sent me an update.
I love sending cards and encouraging others. I love to sit down and write nice letters. I belong to a wonderful encouragement group. I recently asked them to please send cards to my friend Karl because he was having a lot of problems getting his health in order.
I am a worrier by nature as my father before me was too. But I try really hard to let it go and give it to God. So everyone sent encouragement and prayed for Karl. He said he is getting a bit stronger and able to do a few things he hasn't been able to do recently. He was grateful for all the cards and prayers and wishes to thank each person individually. He said his doctor had changed his pain medication to one that seems to work and he is able to tolerate it without horrible side effects. He had not been able to get up and walk in over a week and was able to do this with a change in medication. He is very cautionously hopeful that the worst of this ordeal is over.
Prayer works and I am grateful for all those who sent Karl encouragement and prayed for him. I am always grateful to share with anyone who would like to send encouragement too. Just e mail me . You never know when you are the only thing brighten someones day.
I speak from experience. Prayer works, it is the best armor against all trials and I have had days when nothing seemed to go right and I felt so useless and a card came in the mail and someone made my day. Trust me, kindness and encouragement are a terrific team!
Please pray for Lauren and Wil. They went to the hospital to deliver their twin sons and tragedy struck. Carter was stillborn. He weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. Dylan was 6 lbs. 8 oz. and he lived for 7 days in the NICU. His parents were able to love him and hold him until he passed away in his mothers arms. They were told he had suffered  catastrophic brain damage. There were no signs prior to his birth. Even in the death of their sons these parents found out that Dylan was approved as a heart valve donor. This will prevent two families from suffering this same devastation. Lauren is a LuLa sister to my sweet NC friend Tracy Freeman and there is a go fund me page as well as a PayPal donation site too.
Pray for Don, he sees doctors at the VA Hospital in NC and they found two spots on his lungs and they are thinking cancer. He has beaten the odds before. Please pray.
Pray for Lou in Florida. We all know cancer stinks and she is going through a difficult journey right now. Thank you.

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IntenseGuy said...

My thoughts and prayers for Lou, Don, Lauren and Wil, Carter and Dylan.

I am very grateful for all the support that has been given to me as I struggle with learning how to deal with constant pain. I have and/or will write a thank-you note to those that send me a card and wish to thank those that pray for me. It has been bright spot in my day to limp or hobble to the mailbox and find a card expressing get well wishes. Every card is remarkable and I am deeply thankful for them.