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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"U" is for Uplifting

I love things that make me feel uplifted! I like to read books that are uplifting! To think I nearly chose "Unsettling" to share my U post today! Our country is certainly in an uncertain and unsettling situation! So I will pray. It makes me feel better because I know all in all the Lord has it under control. We have to trust Him and He will reveal what He needs us to know in His time not ours. I thought this photo was beautiful and uplifting.
I hope you visit Ms. Jenny and all the wonderful users of the letter "U".
We may get some snow tomorrow. So this photo caught my eye and the bible verse is very beautiful and uplifting.
Kind words are uplifting. Mean words are unsettling.
Friendship is uplifting. Enemies make life unpleasant.
I love the mountains, my father loved being a Colorado native (me too!). He studied the Book of James. It is a very favorite book in the bible that I love to read. It has lots of uplifting advice there.
We are struggling with some financial difficulties now. Pray for us. We think we have found the right place and the best choice to deal with the overwhelming financial difficulties we acquired with all the household expenses we had including plumbing and heating problems! I appreciate all of you and I appreciate your prayers. Thanks for stopping by.


LV said...

Anne, it is hard to understand whey so many bad things tend to happen to good people. It is going to get better at your house if you can just hang on.

Marilyn said...

Uplifting ideas tend to make us think in the same direction--thanks for sharing a nice group of wonderful messages in that direction. Having a home means that things need to be fixed at the most inopportune time. There's always something going wrong here-it's called "normal" at my house. Take care, my friend, and I will pray for the right solution for you and your family.♥♫

Sweet Tea said...

Glad I had the time to stop by and visit today. Great thoughts. Have a great weekend, Friend.

TexWisGirl said...

i am sorry for the financial worries. i understand how they weigh so heavily on each day. i hope things will get better.

i love the sun/cloud shot.

fredamans said...

Snow already?? Poor you!! LOL I hope we don't get any until November or later.

Jenny said...

I love the way you put a positive and a negative "U" word...

Unique post!

Thanks for linking.