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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Last night we attended the wedding of my co worker Monica and the love of her life Carlos! It was one of the loveliest ceremonies. Her cousin Angelo was the officiating minister and I wish I could have recorded his words. Tell Marydon you hope she feels better with her stuffy head and that you want to share your favorite Love is too.
She was a lovely bride. Her dad is a bit stern but a kind heart all in all. He doesn't like crowds of people.
This was a photo from their dating days.

She had a Precious Moments Wedding Cake topper. It was so precious.
The kiss at the end of the ceremony. Sweetness!
A wedding table.
A favorite Scripture. Made me think of Ben Breedlove. If you don't know about Ben you need too! He was born 8 days before my son Nick. But Ben had a life threatening heart condition called hyper tropic cardiomyopathy. Ben lived life to the fullest. We need more Ben's in this world. Since finding out about Ben in 2011 I have always felt this Scripture should have been Ben's signature. Please visit his  you tube videos and read about this remarkable young man.

Wise words from a great man who helped changed the stereotype that Asians were given in films and T.V. in the 1960s. If I were to chat on about Bruce Lee or Ben Breedlove I would never end this post!
If you are a fan of Sunday Morning on CBS you may have seen the emotional video about Olivet Middle School in Michigan and the secret play these young football players had up their sleeve. If you have not seen it I have the link at my Face Book page (Anne Kocman Robinson). There are parents doing a good job raising their kids. We just rarely see it in the daily walk of life.

Humor even in running.

A pink treat for the Pinkies over at  Beverly's and a few NFL  pink plays  for Breast Cancer Awareness. Did you get your mammogram? Mine is scheduled for my milestone birthday December 3rd.
RG3 can pink it up! Did you know he married this summer in Denver? I love fun facts like that! Today he is playing against my Bronco team and his coach, Mike Shanahan is my favorite coach that coached the Broncos. He has some awesome stats as a coach. Check him out too.
The NFL plays up the pinks!

"You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water into a cup it becomes the cup. When you pour water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. When you pour water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Be water my friend." Bruce Lee

Cowley runners 2012. Nick is on the far right, They were going to the race course today in Hutchinson, Kansas. They run at eleven a.m. tomorrow. Wish I were there.
I love this one!
We have always told Nick to run to beat his previous best time. I hope he will do just that tomorrow! His team mates too! Go Cowley Tigers!

I sure hope Sally and the other Blue Crew stop by and check out all the random blueness I posted here just for them! My post is rather long but it was well thought out! Then I hope Charlotte and the encouraging fellowship of Spiritual Sunday stop by too. I tossed this post about like a salad filled with different delectable treats. Something here for everyone.


Marydon Ford said...

Such a precious couple, Anne. May they have a blessed union. Love all the wisdom you shared also. You know I love the pinks!!

I'll probably put up a Love Is tomorrow. Have a stuffy head & not up to snuff. The weather is C O L D & it always gets me when it first arrives.


LV said...

Ann, your post may have been long, but it covered so many interesting things. You do such a great job putting it all together with just the right words. Hope you have a good week.

Kaye Swain said...

And a very tasty treat indeed. :) Have a lovely week and congrats to the happy couple! :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy Blue Monday, Anne! I enjoyed seeing the new couple, the pink football gear ( I watched the game today and was happy the Broncos won!) and your extended family runners! I do like Sunday Morning but have been missing ti lately as I am usually in church when it is on. I know I should DVR it but I forget! I will check your facebook page.

Have a great week!

SmilingSally said...

Morning Anne,

Whenever I'm sick and missing church, I watch Sunday Morning, but not too often.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday!

Jenny said...

Wow. What a beautiful, happy and interesting post!

I'm so glad to see you today, Miss Anne!

The world is a lovelier place because of your presence.

Dewena Callis said...

I love going to weddings and looking at wedding photos! I wish your friends a life full of happiness together!

My husband has the same heart condition as Ben. We found out about it the week following 9/11. His case is moderate and so far controlled by medication. And, he is a Bruce Lee fan!

Neesie said...

I'm sorry I'm a little late visiting for Blue Monday but hope you won't mind ;D
Wow you've written a long post but it was so enjoyable. The wedding looked special and I wish the couple many happy years together.
I love the water droplet photo too.
I'm also an incredible runner but then unfortunately I wake up!
Thanks for sharing :D

Leovi said...

Delicious photos, beautiful wedding, I like!

Pamela said...

Ah, we are knee deep in wedding plans so I really enjoyed seeing your sweet friend's pictures. Those "Love is" were popular when I was a teenager!

Anonymous said...

Very late for Monday, but glad I came to see the wedding and all the blue-ness:) Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, As always your post is packed full of the best messages and interesting events. Congrats to the bride and groom and Ben's story is inspiring. The pic of your great nieces is adorable and last... look at Nick's swagger. He is a handsome guy. Good luck with his run.

Thank you for your sweet comment about my birthday. It is always special when the sisters can be together. We love each other dearly and their is never a harsh word between us. From the time we were all small our mother forbid it. Smile. We are blessed.

Wishing you happy days ahead with many blessings.
xo, Jeanne

Birgit said...

Congrats to the happy couple!!! :)

I have posted about your stickers, Anne. You find the post here.


Mevely317 said...

Handsome couple, your friends! I love attending weddings!

So, never, ever would've attributed those quotes to Bruce Lee! What stupid assumptions I make sometimes.
... but you betcha, I'm going to Google Ben Breedlove tonight. I think this is just one of the many reasons I love blogging -- to learn from and about one another!