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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"E" is for An Extra Special Someone

When we celebrated the letter "E" a few rounds ago  I used "E" for Edward my wonderful father. Someone commented that they almost didn't stop by because they thought I wrote about Edward from the Twilight Series! LOL! He was so proud to see my sis Mary get married, 1969.
My dad loved his name. He always said when he passed away the priest would call him "Edward" otherwise everyone would call him the assortment of nicknames he picked up throughout his life. One of his nicknames was "Spike" which he was called at his job as a head roller in the rail mill. He worked at the C F and I Steel Corporation for 47 years! My late father-in-law worked there too  as a guard. His nickname was "Robi". I keep telling my hubby we need to buy two little dogs and name them Spike and Robi. I thought it would be a really sweet tribute to our dads.
My daddy loved his navy blue polka dot shirt. It was a favorite except for his Colorado Native t shirt that he wore proudly! When he had his first heart attack they cut his Colorado native shirt off of him and it really broke my heart.

 I love this phamily pic. My ma and pa and me. I was just a little tyke and my folks had me like I had Nick. A "change of life" baby. Oh boy, that was the truth! I was the same age as my mom when Nick was born. I was the youngest of five and so is Nick!

I had to revisit "E" for Edward! My oldest son and my grandson have his name as their middle name. My dad was a wonderful guy. He had a kind heart and was humble and loved his phamily. When I finally settled down I found a similar man in my own husband.  Good honest and hard working men are not plentiful these days. I am happy I had "Edward" J Kocman Sr. as my father and I am happily married to my honey George Avery Robinson!

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Kathy Shell said...

What a beautiful blog. yes, that extra special someone makes live wonderful.

Denise said...

Very sweet post.

Kathy Shell said...

I smiled at the E for Edward from the Twilight series. People are beginning to judge by the the name.

I wrote a character called Harry into my Billabong Ghost story and some pole assume it has to be a fan fic of Harry Potter, and it is nothing like tat as your Edward is far from being a Twilight character, He looks to be quite a man :-).
Ryn Shell

Marilyn said...

Love your story about your dad!♥♫

Intense Guy said...

He just looks like a most friendly sort!! Someone that would lend a hand whenever and for whatever!

Chatty Crone said...

I an wondering how your sister is today.

LV said...

Always enjoy when you feature the stories of your family. You are blessed with such a caring one.

fredamans said...

My hubby is a steel man like your dad!
Also ironic, I ended up with a man like my dad too. I think if you respect your dad it is only natural to find a man with the same morals.

Mevely317 said...

True, I've always liked the name, "Edward." (Not Eddie, not Teddy.) To be honest, I've always been a bit of a "name freak": not, "are mother and baby doing well?", but "What's the name?" Since I first read this (phone, at work), I was thinking if the Royal baby is a boy, this would be a great name.

Spike & Robi pups are such a cute idea! I won't say, "if" -- but WHEN you adopt, I can't wait to see their pictures!


storybeader said...

your dad looks like a sweet guy. Great family pic! {:-Deb

Tracy Cook said...

What a lovely post

Carol Z said...

What a sweet tribute to your father. So enjoyed reading about him and seeing your photos.

VBR said...

This is a lovely post for letter E. You have some wonderful memories of your dad!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Still working my way around for Alphabe-Thursday.

What a nice tribute to your Dad.

I'm curious...who are the people in your header photos?

Jenny said...

I have to admit I'm crushing on that blue polka dotted shirt.

What an excellent tribute for an excellent man!

I love how you love with your whole heart, Anne.

You are wonderful.

Thanks for linking.