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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Secret Pal Swap and The Truck Event!

My secret pal sent me the cutest card! She asked me to ask her questions here so she can answer them in the next note! I will post the card soon! Too tied from fighting blogger!
OK....I sent lots of folks this question list and asked them to fill it out and return it to me. Anyone who would like to share this with me along with your address and such please e mail me.
I am known to send cards to people "just because". I really love the Secret Pal Swap and here list of questions I asked:

1. Favorite color
2. Favorite food
3. Favorite decorating style
4. Birth month and date
5. Car you drive
6. Favorite read(s)
7. Coffee or tea
8. Favorite thing aobut yourself
9. Favorite Season
10. Favorite holiday
11. Favorite vacation spot
12. Where were you born
13. Who would you meet (living or deceased) if you could
14. Favorite music

Do you have a favorite quote? I know secret swap pal that you love Grover from Sesame Street ! I think that is cool! He is certainly very blue! I always liked Animal and I have a little drum solo to share with you courtesy of Animal! I am not an in the box kinda gal and neither is Animal!

Now here is something I am doing for fun! We went to the Truck event tonight. What is that you say? Well, it is a food fest! All sorts of different trucks are parked in a common area and they sell the most amazing food! Meat on a Stick, cupcakes, ice cream, beer, wine, margarita's, pinche tacos, New York style pizza slices, Venezuelan food, biscuits stuffed with cordon bleu and other yummy things and chili cheese fries! People walk around in all sorts of silly hats (which no one told me or I would have woren a hat!) and there is a girl with colorful hair on stilts! Drat! I did not get her photo! I took a shot of the cupcakes, lemon, snowball, and red velvet. We all shared the pistachio cupcake. They are super rich although not very big but we all had a bite! Yum!

OK blogger is truly weird. Having spent an hour trying to load a few photos is crazy! Now it is duplicating them! Argh....
The two pups were cute at the Truck Event! Fred in the blue looked sad as the little girl (in pink) found a fried tortilla on the ground and was eating it with great delight! The Red Lotus was parked next to us last Friday at the cross country meet! Waneka Lake is where Nick ran today. Placed 34thnot  bad for a guy who was sick last week with shingles! His immune system is weak so we need to get him into shape! But he ran hard and we were proud! Haven't attempted to load those photos yet! The cupcakes were from the Truck Event. A snowball (chocolate with almond and coconut), lemony and red velvet, my personal favorite! The Cupcake Truck where we bought these amazing cupcakes. The guy with the tin foil Viking hat just happened into my photo! Crazy hats I tell you!
So I have shared some of me with all of you! Now Secret Pal, I know you can't send me your address now but please answer my questions.
No babies yet tonight! My SIL says Kathryn has a midwife! I am gonna be real honest here. After laboring since 5:30 P.M. Thursday evening let me tell you, they better have some super doctor who studied at Harvard Medical School because I would be climbing the walls, kicking some Bruce Lee butt and yelling like a maniac from the psych ward! "Give me drugs, lots of 'em!" Having a baby is no time to show everyone that you are saintly or think of Mother Teresa as your personal role model!!
Tarrah is just miserable! If she would drink some warm water with lemon juice or a shot of balsamic vinegar I can guarantee that baby would come forth! Hopefully the doctor will be a former NFL receiver cause drinking those concoctions tend to shot babies across the room!
 Please pray. God has His hand in every aspect of our lives. If we want Him to.


Tete said...

Praying that the baby and mama will be just fine and that it won't take much longer!
Blogger- the love/hate relationship. The price we pay to have each other.
But you are worth it.
Now- what server are you using???
Go get that google chrome and download it! It will take 97% of your headaches away and you will be able to post in a couple minutes, depending on how long winded you are!
Hugs- Tete

Anna said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my post about my necklace being featured on an Etsy treasury!
Best wishes,
For the benefit of other readers:

Tina/parltradet's necklace featured in Etsy treasury

Coloradolady said...

I am sure you are anxiously waiting....hopefully the waiting will soon be over. Praying for mamma and baby!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a fun blog. I love the foody truck pics and love your questions too. I cant find your email address to answer your questions but mine is
have a wonderful day
hugs June xx

Donnie said...

You are too funny. I pray the baby comes easily and safely though she has already had her share of the labor pans. Ouch! me the list and I'd love to fill it out. Hugs, Donnie

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You're hilarious...kicking some Bruce Lee butt...I'd be right there with you, begging for drugs. Hope the little one arrives soon, healthy and ready to greet the world.

The cupcakes look wonderful!

LV said...

Blogger just about drive you crazy on some days. I wish they would just leave things alone. Your shots were nice enough to see twice. We all tend to picture how we think someone will look, so do not be surprised when we see you. Just remember, what you see is just plain old me.

Marydon said...

Oh, my! That poor child ... I'd be drinking ANYTHING at that point. Hope bambino is ok & enters soon ... keep us posted sweetie.

Have a beautiful week ~

Pamela said...

The cupcakes look amazing! Hope you have an awesome week, full of joy and blessings.


Intense Guy said...

Yay for secret penpals (and Parsley)!!