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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blue Monday/Love is..../T is for Tiny

Today we took our usual walk. It was crisp and beautiful. I wore blue and my honey wore blue pants. Look at the sky blue! Now visit Sally and all the Blues! Happy Blue Monday!
Love is...watching football! We like our Broncos and they won! It is always fun but I never ask questions! I already know too much about football! LOL! Visit Marydon and share your favorite Love is...too!
"T" is for tiny! Here is Hannah with her favorite tiny, three lb. Roxanne!  Little tiny has been ill and we are all working hard to help her stay as healthy as we can! The vet thinks Roxanne was used as a breeder and she was dumped when she was no longer useful! She was rescued and has been happily living with us for a few years. She keeps getting infections and spends most of her days on antibiotics. But she is happy and comfortable and we will love her and care for her as longer as the tiny girl is here!
Our kitten turned five months old on September 30th. He was originally thought to be a girl and named Tiger Lily! Surprise he is a boy and we called him Tiger.  But my hubby says he is a "Mickey" so he has a dual name just like our Boots did! This fellow was tiny once and he is growing by leaps and bounds. No longer tiny but weighing in at six lbs. He loves to snuggled with Roxanne. He is a kind heart. Funny how animals have that sixth snese and they know when another animal is hurting.

Come visit  Ms. Jenny and share your favorite "T" with all the Alphabe Thursday friends.


SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

Your pets are lucky to live with you; I can tell they get plenty of good care and love.

Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday!

Neesie said...

Like you I know too much about football that sometimes I surprise myself! ;D
What a wonderful caring family you have to give Roxanne such love and special care.
She's a very lucky pooch ^..^

Tiger looks like he wouldn't mind what you call him just so long as you call him for dinner! hehe

And lastly I couldn't believe seeing your 'Love is....' I used to collect them in my younger days!
I haven't seen them for years.
Thanks for reminding me of them and for sharing your lovely family.
Happy Blue Monday to you all :D

Marilyn said...

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a walk! My Sarah and her husband have moved to Thornton and I'm learning about a new part of the metro area. They are actually living with a friend who bought a large, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house with an unfinished basement. They feel more like the whole house is their "area", rather than how it was previously. So I'm happy for them. Have a great week.♥♫

LV said...

I am sorry, but Dallas should have won. If they played this way all the time, how great it would be. You two look nice strolling in the warm Colorado sun in your blues.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Aww, so cute that Roxanne and Tiger are good friends :)
Gotta agree with LV above, we were rooting for the Cowboys! Ah well...

Carol Z said...

You had a nice sunny day for a walk. I've just about given up football for this season. My Giants are breaking my heart.

Wandering Wren said...

Ha - I soooo get the Footy thing! Luckily our team won the Grand Final otherwise some would be miserable here!! Sport can really get to you!
Poor Tiny, that is a horrible story but lucky for her that she is being well cared for now.
Have a great week

Denise said...

Enjoyed your post.

Shira S. said...

I like the blue outfit :) And I agree with Sally ;)