Sunday, November 23, 2014

Love is,,,/Blue Monday

These little Love is...are so sweet! I have not seen one that I don't  like. We go to church early on Sunday morning so we have lots of quick showers to take so we can hit the road! We are excited to see Nick in two days for the Thanksgiving holiday. We want to take him to the church because it is fairly new to us and he has not been there. He attends a church in Salina and wewant to visit  Nick's church too sometime soon.
Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. Are you traveling for the holidays? Are you cooking at home? This Norman Rockwell painting portrays Thanksgiving the way I experienced it as a kid.  I thought the Blue Crew would appreciate this and hopefully you will see the pretty blue dress the Mrs. is wearing while adding the turkey to the holiday table.

In case your Thanksgiving theme is blue, these jello parfaits are prefect, I always make a jello dessert for my grandson Colton. It is raspberry jello with frozen strawberries and frosted inside with sour cream. It is perfect with just a little sweet, some tart and sour cream to top it all off.

I think the turkey is underrated and he does not get a fair shake like the Snowman, Santa or even Christmas trees! I would love to have plates like this with the turkey motif. This table scaping is pretty and practical. Do you set your good china? Use paper plates? What type of dinner do you host?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with those you love. Sometime people do not have any one to share this day with. Say a prayer for all those who are lonely on this beautiful day that many of us take for granted.

Thank you google images for these wonderful images today and please visit Sally and all the blues.


bj said...

Happiest Thanksgiving to you and your family.
and Happy Blue Monday. :)

SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

I used to cook the turkey dinner for the family, but now I'm fortunate to have a willing daughter-in-law who will prepare it for us! (I'm bringing my famous? macaroni and cheese as demanded by the family.)

Even though you'll wait for dinner, you'll all be together, and that's the special part.

Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Hi again

I like Blue MOnday
Happy Thanksgiving week to you and your Phamily
You ask about making your napkin ring holder with burlap, I think it will work if you can cut and shape the burlap.
I always wanted to do that with old sheet music paper ?

Thanks so much for your visit

Intense Guy said...

Thanksgiving is ... Denver Broncos winning in a squeaker this weekend!

Edna B said...

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Pogo and I will be sitting down to dinner with a lot of nice folks who have no where to visit that day. We do this every year, and it is really nice.

I love your photo of the road ahead with the clouds and the setting sun. It is just beautiful.

Now I think I'll go make some lunch for my little guy (Pogo). He's been lying next to me waiting patiently for me to catch up on my blog reading.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Ann said...

My sister is hosting her in town. There will be about 17 there and I'm making sides. Chinese Slaw and pies.
We will be having turkey, dressing and sweet potato casserole!! Glad you get to see Nick. Have a great time all together.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, Thanks so much for visiting 3 of my blog posts... That meant so much to me --and thanks for your prayers for my knee problem... I hope and pray that it is just a strain of some kind --and that I won't have to have more surgery...

We had an early Thanksgiving with G's daughter and hubby yesterday ---and will see one of my sons and his wife on Wed. BUT-on Thanksgiving Day, it will just be G and me!!!! I bought a turkey breast so we will have that and the trimmings. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving.

LV said...

We all tend to take things for granted more than we should. So many sad and lonely people will share the holiday alone. I am going to my sons.May you and family have a wonderful day together.