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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"U" Is For Unique

The definition of unique being the only one of it's kind. So today I decided to use the word unique to fit in with the Alphabe Thursday post featuring the letter "U".
What is unique? Each individual person born is a unique one of a kind creature. Made without being copied or duplicated or triplicated. Each individual life is unique. No one else will have your finger print for instance. They will not have your unique individual personality. Each person will have different eyes, a nose and physical characteristics like no one else! You may look like a family member but you will have an appearance that can not be duplicated.
How many unique things do you see each day?

I just wanted to share this poem with you as I feel it ties into this post nicely.
by Elma Stuckey

If I am blind and need someone
To keep me safe from harm,
It matters not the race to me
Of the one who takes my arm.
If I am saved from drowning
As I grasp and grope,
I will not stop to see the face
Of the one who throws the rope.
Or if out on some battlefield
I’m falling faint and weak,
The one who gently lifts me up
May any language speak.
We sip the water clear and cool,
No matter the hand that gives it.
A life that’s lived worthwhile and fine,
What matters the one who lives it?

Now please visit Jenny and all the participates of Alphabe Thursday today.


beckyp said...

What a unique post (sorry I could not help myself) love the pictures and the poem

Barbara F. said...

Great description of a great word.
I love the photos, really unusual. xo

Riet said...

Thatis a unique post. LOve the U word andthe poem.

Donnie said...

Loved the way you approached the letter U. The photos and that poem really made me smile. Have a great day.

Leann said...

You U is perfect! Those photos are cool especially the rainbow twister one.

Enjoy your day!

Gwendolyn said...

I love that poem. How true! Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at his heart. We should all practice that daily.
Blessings and hgus~

Francisca said...

I sure hope I am unique... not sure the world could handle two of me... (joke!). Your photos ARE unique and I relate completely with the poem.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a great "U" post!

love the poem...

jen said...

Thanks for the reminder. New visitor from Alphabe-Thursday.
I try to remind my kids about this every day. Hopefully one day they'll actually believe it.
Come on over for a visit!

EG Wow said...

Your photos are unique for sure and I very much liked the poem. ;)

Pamela said...

Beautiful pictures and poem, too. My husband says unique means one horse. :-)

Mevely317 said...

Ah, you've coaxed me to think outside the box ...
I like that in a friend :)))

Judie said...

This is a beautiful and very meaningful post, Anne. I wish everyone could live by the words of that poem.

ellen b. said...

The images are cool and the poem is a very inspirational...

NanaDiana said...

Annie- Those images are wonderful but that bit of poem just says it all...Amen and Amen! xo Diana

Intense Guy said...

Such a beautiful poem... thank you.

LV said...

What a blessing we are not all alike. Your photos are very nicely done.

Coloradolady said...

You should be aware you are about to meet some VERY UNIQUE individuals in the near future!!!!! Can not WAIT!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Annie,
What a special post, my friend. If you want, you're welcome to come and join the Shabby Chic Girls' Club--I'm having a giveaway!


Cheryl D. said...

Cool pictures!

Jenny said...

I've not heard that poem before. It was so lovely and moving.

I adored this post, Miss Anne.

It really made me think.

Thank you for sharing it.