Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thankful Thursday and More

What is your pleasure? Ice Tea or Sweet Tea? With this following Crumbl cookie I recommend regular ice tea.
This is a Crumbl cookie. There is a story behind it.
Visit Thankful Thursday and tell everyone what you are thankful for. Now these Crumbl cookies are not for the calorie counter. This Chocolate Carmel Crunch Cookie , although load with sugar and calories is surprisingly not as sweet as some of their more plain variety cookies. My son bought me this cookie and I ate it in four days. It is pure delightful goodness with chocolate, carmel and crunch. Sigh......something to be very thankful for, but not to be eaten everyday.  It is delightful with a cup of steaming hot tea or a tall cold glass of milk. I am going to jump in and share my Ten Things of Thankful.

1. Let's just say that cookie is number #1! I don't indulge too much but once and a while I love to share this cookie with my Sweets. He is not suppose to have too much sugar. He needs lots of sodium instead. So help me out if you know or have some sodium rich foods.

When I meet people this is the first thing I notice about them. A doctor I knew, who sculpted as a hobby, made many people beautiful again with perfectly scuplted noses as he was an ENT/Plastic Surgeon. He was left handed! Genius! Ha Ha - I too am left handed. The nuns at Catholic school dared to try to right my wrong as they called this the devil's hand. Well, I won, they lost and I love being left handed. I am thankful that God gave me my left handed domination.

My Hibiscus is blooming and I caught it when the dew was still on the petals. This is a grocery store purchase. The second one I bought. My first was yellow but I Lost it a few years ago due to a terrible frost.  I will be more careful with this one.As you can see my rose is not faring as well. The heat has been brutal this year.  I Love flowers and am thankful to grow some in our yard.
4. Ah.....a new favorite tea. Talk about reducing stress! Bigelow makes this yummy rose/mint herbal tea. Shh......I have more coming. Thankful for all the tea I love and drink daily.
5. H U M O R : There are so many things that are uncomfortable to talk about today and some folks use humor to calm their nerves. Others go ballistic and have fits! Just remember everyone uses different mechanisms to cope with the unknown, the stress of life, sadness, etc. My oldest son dislikes clowns intensely yet I sent this to him this morning! He laughed out loud! Thanks to Karen D. Milstein for sharing this. Karen had an awful few years. First their leather shop/business burned to the ground. The insurance had expired. Her husband suffered a near fatal accident at their home. He spent many moths at Craig Rehab Hospital. He came home and passed away peacefully although Karen and her phamily were grilled by the local authorities. As if they had committed a crime. So be thankful for humor. Some of us need it more than others. Remember these words:
Be kind and most of all be thankful for all you have.  Be thankful for those you know and love. Be kind, use it like glitter so it sticks to everything and everyone  you come in contact with. I am exceptionally thankful for humor and kindness.
6. This is a photo I took last week. Since then our squash and zucchini is bursting forth everywhere. I am grateful and very thankful for fresh garden veggies. We also have a bounty of fresh tomatoes, Marzano, Big Girl and Cherry. I like to pop those cherry tomatoes like candy and they are better for me than anything sweet, even my favorite Crumbl cookie.
7. Everyone knows the hubby and I have matching t shirts. We love them from Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse to The Avengers and U of Ky Wildcat Basketball! This is one I really want to have.  I actually have those glasses and I L O V E my glasses since I am as blind as a bat! I am thankful for a good husband who takes good care of me and always has taken care of his phamily.
You can't see his shirt but we love U of Kentucky basketball. My big sis Pat lived in Kentucky near Louisville ( not Louisville basketball fans hahaha) for many years before she passed away. My niece attended U of Ky. to complete her Master's degree. It is funny we are all Kentucky Wildcat fans!
8. We love traveling but we are happy to confine our travels to the USA! This is the Cave of the Winds in Colorado. It is an amazing place to visit. I have been to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and one of the Kentucky Caves. I was a teen way back than and my dad was not thrilled being in such a confided space. I was young and carefree now I am more like my dad was. Funny how life changes you. But travel is always on our minds. I love the small community of Salina, Kansas.People are friendly, they have a beautiful private university (Nick graduated from there) and there have so many fun shops to visit. Plus their zoo is a great place to visit. One place I want to visit is the OKC Bombing Memorial. Our youngest daughter made the trip and said it was incredibly sad. I love history and I Love landmarks.  Grateful and thankful to have visited many states and seen lots of wonderful landmarks and have eaten many good meals.
9. Thankful for my collection of dolls and bears. I even have a pink and purple Unicorn. This is Old Friend Bear and American Girl Josefina. I Buy many used AG dolls as they are pretty pricey. I Have loved dolls since I was a small child. One of the first dolls I had was a Revlon Girl that my brother Bill bought for myself and my older sister.  They were very glamours. Somewhere I do have a photo of me with them. My big sister Pat brought two German dolls home from Germany when she was living there in their military days.  They were not properly stored and probably were tosses away. :-( I had a Shirley Temple doll too. She was simply lovely. Some dolls today look more like night walkers from Colfax Avenue in Denver after dark.
Holiday Barbie 2019. My oldest Noelle buys these dolls for me every year. I wish I Had a large room to showcase all of them. My late friend Kathy O'Gane had a massive doll collection. She had John Wayne and all sorts of celebrity dolls like that. Her cousin made a floor to ceiling curio that encompassed a room and she had those dolls on display. They were amazing. I am thnakful I was able to collect so many dolls.
10. Vitamins. I am very grateful and very thankful we take a daily regime of Vitamins. I do not take much medication. I Only take on prescription and like to use natural remedies when I can. The hubby has asthma so it is harder for him to get away from all the Big Pharma drugs and I hate it with a passion. So many of those drugs are hard on your organs and many of them make him so tired. I do my best to keep him healthier with Vitamins and other health and wellness products. Do you know how many people I know that have never given their child so much as a child dose of pain reliever? They live very healthy lifestyles and steer away from the big corporate medicine. Two very dear friends both passed away in 2010, taking the same regime for mental health -  Big Pharma drugs and died from massive heart attacks in their early 40's. Coincidence, I doubt it. Another friend who took all those very same drugs now is needing a transplant. It is very sad that many in our society would rather have a pill, a label or a popular ailment then stay healthy. Of course, not everyone is blessed with good health and so I am thankful I can pray.  I worked in the medical school. I worked for the department of Microbiology and Immunlogy. I know what can be created in a lab. Just an FYI! Also always remember, doctors are people not GOD Himself so be careful putting them on a pedestal.
sharing the Friday Friendly Fill In questions. Thank Ellen and Lorianne for sharing their questions with all of us. I appreciate these ladies very much.

