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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pink for the Run

I thought you might like to see some pink in running!
I like the shade of pink and the words here about running!

I like this quote. I also love those pink laces!

This one isn't pink but the message is very clear. Wednesday was the new moon and  at my office we noticed how many rude and grumpy people we encountered in person and on the phone! They need to see this message and follow it!

I hope you will visit Beverly and also other pinkies. I appreciate Beverly's hard work each week and I wish I could visit all the pinks each week! I also wish more people would follow the example of my late friend CC who shared her pinks and visited most all of the pinkies before her untimely passing in September 2010! She had a kind heart and wonderful warmth that drew you into her world. I miss her so much! She never slighted anyone and always shared her kindnesses will all she met here.

"Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do."
-Nina Kuscik

I always loved running... it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.
Paula Radcliffe

What I love about running is you can meditate while running. It’s a peaceful place. You pray and think of the children and what you’re doing, and you get through it. The time passes clearly. The first mile is the hardest.
Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd (Runs marathons to raise money and awareness about children orphaned by AIDS.)

Nick ran his first college 10k in track and field (outdoors) tonight in Witchita. He took 9th place and ran a 34.06. His teammate Sterlin took tenth! Awesome run for Cowley Tigers! I remember one of his first 5k races in cross country. He ran it as a high school freshman and ran it in 20.52! He has come a long way!

James 1:17

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or [a]shifting shadow.

Ephesians 5:20

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
20 always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to [a]God, even the Father;


Denise said...


Terra said...

Ha ha on me, at first glance I thought you wrote nude and grumpy. Of course, on the phone you wouldn't have known. I guess rude would be preferred :) I meditate when I walk, and sometimes in the pool. It's all good.

Sue McPeak said...

Good for you...Running. Thanks for the neat photos with Running Slogans...of course loved the pink Tennis Shoes. I don't run anymore, but I do walk. It's a great time to think..meditate..and enjoy the outdoors. I do so much better walking outside than inside on a walker.

Happy Pink Saturday...Hope your weekend is filled with Happiness!

My Letter 'L'..The Leatherwood Lace Collar
Sue CollectInTexasGal
AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

Dewena Callis said...

I have a cousin who in her 50s, for the sake of her husband's health and her own began running and has completely changed her life. She is amazing and such an inspiration.

LV said...

You came up with some wonderful thoughts today. Enjoyed them so much. I am with you, CC was one of my best blogging buddies. I truly have missed her. I have found people are not commenting like they used to or I do not have anything of interest.

Small City Scenes said...

Great---every quote and image. MB

kitty said...

Thank you for the inspirational quotes. Happy PS!!

Ann said...

I've just absolutely run of pink things to post for P.S. I'm going to have to get creative I guess. Nick sounds like he's really doing well. I'm a walker not much of a runner but I like the running shoes.

Marilou Bain said...

Cute post Anne, thanks for hopping by and your sweet comments! Hugs Marilou

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Inspiring post!
You make me remember I must continue with my walking rutine, but working ful time sometimes it's difficult.
Besos! Silvina

Dogmom Diva said...

Wonderful post..I know when I worked for doctors years ago we encountered many rude and grumpy people, and since we were Gynecologists, some of them were even NUDE, lol...
I wish I could Scott has been running and just did a 10k run (his first) in Sacramento and I think he did it in 44 minutes, which is not bad for a 32 year old..He is just beginning! Good for Nick.
Beautifull blog, Anne..


Anonymous said...

"I run to be fierce" I love it. I ran track & field for the better part of my school and military life. I can no longer run due to auto immune disease but I run mentally still to this day. It's a place you get to in your mind that seems so shut out any other time. You are right about meditation and prayer, is there really a better time. Now it's while I mow. But in my day, it's when I ran. Hugs. Tammy

Carol Z said...

Great quotes. I haven't been to Pink Saturday this month, but will be coming back in May. Have a great week!

Diane Jordan said...

Hi lovely lady.
I also love your quotes. I know I need to get out and run or walk with my Dog. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new table. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and bless week coming up.
XXOO Diane

Pamela said...

Congratulations to your son! Isn't it fun to see our children set goals and reach them? I'm all over being nice. It takes so little but makes such a big difference in other's days.

Have a week full of joy, Anne.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

I stopped running a few decades ago but have taken up jumping rope. Love your quotes...inspirational!

Dewena Callis said...

Your quote "Run hard - be nice to people" is especially poignant tonight as I read this in light of what happened in Boston today. If only...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog on Saturday. I am just now catching up and still visiting PS posts. Love your blog!

Happy Belated PS....

Debbie of rosecottagepillows