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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"C" is for Catcher

Oh thank God for my sister Mary! She shot this photo over to me, actually two photos, of our parents. My dad was a semi pro baseball player long before I was born! He was the catcher! "Only position worse than the catcher, bad knees, the pitcher, torn rotator cuff, life of pain. Don't pitch or catch OK?" I was born loving baseball, maybe not quite as much as I loved my dad! He was my hero, my number one man, the most kind hearted, modest and humble man I ever knew!  He always talked about baseball and he knew everything there was to know about it! He always said if we played the game, he did not want us to catch or pitch!
 "My father use to play catch with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say "You're tearing up the grass";  Dad would reply, "We're not raising grass, we're raising boys."
Baseball, it is all American! It is as good as
Apple pie!
There is nothing like the sights of a ball park in the summertime. This is a google image of Coors Field, in Denver. Home to our Colorado Rockies!
If you go to the ball park you can have some peanuts, popcorn and cracker jacks!
Baseball, apple pie and hot dogs! An all American treat!
Although my dad will always be my most favorite catcher, here are a few of my MLB catchers:
I often wonder what Thurman Munson could have accomplished had his life not been cut short, in 1979, when he was killed in a plane crash! A true Yankee hero. I still tear up thinking about him and how amazing he was behind the plate!
Johnny Bench, part of the amazing Cincinnati Reds! Along with Pete Rose, in my personal opinion, one of the greatest ball players to ever play the game, Johnny could make that catchers job look easy!
Yorvit Torre Alba! A Rockie classic, the man can catch and he can hit! Being a hometown favorite doesn't hurt either!

Now please visit Ms. Jenny and all the letter "C" participates! Who is your favorite catcher?



Betsy Adams said...

That is so neat that your Daddy was a baseball player. How neat!!! My Dad loved baseball --so I did too. He loved the New York Yankees so my favorite was the Brooklyn Dodgers... We lived in a small town so Dad would have to go downtown to the 'pool room' in order to get the scores to the games. One time he took me with him. Mama had a fit that he took me in that nasty 'poolroom'... ha ha

Great post.

Denise said...

Awesome post.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Great Catch post!

Pamela said...

Baseball goes too slow for me. Except Little League -- well, that goes slow, too, but I'm watching my grands. :-) Our church had a festival of tables last week and one of the tables was decorated as baseball. She had popcorn at every place, pompoms, etc. This is a special tribute to your father. Such a handsome man.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What great memories you have of your Dad growing up! I remember mine fondly also - I feel lucky considering so many don't have caring fathers!

He was handsome too!

Lola said...

Superb *C* post – great photography and memories!

Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday, here’s mine!

LV said...

Very nice memory post of a dear loved one. Baseball has never been my sport, even though my great grandson plays. It is too slow moving.

Terra said...

Perfect letter C post, and your dad sounds like a great dad and fabulous catcher.

Liza said...

Beautiful photos. I played too. Mine are here and here.

Jenny said...

Hot dogs and baseball and by the end of summertime, we shall have a champion.....

Your post suits the upcoming Father's Day,sure winner if this were a competition.......

Thanks for Linking.....