Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day


My friend Yvonne  shared this having spent her first Fathers Day without her precious dad. He passed away in 2020 but due to restrictions everywhere they held their service for him just recently. It is very lovely.

Forgive me if I jump around here and there today. I want to share this Princess Sassy in memory of Jessica.  She touched the hearts of so many of us and I am going to post these "For the Love of Jessica". I have found kindness matters more than anything these days. except love. It will always matter most. I run the bubble machines several times a day, I wake up in the morning and I turn these bubbles on. I stand in my living room and say, this is for you Jessica, because I know how much you loved bubbles. I glance at a photo of Alastor Avery I have in my curio cabinet and I think, I wonder if Alastor Avery befriended Jessica? She was a good mom and grandma and she would be his instant friend. It truly makes me feel better. Heaven is a better place when the loved ones you lost are there. There is great comfort for me in that. 


We will work our way forward. Ella went to brunch with her folks and four brothers and met their Grammie Noelle and Papa Roger there. They even had an omelet called "Ella". When she is older, maybe she will order it.  She is the youngest of the five with Andrew and Tarrah. These two are incredible parents. Now Andrew will tell you out of five children, there is one who loves daddy best:

Andrew says Logan loves him best and one out of five isn't too bad. This is a curly haired daddy's boy. You want to see cuteness, here it is. I think of the day Logan was born. He really  has come a long way and getting so big everyday. A blessing for this 2021 Father's Day.
Benjamin looks a little tired. They drove a long way, about 30-40 minutes across the interstate to come enjoy brunch. They are a neat bunch of boys and a lone sister.

Michael was resting his weary head while waiting for his breakfast food.  This boy is kind, always looking out for others.

You know the expression, like father, like son? Well here they are. The poster boys. Jayden likes to push the envelope. Andrew was a similar child. But he is a good father. He knows what he has to do and he takes on the challenge. He is raising young men and one little lady. I think he and Tarrah are mastering the job.  Happy Father's Day to you Andrew! You are a good father, a keeper, a man who loves his little phamily dearly.

All together for a fun brunch! Happy Father's Day 2021!

The Phamily, Colton and Jacey, Harrison and Shea.
Alastor Avery and Harrison James/ A favorite photo of two brothers, one heavenly today and one enjoying his big brother role with a sister too. Harrison has always been a good brother.  As for daddy Colton, he works hard and spends his free time with his kids. He and Jacey work hard and they have a sweet phamily. Happy Father's Day Colton Edward!

Noelle and Roger love being with their kids. Look at that smile on Roger. It looks like the one he had when he saw his first born grand girl Jaslin graduate from high school. That girl would wrap him around her finger for a lifetime. These two have more grandkids than we do. They have 11 and we have 6. But we have the great grands and they number 11! Roger is their phamily child care provider. When you need help, call your Papa. Happy Father's Day, Roger. 

Rebekah and her dad, she and Zach are cooking us dinner tonight. It will be a wonderful time.

Happy Father's Day to the number one dad! This hubby of mine is number one always in my book. He makes me laugh and that has been such good therapy in these past weeks losing sweet friends from my life.  I wish him a wonderful day as he has his own dad on his mind having been born on this day 93 years ago but spending Father's Day in heaven since 1992. Happy Father's Day to all dads out there. They never get the true recognition they deserve.


Billy Graham was one smart man.  I love these words so much.

Something  to ponder for Sparks


Mevely317 said...

What a wonderful tribute to these splendid men (and women) in your life! I do love the idea of Jessica and Alastor Avery befriending one another. And would you look at Logan! I remember when we all prayed so hard for him in the NICU. Love all these profile sketches; isn't it fun to watch their developing personalities? Have a beautiful day, Anne!

Edna B said...

Looks like a happy, wonderful Fathers Day! Enjoy your beautiful family. Hugs, Edna B.

The Feminine Energy said...

It does my heart good to hear of "good parents", as so many today aren't. Thank you for sharing your story... it brought cheer to me. ~Andrea xoxo

pilch92 said...

Such a beautiful family. You are truly blessed. XO

messymimi said...

Your whole post made me tear up with gladness!