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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love is....

The first five years that I knew my Sweets and the first five years we were married I sent him a card weekly in the mail. He still has tons of them hidden around the house in boxes and his t shirt drawer. I never stop telling him how much he means to me. How much I love him! He shaved off his mustache after wearing it for nearly 30 years! I laughed out loud because our middle was the only one who noticed. He got a new haircut yesterday and then came home and shaved the mustache! He sat with me a full hour and I never noticed! Duh! But the intuitive one noticed! We had to tell the others! They were clueless like their mother! LOL!
The fridge has always been a place for us to post love each other and to our kids.
I have a few more things to share today. Happiness! Sadness!
I have had some thyroid issues lately and if you look at me I will cry! Then if you make me laugh I can't stop. Unsure that it is totally insanity but hopeful the dear doctor I work with can get this dosing right. He upped my Synthroid and said we can recheck the labs in six weeks. I am eating one full meal a day and working out hard. We walk at the lake and today I hit 2 1/4 miles! Sweets runs, he is mad about running! While I am talking to bullfrogs and beavers and ducks he runs by just smiling! But a sweet country friend told me she and her hubby talk to the animals on their walks in the country so I am not alone! I found myself singing Smokey to sleep with "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" and "Mockingbird". Now those of you that know Smokey know that this sweet and silly patriotic dog (born three years ago July 4th) weighs 75 lbs. So having him lie in our king size bed, well, let us just say, he is a bed hog!
Here is my favorite T.V commercial. I love this little girl! She reminds me of myself as a small child.
Do you eat your Cheerio's? I love 'em! Sometime I like a banana sliced in the bowl. Other times just plain. I also love the Honey Nut and Whole Grain Cheerio's.
Linda told us recently that precious Baby Ellianna passed away on July 14th. I was so sad. Having lived with a V.P. Shunt inside my head since 1984 I know firsthand the pain and suffering it caused me and still does sometime today. But this was an innocent little baby girl. I am happy knowing she is safe in our Saviors arms but my heart aches for the parents Mark and Hannah and the siblings. Life can be so unfair. My mom used to say "Life is hard, pray harder." I am praying very hard for them today. Please join me.
My Sweets is in the kitchen. He just put a huge pot of green chili on to cook. Now he is contemplating the new veggie juice he is going to whip up for us! Yesterday I dropped him off at the hair cutting place and ran a quick errand. He walked across the street to the Natural Grocery and when I arrived a few minutes later he was walking out the door with a bouquet of kale! Whenever we buy kale I always thank him for my lovely bouquet! Kale is so healthy for you.
My middle just told her dad when she is in the bathroom her sister sends a book under the door and tells her to read it! Then she moons her with the hand mirror! I will tell you, they did not learn that from me!
Nick is heading out the door to work. He has been getting lots of hours. It is 98 degrees outside. Pray the power stays on. If it fails they will die from heat exhaustion and I am mortified at the people that curse at them when their pizza's are late. Last week a flash flood hit the street where the pizza place is. Jeremy said people were walking in the water up to their chest! When the fire dept. finally got the water to recede (bad sewer systems) he delivered a pizza to a brutal woman who stiffed him on the tip and said "It's about time". Obviously she is in a private world from the rest of us.
A friend recently said to me that she thinks people around the world are so fearful of the horrible state of the economy that they lash out at each other.  It is something to think about.
My kids will pay $800 more a semester for college this year. We will also pay the full ride for children of parents who came here illegally and made no effort to right that wrong. But when our own government won't stop the madness what can a country do? A dear friend in Texas prays daily for her son, a man with a wife and young children protecting the borders in Arizona. My daughters life long friend has a brother holding down the same job with a young wife and child also.
 Pink wrote a song called "Dear Mr. President". Personally she could have added Bill Clinton's name to that song that she dedicated instead to George W. or our current leader of the (keep your fingers crossed folks) free world.
 I like Eminem and although I am not fond of the language he colorfully uses in his music I know where he is coming from. His song "Not Afraid" is something I think  people should adopt in their thinking: "I'm not afraid to take a stand." Combined with praying harder I think we might just win this battle that is raging all around the world. When my kids see me listening to and reading the lyrics from his music they say "Where is my mother and what did you do to her?" If you don't pay attention to what your kids are doing someone else will.
The girls friend Dan is back from a quick two month European tour of duty with the U.S. Navy. He says Spanish women in Spain are more beautiful than other women. I like learning little tidbits like that from a youthful perspective!
I heard a local interview with Larry King. Talking about all the U.S. presidents he interviewed in his day! His favorite and most relaxed and fun, George HW! I was a bit surprised. He seemed so reserved and gave his son "W" such little attention and no affection. The most intelligent- Richard Nixon. I have to agree, he ran for the presidency when I had my very first opportunity to vote. He certainly knew his foreign policy and military strategy and at least he ended the Vietnam War. The cockiest, Barack! Larry said he was full of himself!  I would have thought Bill Clinton shared that billing! My favorite president was JFK! I was a small child when he was elected and I remember watching him through the airport fence in my hometown. He cared about people and I loved that he cared about the well being of children and implemented the physical fitness programs in schools. He also had a genuine love for all people no matter  their race.  The Federal Reserve despised him and he sadly died so violently. My second favorite president, Gerald Ford. Although he was not a stunning speaker,  he spent a small amount of time in the Oval Office and truly cared about people too. A Dem and a Repub. You won't find first class guys like them in this world anymore. I am always shocked when people say "Obama is so charismatic!" Goodness, I want to say does he follow a cult?  Is he going to brainwash me? So who is your favorite president? I don't care what party you follow, if you do, I just like learning new things about my friends!
I hope you didn't mind this lengthy post today. I felt so disconnected that I had to jump in and pour my thoughts out to you.
I am going to close with a final video. This is a song I love to walk with. It makes me feel happy.
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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Great post, Anne ;) :) Oh, I had to laugh at the Cheerios commercial. That phrase she utters at the end " Oh, I like these"...I said that all the time as a kid, just that very same way. My dad laughs, because I'm still that way as a grown up :) :) Oh, I like these ;) :)

