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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alphabe Thursday

I had to cheat! Last week my head was spinning from all the trials of my days at the office. Busy!  Too busy to put up my "U" post for Ms. Jenny and the gang! So I have taken time to combine my "U" post with my "V" post this week! I was thinking I was feeling very  clever but my mind was in Boston. I was feeling sad, shocked, angry! I hate living in an age when fear and trials surround us. As a young woman my father often said little catch phrases to me and I thought he was a really smart man. Oh he was, no doubt, very smart and very well read for a gentleman who attended formal school through the sixth grade! But not until I read the Holy Bible for myself did I realize where all his wisdom came from! My father quoted the Book of James! When I read it for myself I smiled. I started to live it. I started to use those very same phrases. Today I rely on the Book of James as well as the entire bible to get me through the day!
I found this google image and thought it would fit into my post here today. It is the Book of James 4:10. The verse makes sense considering another tragedy we face here in the USA.  So I took the word "united" and another word "villain" and combined them for my post!
Now anyone who knows me can attest that I love running! I am not really great at it, I tend to walk the straights and run the curves on a track but I want all this snow to go away so I can get into my favorite outdoor past time of walking/running at the new rec center outdoor facilities near our home. Anyone who knows me also knows that our youngest Nick is a runner and a good one, since he is currently running on a scholarship in Kansas! So yesterdays bombing at the Boston Marathon really shook me. I know these things happen, part of the world we live in, but I don't like it! What I see when tragedy occurs is that we become "united".We all come together for a common purpose because we share a common feeling. We all want the same thing, we want the villain or villains caught and properly punished! We mourn for the dead, we pray for the survivors.  We all think the same thought, "Who would be so vile and hateful to commit such an act. Attacking those who are undeserving of such terror and horror?
Here is one of two Runner's Prayer I am sharing with you. I thought they would be very appropriate considering the sadness we are feeling for Boston. I don't mean to sound rude but people that run in the big races like the Boston Marathon, The Bolder Boulder, the New York Marathon, they train, they train hard and spend countless hours preparing their bodies and their minds for racing. It is so sad to see how many had their dreams dashed because of hatefulness yesterday. When the New York Marathon was cancelled due to the events of Hurricane Sandy, we all understood. Nature is unpredictable and can not to contained. But this was an act of terror. What makes me so sad is that we see this so often and we come to prepare our minds for it. We get use to this behavior and for a while we all act a little kinder and more gentle. Then we turn our hearts away from the tragedy and we go back to our lives. So many take for granted  all the little things. We lose our tempers, we get impatient in traffic or in long lines at the grocery store. I have a way of dealing with these tragedies and never forgetting. I run the names of the victims through my mind. I think and pray for their families, wondering what they could use to just have a moment or two of peace. I remember these tragic dates and as the anniversary of them draws near I pray harder for those left behind. I know people somehow have to get on with their lives but I often think "how do they deal with it"? So I pray for them.

I think of my own phamily. I think about how much I love them and how sad I would be without them. I trust God,  I depend on Him. I rely on Him. I know He will always be there and no matter how much tragedy I hear about  in my lifetime I know He is always there, waiting with open arms for anyone who wishes to come to Him.

Matthew 11:28-30

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
28 “Come to Me, all [a]who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is [b]easy and My burden is light.”

My prayers are centered on Boston and the people who live there. I send love and hope and a smiling heart to all who lost loved ones and to those who are recovering from their injuries. I offer them my own faith as a testimony that walking hand in hand with Our Lord will protect you. No matter what comes through your life if you hand it to Him and trust Him no matter what happens He will be there for you.

I will close this evening with my Book of James 1,2,3 plan for you!

James 1:2-3

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various [a]trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces [b]endurance.


Denise said...

Bless you.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Anne, Thank you for your PS visit and sweet message about our anniversary. I am late visiting my Pink Saturday visitors. Only 4 more days before our anniversary celebration and I am so busy.

I too hope you can start running soon. We have finally seen some Spring weather. Nice!!!
Happy days to you and yours my sweet blogging friend.
xo, Jeanne

Marilyn said...

