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Monday, January 16, 2012

Are We In Kansas Yet?

I always loved Dorothy's sweet blue and white checkered dress! She looks so demure and sweet in the Wizard of Oz movie! Set in Kansas of course!
Now this is a tough one for me! Since we are heading to Kansas this weekend to take Nick on a tour of the Kansas Wesleyan University at Salina, Kansas I thought I would share some Kansas favorites!
We are Kentucky Wildcat fans! Basketball all the way with the Wildcats! Hey, they are blue and white too! Hee Hee! So let me share the Kansaa Jayhawks and the Kentucky Wildcats with you!
So for my very late Blue Monday I am sending these blues your way! Stop by Smiling Sally and thank her for hosting each week!

Then stop by Marydon's and say hi and enjoy my Love!
At our house we have to act as a team! Everyone pitching in and helping each other. Tonight we sent Hannah to the mall with Jeremy. He starts his student teaching tomorrow and he does not have the wardrobe to pull it off! So mom and dad sent him to buy a few new things to get through these next five months. Pray for him. He can always use the extra help!

We spent the last few weeks getting our cars in tip top shape! We will be driving to Kansas this weekend so pray for good weather! So now I need to get back into my blog and get busy catching up with everyone.

Have a terrific week~


Unknown said...

Please pray for Kerrie, Anne.

Love your togetherness. Kansas? Lawdy! girl! You have wings on your feet? You are really getting around. Be safe, have a good time. Good luck Nick.

Have a lovely week ~

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Have a safe and fun trip! :):):):):):):):):):):)

SmilingSally said...

Jeremy will do well with his student teaching wardrobe if he wears a dress shirt and a tie. (I taught high school, and men are much easier to dress than ladies.) I wish him well. Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Anne.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, Good Luck heading to Kansas. I graduated from Tennessee Wesleyan College --and I highly recommend those smaller, Christian schools. I loved college and did much better there than I would have done in a huge university... Good Luck to Nick!!!!!

Have a safe trip....


SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Happy Blue Monday!
...thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comment :)

Greetings from Australia♥

Denise said...

I always loved Dorothy's dress too. Will be praying for traveling graces for your family.

Birgit said...

Hi Anne,

First of all, thanks so much for leaving comments on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

Oh, you shouldn't feel badly about the "Tangled" stickers! I know how busy life can be. By the way, all the best for the upcoming trip to Kansas! I wish you a safe journey and hope for great driving weather.

Are you interested in winning a white cotton T-shirt with a pink heart and the words I ♥ Oktoberfest in size L? Then come over to my blog until Sunday, 22nd January, and leave a comment here .

What about having a look at my Advent and Christmas and getting an impression of Munich's Christmas market ? Moreover, you can see some frosty weather photos and pictures from a walk around my neighborhood on January 1st. Finally, there are photos of New Year's Eve . Of course, comments are welcome -- it's always great to hear what you think!

Have a wonderful 2012,
your blog friend from Munich, Germany,

Theresa said...

I will pray for all of you as you make the trip! I will also pray for the Student Teacher and the college bound student!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS and PRAYERS!

Intense Guy said...

You can see Dorothy's shoes in the Smithonian in Washington DC!

Mildred said...

Very nice entry for BM!
Love the 'Wizard of Oz'too;o)
Good luck to Jeremy!

Have a nice trip to Kansas****

Chatty Crone said...

Good luck to Nick in Kansas! Hope he likes it and gets in.

I also love the Wizard of Oz - if you can't find it - you've gone too far! sandie

Esther Joy said...

Well, I guess you will be cheering (along with one of my best friends) for Kentucky tonight, while I will be rooting for the Razorbacks! OOOOhhhh, the game has already started and y'all are leading. I better cheer those Hogs on!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Good luck to Nick in Kansas! Have a safe trip and try to visit the "Oz" museum if you get a chance.

Also, good luck to Jeremy as he begins student teaching assignment.

Angi said...

happy trip! thanks for the visit

Angi said...
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Ann said...

Well you certainly know me!!I adore anything Wizard related. I certainly am rooting for your Son to go to college here. Maybe he will become a Jayhawk fan!!!!ha. Have a safe trip driving this weekend. Thanks for commenting on my blog book.