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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"N: is for Nick and Noelle

Having so much fun playing with Ms. Jenny and all the wonderful participates of  Alphabe Thursday.  I have really been using my phamily in my posts. I love talking about them, being with them and always telling tales about them!

Here is a hint! This is one of my "N" lettered children! He does this because he loves it! tiny little baby Nick! He turned 20 on August 20th! He was a quiet and sweet little fellow. He grew up into a wonderful young man.
A 2012 Christmas photo. Nick is bright and funny. He has a good heart. He works hard at running and harder on his grade.
A favorite photo of my blue eyed baby with his sweet cousin Sarah. They both have the prettiest blue eyes. Nick has a soft spot for little ones and always for the cats and dogs we have!
Winning the Nike Southwest Boys Open Race in Arizona November 21, 2011. Margaret Kelly Photography captured his win! I remember running and screaming as he came to the finish and I could hear my heart racing and I could hear my voice inside my head! Yelling his name. He worked long and hard and attended the Nike Southwest Race in Arizona all through his high school career. He won that race in his senior year after he suffered with shingles. We were so proud of him.
This was Nike Southwest in 2010. I always tell him " Never forget your mother because other than the Lord Himself, no one, I repeat, no one, loves you like your mother!" Now that he is into his second year of college and his final year at Cowley, I get teary eyed thinking about what is next for this handsome young man I call my son Nick!
Noelle and Roger will be married 13 years this year. We are so proud. The have had good years with their marriage and that is what makes life happy! They have a 17 year  old son Colton.  Andrew and Christal are Roger's son and daughter which both are parents so that makes Noelle a really young grandma of 4!
A wedding dance. It is nice to have Noelle and Roger a few doors away. We have lots of summertime get togethers and good memories to share.
A favorite wedding photo of the happy couple with my sweet mother. A very good memory.
Oh goodness another nice memory! Colton and Roger. We all have our favorites and this one is special because of their huge smiles!
Goodness Noelle and Roger were very young here. It is so good to feel so blessed. I have a remarkably wonderful phamily and these are two of my five kids! I have received a wonderful gift in my life, a terrific hubby and five kids. Blessed with grandkids too! Life is good.
I never get to visit much with my sweet friend Suzanne and her Vintage Thursday Thingy so I have been waiting to share this cool butter dish! It is a thrift store find and it was only a couple dollars! It is full of 1970s harvest gold, burnt orange and avocado green colors! I think it is just precious!

Now you have seen my "N" tribute  please visit our nifty teacher Ms. Jenny and come back here soon!


Simone said...

I loved reading about Nick! I loved all the pictures but especially the one with him crossing the finish line! That's such a precious memory!

What a beautiful couple. Thirteen years is a lot to be proud of. It screams just how much they love one another.

My name is Riet said...

What a lovely N post. I love looking at family photo's,great idea.

VBR said...

What a great boy you have there. Oh, wait, change that to 'young man'. Watching a son grow into a fine young man is one of the greatest things I have ever had the privilege to experience. And, the photos of you whole family group are so nice to share.

Anonymous said...

wonderful memory making here of a dear family ~ thanks, carol, xo

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Family memories are the best memories! Thanks for sharing yours! Love the "finish line" pic of Nick -- you can certainly see how excited he is!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a sweet family you have! I love the pic at the finish line...


fredamans said...

Happy birthday!!!
(He shares with my daughter, Brianna, how just turned 16.)

Denise said...

Enjoyed all the pictures.

Theresa said...

Love seeing all of your "N" pics! I know you are so proud of Nick, I can sure see why:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

Intense Guy said...

"Never forget your mother because other than the Lord Himself, no one, I repeat, no one, loves you like your mother!"

This is so true!!! :)

Go Nick!!!

Jenny said...

No love is as strong as a mother's love!

Nick seems like a very nice young man...

And Noelle and Roger are a nice couple too...

Nifty post for the letter "N"!

Thanks for linking.