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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pink Perfection

I love my dolls! I thought since I am weary from a hard taxing week I would give you some sweet dolly pinks! These are courtesy of the google images:
I own many dolls of days gone by. These sweet ladies look especially pretty in pink!
A pink doll house. Would you enjoy decorating this dreamy place?

A Troll doll! I still love these silly dolls! I had many as a child and my favorite auntie made them the sweetest clothes! Oh how I wish I still had them! I dig that pink hair!

Who doesn't love Barbie? The girl has a wardrobe to rival a super model! Plus she sure looks good for her age! Fifty plus!

I hope you join Beverly and all our sweet pinkies to share your favorite pinks.

Please read my previous post. I am going to write a little tribute about each victim of the Aurora massacre this past week as families allow us to know their loved ones.  I would appreciate you following me. Later I will tell you a story behind my passion for so many victims of these senseless tragedies.


Chatty Crone said...

I love your pinks! sandie

eJoops said...

So pretty and delightful! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

Pink Slushy Magic, come and see.

Terra said...

Beautiful pinks here.
Gee, Barbie does look good for 50.
Yes, I will read future posts.

LV said...

Ann, great pink finds. I never had a doll. Trust things get better next week for you and family.

Denise said...

Really lovely.

Matkatar said...

Nice pink stuff!

Marydon said...

Whoa! What pretty pinks ... & of course, pink without a Barbie just wouldn't be.

I am anxious to read your tribute, Anne. It is so heartbreaking what occurred.

Hope all is well with you, sweet friend.
Have a great week ~