Just stopping in to say hi. Home with a cold today. I think the flu shot effectiveness wears off and then I get sick. At least that is my theory. It certainly couldn't be all this beautiful white stuff-a blizzard tonight, perhaps?! Soon you shall be out and about and I might be able to be in my garden.♥♫

Intense Guy said...

Beautiful prayers.

Don't let what happened in Boston stop you... run like the wind.

Chatty Crone said...


And I think it is true - times like this make us stronger - we learn very valuable lessons.

Prayers to Boston.


Marissa said...

What a sweet blog you have!!
I wish I could run in marathons,but my boobies are way too big ha! I have always admired all those people who can run! I say don't let anyone stop you..
My prayers are with all the victims and their families...
That was a beautiful prayer Anne... loved it..
Your new follower Yay!!

LV said...

My friend you have a way with words in person and writing. I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you. I truly enjoy your inspiring words. Blessings to you and family.

Jim said...

This is soooo nice, Anne ~~ I like the runner's prayers, probably the first the better.

You dad was sort of like my dad was. Dad went through the Bible five times with J. Vernon McGee on the radio.

The Boston thing is terrible. You are really doing your thing to be praying for each of the victims. We've just had a plant fire here at West, Texas, that killed 70 at the count right now. It would take a while to pray for tall these victims' families.

Lastly, I used to run, 5 and 10 K's or more but not marathons. My daughter has run several, the NYC, the Paris, and ____? My son ran the Boston.

Encourage Nick. But I did wear one knee out and had to have it replaced.

Lola said...

Beautiful prayers, Anne.

We mustn't let what happened in Boston stop the London marathon - or any others.

Such a thoughtful post.

VBR said...

Hopefully, the many people who are touched by these horrible acts of violence will be able to take some comfort in knowing that throughout the nation, and around the world, there are people thinking of them, praying for them and wishing them comfort and strength.
Your post was quite lovely.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a lovely post and so comforting.

Thank you for an uplifting stop this morning...

Bethany Mitchell said...

What Thoughtful Words!!!!


Splendid Little Stars said...

beautiful, beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.

Tatiana said...

completely agreed with you :( it's devastating to think of so many people's dreams and hard work going to waste...

Along These Lines ... said...

Used to run, but no longer. Pray probably wouldn't help now - maybe bionics?

Simone said...

Thank you for the reminder to remember those that are injured as well. It's so easy to focus on those people who have lost their lives and their families but right now, there are people fighting for their lives.

Good for you for having the desire to walk/run. I hope that one day, I will be there.

Gattina said...

Although I was very busy this week with my friend and showing her around, we watched the Boston tragedy on TV !
Horrible ! How can one be so mad to put two bombs in a friendly marathon run ? It's just unbelievable ! It was also a shock here as 20 Belgians were there too for the Boston Marathon and the families couldn't reach them ! How terrible not to know if one of your family is hurt or dead !

Leovi said...

Undoubtedly an exquisite tribute to Bostón runners, I join him, my wife is also a runner! Greetings.

Sandy said...

I woke this morning to hear the news,
they have found the killers and one is dead. Although I'm not a hateful
person I'm thrilled for our law
keepers here in America... they worked
so hard around the clock and found
them... Amazing to say the least.
Good post and have a great week!
Thank you for your visit and sweet

JDaniel4's Mom said...

These are amazing prayers! I really enjoyed reading them.

Riet said...

What a beautiful post. The whole world is sad about what happened in Boston. It is unbelieveble
Have a nice weekend

Granny-Guru said...

It is, indeed, a sad day, relieved only by the courage and compassion of those who ran to help others as soon as they saw what was happening. An inspiration to all of us.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

really love this post Anne. We are no longer safe in our country, we invite people in to get an education here (taking spots away from our own young people) and they only want to kill us. Very sad.

Jenny said...

I really love the contrast you put for the word United and the word Villain...

I always Value my Visit to your blog...

Very good job for the letter U and the letter V...

A+ for the letter U


A+ for the letter V