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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Love does lift the gloom! I have been a little moody lately. Lots going on! Nick leaving for college, Jeremy and Rebekah traveling to Vegas for a vacation. I worry. I know I shouldn't. They are, after all, in the hands of the Almighty. But my honey does a good job of keeping me on an even balance. He has his younger brother staying here. It is difficult. Hard to explain and worse to talk about it! But he is sick so prayer is always good. I hope while you are here, you will stop by and say hello to Marydon and share a favorite Love is...
Blue skies are good whether you watch them with the sun coming up or going down! Look how blue the water looks too!
A serene and very peaceful place with blue skies to cheer you!
How about these pretty blue rocks which I think may be at the beach in case you are near one!

Now I know you want to see more blues so go visit Sally and share a blue or two!
I am getting older and I wonder often am I really wiser? Sometimes I don't trust myself and other times I feel I am able to help others understand the Word of God even if it is just a little. A good example today,  a young friend of mine said her older daughter talked disrespectfully to her and her hubby when they told her to come to breakfast. She refused so they told her she could wait until lunch to eat, because she had missed breakfast! They felt bad but also felt that if she does not learn to respect her parents who will she respect? Certainly not herself and certainly not any type of authority around here. Anyone who knows me very well can tell you I am not a big fan of a lot of authority. I think sometime adults often do cross a line with kids. Particularly with school aged children. I think no matter your age you have to earn respect. If you disrespect someone how can you expect them to respect you? Another good example, the school lunch program. I have seen children be put down by some overworked cafeteria lady because they can not finish their lunch. That "starving children in China in would love to have your food" did not impress me as a small child and today I feel the same way. I don't believe I have to be responsible for the world. I can help one person at a time. I think we all can.
This is my youngest grandson Colton. He is 17. Since he has been a very small child he has always talked with me on the phone or in person and has always asked me how my day was. I love my time with him. Last night we were hanging out, waiting for the hubby to return from the airport with the Vegas bunch! His girlfriend called him. I whispered I would leave the room, give him some privacy and he whispers back, you don't have to go grandmother! A good solid trusting soul. There is much hope for this younger generation. If we teach them the truth.
Between this beautiful quote and the Scripture I shared above I think we have to teach our children more than just what is going on in this world. After all it will not be here forever. There is  something better awaiting us at the end of our lives if we are willing to trust the One who gave His life so we may live. When I feel sorry for myself I think God doesn't love me like he loves, let's say, someone with a lot of things! But I know deep down He does love me. The verse spells it out so beautifully and twenty years ago I would not have put it together. Today I understand it perfectly. Age adds to our wisdom. Something I constantly have to pray about. I think God is listening.

 Maybe you will visit Charlotte and get some encouragement from other wonderful folks who drop by the Spiritual Sunday blog. People sharing their hearts and giving something back to each one of us. Please come join the weekly shares.
I forgot to post for Beverly and the pinkies! SO here are a few pinks although I am very late!
Pretty pink birds! It looks as though these two are sweet for each other.
A pink parking sign. But you have to be a princess to park here! Hee Hee!
A final pretty pink! You should always dare to dream big!
Do you remember this song? It was called "Hey Mickey" and I can not get it out of my head! I tell you this for two reasons, first of all I missed class with Ms. Jenny. I had a good "M" to share and my week was all messed up! Mourning my children going on vacation and one leaving for college. A sad Momma! So my hubby and I were talking and he said our new kitten "Tiger" has a perfect "M" on his forehead! Well, everywhere I see orange tabbys I see their"M" imprinted on their forehead! Now the hubby has been calling the kitten Mickey and he is starting to remind me of a Mickey! So quick, faster than a speeding bullet, hopping, jumping, par kouring off the furniture! He is a pill! But we love him no matter what we call him!
My little Mickey Tiger with his perfect M designed into his forhead!
My, my, my, our Mickey has grown since we shot this photo in Jessica's truck! If you don't believe me that he has a perfect M on his forehead watch the Meow Mix commercial, those two orange tabbies have the perfect M too! I think it stands for mischievous!


SmilingSally said...

I'm sorry to learn that you're "in the dumps" or blue, but I must say I do love those blue stones you showed. Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday, Anne.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

{{{hugs}}} :)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love those beautiful blue beach rocks. I hope you are feeling happier again soon.

Marydon Ford said...

Love Mickey's 'M', very prominent! He's a cutie. Colton is a cutie pie, every girls dream guy. Your verses are profound ... love the stepping stones. You covered so much, all wise words & beautiful 'colors' ...
Have a great week, sweet friend.

LV said...

If parents do not set a good example, it is hard for a younger person to do better. The generation today is so different than my days, hard to believe some of the things that is happening. Anne, you are a lot stronger than you think and will make it through these times.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, quotes, photos and delightful little kitty ~ Transitions can be difficult ~ you will come through it stronger ~ lots of healing hugs to all ~ carol, xo

Ann said...

A few weeks ago our pastors message title was "God is not mad at you". It really hit me profoundly--I sometimes beat myself up because I don't think i'm doing enough to witness or I think I've not done a good job--remember God is not mad at you-you are trying everyday Anne-HE will lift you up from being blue. Colton is a very handsome kid for sure.Also those rocks are very calming.

Intense Guy said...

I sense someone that is very wise wrote this blog entry.

:) I hope you feel more positive soonest.

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post my wise friend.

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, I am so sorry it has been so long since I have visited. I'm back and trying to rest up from a long trip to MI for my cousin's funeral. She is in heaven now but I miss her so much.

Your blues are lovely especially the stones. I hope you are cheered up by now. Sending your son back to college is a good thing but I too remember how I missed mine when they were in college. Two of my grands just left for college this past weekend. Their first year. I worry too but we have to trust they will make good choices. Your grandson is very handsome and very sweet. Discipline is the right thing to do with youngsters with plenty of love. I so agree with your thoughts on this.

I am so sorry about your husband's brother. I am praying for him Anne. For you too because caring for anyone who is ill is a challenge every day. I have been in your shoes.

Blessings and love,