Have a great Sunday :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

NanaDiana said...

Anne-What a cute post. I have never seen that Cheerios comnerical. It reminds me of our little SweetCheeks! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday-xo Diana

Heather and Kathy said...

I love that you send your sweets cards! When I had Momma the last few years, I told her every single day how much I loved her even on the days she made me mad. I would put her in bed and not say anything then go to my room. After I had my pajamas on, I would always feel bad for not telling mom goodnight or I loved her so I would always go back into her room to tell her. It is so important!

I don't know who my favorite president is. Right now I am not happy with many politicians because they always threaten that social security and medicare will be cut and we won't get our checks so right now, i am not liking any of them.

I do hope you are having a great day.


Marydon said...

I hadn't seen this commercial either, Anne sweetie. Love how your LOVE just reaches out to each of us, always loving.

To quote Mitch McConnell, in essence ... BO needs to be removed from office before he destroys this great nation.

Be home tomorrow night. Had a great anniversary trip & Sherry-sis was the cake topping to it all. Had a marvelous time with Sherry-sis.

Write you soon ...
Huggers, Marydon

sarah said...

what a neat post...loved reading about your life....the good and the not so good....wishing you His very best every day....for always.

Dogmom Diva said...

Anne, this was a great thought provoking post..I think my favorite prez was a tie between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan..Gerald Ford was a 'regular guy' and we loved him and Betty..they were 'our president and first lady' for us desert dwellers here..they spent their last 30 or better years out here in our valley..Reagan was just Reagan, will never be another like him..and I agree, Obama needs to be remove before he totally destroys what is left of our country. Please!


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Hi Anne! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment! I hope your summer is going great! That is so funny about your husband shaving off his mustache and noone noticing!! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

Intense Guy said...

Wow! This is like 7 posts in one! So much stuff in it - my comment will be sorely inadaquite!

Have you tried the banana flavored cheerios yet? I like 'em. :)

I'm glad you are up and walking about... I think the walking helps keep the sour thoughts about our thieving government under control.

Susan said...

Hi Anne,

Enjoyed reading your post :)

My fav presidents are Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan.

Really cute idea with the cards and your Sweetie.

Have a great day! I will be back :)

In Christ,


Jo said...

Whew! that was quite a post ... some good things and some so sad things ... life is never fair ... Cheerio's are the best, i just had a bowl for dinner ... and me, paying for everyone else and my daughter for her education, i know how you feel on that front, and yeah, i just had my synthroid increased as well ... i wish you such luck on that front!

BeautifulDees said...

My sweet friend I think I was lead to you today...I have had so much on my plate lately, but friend you have make's me wonder about trial's and hurt's, but without them life would really be meaningless (right)...I have stuggled lately and am getting back in my game a little.
I havnt heard from you for a long time, come by sometime.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Anne, I enjoyed your post this morning. Lots of interesting text. I too love cheerios and the video was cute.

I am praying for the family whose daughter passed away. How sad for them. She is the arms of our Lord now.

Since we arrived home after our long stay in Maine, the days have flown by. The summer will be short because of that trip. However, I do love fall. We have not had hot weather here in the mountains so far. Thank goodness. It is much hotter in town so we try to stay up on our little piece of heaven on earth. Smile.

I pray that the border guards stay safe. I pray for some positive changes in our government. Time will tell. I agree with Larry King's opinion of Barack.

Blessings to you and yours,