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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Laughter is Good Medicine

Up with the chickens on this bitter cold and snowy day. The beauty of snow is deceiving. forget about that path I dug to the kids cars and for the mail carrier. Ha! It's gone, replaced by mounds of fresh, heavy glistening snow. I think God really does have an extremely strange sense of humor, He makes us enjoy this white stuff because he sprinkles glitter on it and makes us sit back and think, He is really in charge of us isn't He? I shot this from my front door at 6:33 A.M. The hubby was making a driveway path to barrel out of and I was cleaning the walk ways.
My honey had to trudge through the white stuff and drive himself to the bus. Those days of driving with all the crazies are over for me! It snows, I stay inside! I like it that way! Rebekah works at the Denver Tech Center so she had to drive to her bus and transfer to the light rail. Hannah's preschool is open for business, most other schools are shut down today. Once the snow clears enough to go out, I do believe I will go to DQ but I am a "Buster Bar" girl! I have fond memories of my old friend Sandy Fleming telling me that they had to make those by hand when she was a teen working at her local DQ! That's why I love them so much, reminiscing about the days when kids worked hard and grew up to be responsible adults. Life changes too quickly.

I hear the US is pretty much in a deep freeze. Elsa might be mad at all of us! She has too much cold power!
I could not resist this one!
Or this one either!
My crafty grand girl Christal made these awesome Bronco Snow People!  She made Noelle the Dallas Cowboy Snow People too. I love you and Alex and the kids Christal! Thank you!
They also gave us their beautiful phamily photo on the right side. I love my phamily!
Jeremy is very blessed, he is able to work from his home. Bandit decided this was a great makeshift bed to rest in! The old gent will turn 16 years old April 29, 2017 which happens to fall one day before the first anniversary of Jeremy and Brittany's wedding! Time travels so quickly.
Nick is suppose to be peeling my potatoes so we can make Potato Cheese Soup. we bought extra loaves of bread too so we can add some crusty goodness to our lunch and dinner today. The hubby made green chili and it is delightful too.
He also prepared a batch of homemade refried beans for tostadas and smothered burritos. Oh we have so much good food to eat in this cold weather!
There is nothing like the real deal, homemade!
Maxine is not a huge fan of snow either! But she isn't a fan of much of anything is she?

I am suppose to be getting my jewelry ready for my January clearance sale. I want to ring in the new year with a huge sale on all the pretty bling rings! I also have so much additional jewelry and need to make way for new pieces headed my way next week. I am offering a big sale. I plan to add a Face Book page and invite folks to come over and shop this sale! I am so happy because I won $150 in new jewelry for beating my best month! It was November and I worked extra hard to make this happen. Now to pick out what new pieces I want...hmmmm..... working extra hard with this awesome company is more fun than work! Playing with jewelry is the best!

Yesterday was the 16th birthday my momma spent in heaven. I love this poem, it says so much. But yesterday was a tough mentally challenged day for me. So I did not post anything. If she were here, momma would say:
My momma could comfort me anytime and anyplace. I think it is sad so many do not love their mothers the very best.
My momma had God on her mind everyday and every moment of her life. She would gently remind me, others time she would just tell me, if praying hard doesn't seem to be working, pray harder! Jenny Matlock, a dear friend, painted these words on a piece of wood for me. Life is hard, pray harder!
Until tomorrow, take care my friends and thank you faithful folks so come here just because you care.


Intense Guy said...

I had a good laff at the DQ Blizzard one!!


No snow here ... yet. We are supposed to get 1-2 inches tonight. The news channels are already hyping things - and reporting "We might get up to 8 inches!!"

Sandee said...

Awww on Bandit. He did find a very warm place to nap. So precious.

We're going to get some heavy rain here this coming weekend. It's all good since we've been in a terrible drought for years.

I'm coming over for some of the cheesy potato soup. One of my favorite soups.

Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

NanaDiana said...

I a smiling over your DQ love! We have had enough blizzards here without going to DQ though. Love the cute snowmen cartoons and save me a bowl of that soup. It is one of my favorites--that and corn chowder and now I am hungry for both! lol

Hope you have a great weekend, Annie! xo Diana

Theresa said...

Your snow is SO pretty! We had it in the forecast but only got a little! SOUP LOOKS YUMMY! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Edna B said...

I hope Bandit has a super Birthday!! Love your photos of the sky and clouds. I'm wishing you a great new year. Good luck with your sale. Hugs, Edna B.

Betty said...

I guess I won't get much sympathy from you when I tell you we had a freeze overnight. I think it was the first one in three years. We went to the football game Saturday and it was cold. Yes, the stadium is enclosed, but we have to be outside to get to the stadium. Everyone was bundled up and complaining about the cold. I kept thinking about the fans in Green Bay. They'd think we were wimps. I'd love to see some of your snow here. It's so pretty. I heard about Gary Kubiak. I was at the Texans game when he collapsed on the sidelines from a mini stroke. I wondered about him coming back then. I'm glad he's retiring. He's had his Super Bowl win and now it's time to move on and take care of himself. Such a nice guy. I always thought he looked so stressed on the sidelines.

Lux G. said...

LOL. These are funny memes. I heard some people having fun in the blizzard but mostly are not happy with it.

STay warm and safe.

Dogmom Diva said...

What's a DQ buster bar? Have to check that out. We've been in Sacramento all week at the kids, rain and more rain..lots of snow at neighbors posted some wild road pictures from ourarea..snow and ice..and me, I'm a California girl. We'll get used to is indeed beautiful to behold..

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

you mentioned the glitter on the snow...I know exactly what you mean and it is very hard to catch in photographs; have tried over the years but never really captured the gorgeousness of it :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

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