Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Beverly!

My week has been filled with  many phamily plans. and obligations. We celebrated my Sweets birthday on the 23rd! Now he is the exact same age as me and has to lay off telling everyone he is married to an "older" woman.Ha! Getting ready to send Nick off to college. The trip will be a good time for reflection. I will talk about my sweet baby boy later.

I am excited today that we are celebrating with Beverly. She is our Pink Saturday go to gal! She does an excellent job pulling us together each week and sharing her pinks with us!

So happy birthday Beverly! A pink and yellow cake to share with each pinkie today!

Pink and yellow daisies. A sure sign of summer and friendship! I picked one for each of you!

"It's your birthday and I can't be there.
But I'll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer.
Have a happy birthday.
I hope all your birthday wishes come true.
May you have a great time today
and find happiness in everything you do.

Author: Unknown


RobinfromCA said...

Such a fun celebration and that cake is fabulous! I'm imagining chocolate inside so - can I have a piece?

J.Rylie.C said...

Very pretty! Happy Pink Saturday.

Come join my Color Connection meme, it is also my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!



Love your post for Beverly!