1. I Like ketchup on my __________________.

2. _______________reminds me of ______________.

3. It pains me to__________________.

4. I can't _________________without ____________.

                      Finally, I am thankful I can say goodnight in my ancestors native tongue.
I am going to put up my birthday wishes post for my son-in-law Zach before his 30th birthday ends today along with his twin sister Alexa. Please stop by to see some super cute photos of them he shared with me at
                          Born on this day in 1860, Annie Oakley is still an America hero to me.


Theresa said...

We have so much to be thankful for. We need to do some traveling when the virus goes “bye bye“. I look forward to more normal times. Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

Sandee said...

I love all your thankful things. Hubby is left handed too. It's a good thing.

I went over and sang happy birthday to the twins.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, honey. Big hug. ♥

Brian said...

That was a grand list of thankfuls, those cookies do look good. Hey, our Dad is ambidextrous so he can get confused on both sides! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Mevely317 said...

What a wonderful collection of 'feel goods' ... I don't know where to start! I'm not a big sweets lover, but Tom would go kkkkrazy for that Crumbl cookie. I, too, am left-handed -- never heard of it being called a devil's hand. My Very Religious parents would have freaked! I still dislike hand-writing anything, on account the left side of my hand winds up ink stained. I've only visited Carlsbad Caverns, but didn't care much for the idea of being 'down below' -- particularly when they turned out the lights. I'm looking forward to seeing your Friday fill-ins!

messymimi said...

Such a jam-packed post! While i am a right-handed morning person, Sweetie is a left-handed night owl, and we had 4 left-handed night owl children. Teaching them to tie shoes and write, i had to do it in front of a mirror and make them copy the mirror, not me.

Dogmom Diva said...

Great post! My grandson Jack is a leftie, thank goodness it is more accepted now.
We have been to the OKC, yes go. Very moving and sad.
Medications..ugh. Carl takes many, no choice with his frail health. Time is taking a toll on us.
Love you..