Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother's Day Moments

Mom's are everywhere! Instead of the negativity that sometime surrounds this blessed day, remember, as a caregiver, be it your child, your feline or canine or equestrian friend, you are "Mom" to all.
The Book of Proverbs speaks eloquently about mothers. My prayer today is for the ones who were not given a grand earthly mother. Life is hard, sometime we look out at those who raised us, in good and bad times. List all the positive things in your life for which you are grateful. I know someone loved and cared for you so that your life would turn to the path chosen just for you. Rejoice for the ones who allowed you to share your feelings freely. Often, in real life, men are put down yet I could write posts about men I know who took up the care, the love and raising of their children and often children that were left behind by the system. Look for the joy in your life. Find and treasure moments when someone cared enough to love you without reservation.
Here are some of my May LuLaRoe Fashions I have shared. The first photo with the pink lace skirt and black and white Aztec top won a first piece of LuLa with Allora and Nancy Campbell. I Am excited to find something great out! I made a promise to myself to share an outfit a day through the month of May. Last year at this time, I was deathly ill with some viral bug. I was participating in one with Allora and was unable to finish it.She has encouraged me to step outside the box and try some different styles. She is an excellent teacher!/designer!
Another school shooting in our metro area. This young man gave his life so others could escape the shooters. His father spoke to the media, he did not talk about the NRA or  our president . He spoke of the way his son was raised, his only son. He always put others first. We could all learn so much from this young man. This is a sad Mother's Day for Kendrick's mom . His friends spoke of the need for metal detectors, addressing bullying and the sad state of our mental health programs today. Something I have been talking about since Columbine 20 years ago. #hero #kendrickcastillo #rip

Keep this phamily in your thoughts and most of all, prayers. His dad said please remember Kendrick was a hero and please give kindness. Wells Fargo Bank is accepting donations for the phamily at all their locations.
The media needs to stop giving the shooters notoriety. Kendrick's dad mentioned paying attention to your children and talking with them. Be involved in their lives.  Wise words from a man with a broken heart.


Edna B said...

Happy Mothers' Day! Your outfits look really nice. What a brave young man to do what he did. I appreciate how the father is treating the media. We need to keep our focus on our children and the important issues. I hope your day is super! Hugs, Edna B.

Mevely317 said...

You're so pretty! The clothes are great and all, but your smile eclipses all. Kendrick's father is very wise. Prayers for all who loved him.

Theresa said...

You look MAH-VELOUS! Happy belated Mother's Day to you! I agree about not giving the shooters any air-time. Prayers for the victim's/hero's families! SO SAD:( Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!