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Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is Aurora over Greenland. It is a fun astronomy picture I found on a daily news paper.  I thought some of the pink would fit into Pink Saturday!

Then I thought how about a pretty bouquet of pink flowers?

Would you like some pink runnng shoes?
How about a girly girl in a pretty skirt featuring pink?

Carolina is my little friend. She is the daugher of Jason and Stephanie. Jason is Nick's cross country coach and mom and daughter never miss a meet. Carolina just turned 14 months old but this girl never stops until she crashes into bed at night! I tried to capture her pink running shoes but this girl is always on the go! Let me tell you, this girl is her daddy's daughter! He is a Carolina fan as that is his alma mater and his girly girl is living proof that you can love where you attended college! Stephanie always says she knew Carolina would run before she walked. This little energy bundle was at  the Broomfield meet where our Trojan boys tok 2nd place as a team and Nick came in 5th individually! He struggled on Thursday with a bout of the shingles causing him so much pain! His doc took a culture of the lesion on his lower side and said he thinks Nick has a new strain starting up!
Then he ran a 14 mile run with his team mates at 7 this morning while my hubby and I helped set up the pancake fundraiser we had at Applebees. My hat, which is pink, is tipped in honor of all those hard working food service people! That is a tough job! We are exhausted and needed to take a break.
So while I am posting later on Saturday I wanted to wish all of you a beautiufl weekend. Take the pretty first photo I posted and enjoy your day. Take te bouquet of gerbera daisies as a sign of my friendship for you. Take a walk or a run and stay healthy. Hug your loved ones and tip your pink hat for someone working hard for you today.

Stop by and tell our fearless hostess Beverly thank you for all her hard work keeping us all in the pink!


Sue McPeak said...

Thank you Sweet Anne for the thoughtful wishes and the bouquet. Have a wonderful Pink
Saturday weekend. I feel revived having been I can run...okay walk real fast!

Coloradolady said...

Love your pink flowers!! Sure am wishing it was a week ago and I was looking forward to my Sunday lunch date.....:o( No fun living so far away!!! Hope your weekend is super-duper!!! Nothing going on around here...sewing on a quilt top that I am working very hard on...and have decided to give it to someone instead of keeping it. But, it will be given with much love! Talk to you soon my friend!!

LV said...

I love and enjoyed seeing all your shots, however, I will take the precious little one. That is not good for a young fellow like your son to be having singles. You know it is a nerve situation. Trust he gets better soon as they can make him very miserable. Take care.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Thanks for the Daisies and the smiles, Anne!...:)JP

Elaine said...

Hope the little guy is getting some relief from the shingles...not fun.. I had a mild case last year.
Happy Pink Saturday..

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit me on Pink Saturday! Hope yours was wonderful!