Sunday, November 30, 2014

Love is.../Blue Monday

LOL! If this were true all the time, oh how wonderful aging would be! I have a birthday in three days! Another year older. I got a new haircut. I feel younger and my head feels lighter. I was feeling sorry for myself and realized I needed to snap out of it!
Today my hair wants to part down the middle and when it grows out a bit I will enjoy it more!
Yesterday I found a few books at the Goodwill store. They were so cheap. It was a great bargain. But while we were there I found lots of blue to share with Sally
Tons of blue.
Blues all over the place.
And more blues. Lots of fun items all over the store. I hope you stop by Sally's and visit her and the rest of the Blues! Have a great week.


bj said...

O, well, Happy Birthday early. :)
I have one in Dec....a BIG one...77...on New Years Eve...:)
I like your haircut....

SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

Your hair looks young and sassy; I like it! I like the cartoon too, mostly because it includes me. (I'm 73.)

Thanks for taking me shopping for blues. There are a bunch out there!

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

Leovi said...

Love these objects blue!

Anonymous said...

Your haircut may change, but your inside can stay as young as you want to! Good you went to the store to do something nice for yourself!

xinex said...

Happy birthday! It's always fun to browse around Goodwill...Christine

Sue McPeak said...

Hey look so cute and youthful in your new haircut...and what a sweet smile. Now you are ready to hold your honey's hand and kick up your heels on your birthday. Happy Birthday! Good Blue's at Goodwill. Happy Blue Monday, too!
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

Leovi said...

ANNES thank you very much!

MissusDilis said...

Happy birthday!
Always nice to have a new look on your birthday :)
Oh - and those blues - they're all lovely. Wish we have Goodwill stores here.

In the Company of Me

lorik said...

That Love Is pic brought back memories for me...from the 70's (showing my age too!) A new haircut makes me feel good too...and I have started to put different colours (reddish/orange) in too...not hiding the grey,..but contrasting with it. But I love your blonde.. I tried to get my hairdresser to do it..several times...and she talks me out of it.. i ended up with blonde bits. Next time...... Yours looks great..and I hope you are feeling great now too:)! - ice-cream makes me feel good too :(

Intense Guy said...

Happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


Edna B said...

Happy Birthday (and woofs from Pogo) to you!!! 70 was the one that made me start to feel old, but 75 felt really good. Hmmm, I guess it really is all in the mind.

I love your hair cut. My hair is getting quite long again, so I'm thinking of maybe getting it cut. It's a lot grayer now, so maybe Locks of Love might not want it this time. I usually give them the hair that I have cut off.

Ah well, enough of my dribble. You have a beautiful day. I hope it's filled with lots of sunshine and love and happiness. Hugs, Edna B.

Gert said...

Oh, your hair looks really pretty! A great cut for you! You sure found lots of blues didn't you? We have a Goodwill close by, think we should stop and see what we can find!