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Thursday, September 15, 2011

V is for Very Upside Down Day!

Today was an upside down day! Very trying. Very frustrating. Very annoying! Very little fun! :(

Today I was going to meet Suzanne and her mom Patsy and her aunt LaVoice. They were traveling to Colorado from Texas and their plane was delayed because of weather! Darn rain! After a very wet Spring and a very hot summer here comes the soggy fall! I am just glad they are safe.
We were going to meet for lunch at a cool place called Then the ladies finally got settled after a long, hard day sitting on the plane. We decided to meet at the restaurant Sunday. Very disappointing! It is closed on Sunday.! Argh......
So I am trying to find a new and excited place to meet! Ah....
I hope it all comes together. I was cruising down the highway this early afternoon when I go the call from Suzanne! I had a very funny feeling they would be held up on the plane, in the airport and the by the time they got organized and settled in it would be too late for lunch.
But I am hopeful will we meet up and enjoy a leisure brunch or lunch Sunday!
I am always eager to hear from other bloggers in Colorado and if you have a favorite place to take out of town guests please share!
Now join Ms. Jenny for the variety of variables with the letter "V"!


Judie said...

Well, I hope you can finally get together! I am very excited because a blogger friend from Florida is coming here in October to visit her sister, and we are meeting for lunch at our favorite restaurant!! Yea!!

Donnie said...

It's a shame nothing worked out. Hope you all get together soon. I've met up with some great people.

Intense Guy said...

Ugh! I hope something works out.

Maybe they will be stuck in Colorado for a week.... and ...

well... no, we can't ask for that..

Theresa said...

I wish I were there to meet with other friends AND you:) Have a blessed day and a fun weekend! HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I hope you can meet up with them, Annie! What fun that will be...hate air traveling...and time lines! xo Diana

Heather said...

I do hope you get to see your friends! I love visiting with friends too! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, I'm sorry it is a delayed visit, but I know that you will have a great time when you get together. Please tell LV hello from me ... NEXT fall I hope to be going to her hometown and meeting her in person. (Our grandson will be playing football in the same town where she lives.)

I hope that your weekend turns out to be very fun!

Kathy M.

Catherine said...

I hope things are right side up now! You did have quite a day!!!

Jenny said...

I saw by your later post that this worked out finally! Hooray!

Sometimes delayed pleasures are the sweetest ones!

This sounds like a very lovely time for you all!

Hugs and A+