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Friday, October 4, 2013

Words for Pink Saturday

I won't use a lot of my own words today but let all these pinks speak for me:
As the youngest child I was the strong willed one and the one who even today hates to play by all the rules!
Audrey Hepburn was a classy lady!
Are you twinkling?
Please visit Beverly and the pinkies today!


Tete said...

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY TO YOU! How have you been? Busy here, but hoping to find the time to get caught up with everyone. Those cold winter months are creeping up on us and there will be plenty of time then, won't there? Hope you are enjoying your fall there.

LV said...

Others doing the talking today, was a nice way to end the week. Have a great weekend until next time.

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, first I have to tell you how much I loved your 'dream' email. I wish it could be true. I know we would be fast and dear friends in an instant.

I remember when our children went off to college and how much we missed them at first. Then we kinda liked the quiet and calm. Smile. Nick will be fine but I bet he misses you too.

Your signs do speak for them selves perfectly. I liked Marilyn's words a lot. Sparkle is good.

Happy Pink Saturday,
xo, Jeanne

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Anne,

I love all of these but the last three of them really speak loudly.
Thanks so much for sharing these words of wisdom.

I'd love to have you pop in for a visit when you have a moment.

Steph ♥

Denise said...

Enjoyed these.

Sue McPeak said...

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Chatty Crone said...

Don't ever let anyone steal your sparkle either!