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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tuesday Tails/REDNESDAY/"M" for for Memories

This is my very late Tuesday Tail. I have been under the weather and was barely walking in the door at night when I had to collapse in my bed and rest my weary bones! This sinus stuff is ugly! But my doctor gave me a ten day course of antibiotics on Monday and I am half way to feeling better. So I wanted to share this sweet cat photo. Isn't this a true statement, they grow up so fast, hold them while you can! True of children and of pets! I hope you visit Sandie because she always shares a fun Tuesday Tail!
Now for a Rednesday! I have always loved the Anne Geddes photographs. This baby nestled inside a red rose is a delight! Stop by Sue's and say hello, even if I am too late to link with her!
I was going to save these black and white treasured photos for Easter time because I am sure I was dolled up for the holidays here. My mother had a way to make us look our very best when I was growing up and I thank my sweet sis Mary for finding these photos for me. Having grown up Catholic we were always very proper in our appearance and stood tall and very proud! These treasured memories bring back a time when life seemed so simple and safe. As a child we never worried about school shootings or bullying. We were raised by good hard working fathers and mothers who  mainly tended to children and kept their homes and families together. We were raised with faith and honesty, integrity, and discipline and never once have I personally ever felt abused or slighted as a child because I knew both of my folks loved me and my four siblings. Life seemed ideal and families in the 1950s and 60s raised their families like their parents before them and children were not ruling the roost as in more modern families today!
I love looking back on memories of my childhood and talking about days gone bye. I live near a large Catholic church and on Ash Wednesday I noticed the parking lot overflowing with cars for their morning service. I was thinking how as a small child my parents always made time for church services and in fact, my mother, attended daily, until she was in the last few years of her life. I thought about today's families and how many activities they participate in and how God has really fallen out of the lives of so many. Today there is so much emphasis on everything but faith in God! I know my own family has fallen away from the weekly church going routine and it makes me sad. I have used the excuse that we could never find the right church to attend. Goodness knows we tried. But all excuses aside I still have my faith intact and many memories of church services as a kid. I remember attending Sunday Mass with my folks and siblings and my sister, five years older than me, making me laugh in church! My father had a stern look and he use to say if we would not behave we could join the devil, waiting outside one of the side doors at our church! To this day I fondly remember that and it makes me smile and brings back a mind full of wonderful memories.
Please join Ms. Jenny and all the "M" participates this week at Alphabe Thursday!


Denise said...

Enjoyed this.

Terra said...

I pray that you will be led to just the right church to attend regularly, it is such a blessing to find a church home. I like these photos you are sharing here.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Love the kitty photo! I am pretty out of commission with sinus probs as well and hoping it doesn't get to be a sinus infection, so I can empathize. Take care of yourself.
My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my hope you find a church family. Thanks for visiting.

NanaDiana said...

I hope you can find the perfect church, Anne...although I don't think there is a perfect church out there. I can remember getting in trouble for laughing in church, too. xo Diana

Chatty Crone said...

The only thing perfect is Jesus - so be careful - everyone else and everything is human. I love the baby in the rose. That is so pretty. And it is true - hold on to the kids - they grow fast!

Lady Linda said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog! I grew up in a Catholic family and remember so many of the things you shared. I have moved past my Catholic upbringing in my faith journey, but respect the efforts of my mom and dad.
Oh, I did get in trouble for giggling in church too...thanks to my brother.

desertskyquilts said...

I am still an every-Sunday church goer, and manage to work it into several other days of the week, too, through various activities. I think you are right about the changes in society today. Times were financially hard when I was young, but family was so important! We knew the value of working for what we wanted, too.

Jenny said...

What beautiful writing here Anne.

I love what you shared and how you shared it.

You have such a magical and lovely heart!


Jacqueline Ripstein said...

Dear Ann
I need to contact you and ask you a question about one f your pictures could you pls email where to contact you?

Thank you !