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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Denver Broncos Blues/Blue Monday/Aw...Monday/Love is.../Blogaversary Giveaway Winner/

Looking good in blue! Brock Osweiler had his first NFL start and win on his 25th birthday November 22, 2015! We love our Denver Broncos so whoever starts is going to be fine! We need to win more games! Manning is excellent on so many levels but I wonder about his health and his age. I hate to see him try to outdo Brett Favre. There is a time to step down and I think his time is coming. Plus he has guided Brock for the past few years and Brock is ready to take over the reigns. I am always going to love my Orange and Blue!

I think Brock will develop into a fine QB. He needs the experience, he has been quite patience sitting on the bench all these years. I may have some more blue here today but visit Sally and all the lovely blue shares too.
Noelle and Trek, 2009. The grass was green, the weather sunny and warm.
February 3, 2012, we had a whooper of a snow storm but Trek didn't mind! He was having fun trying to catch snowflakes! He has always been a favorite furry friend of mine although he belongs to Noelle and Roger. I like to visit my friend Trek, he likes me to visit because he knows I am the bearer of good gifts, "snacks" such as peanut butter and bacon treats or steak and cheese. Trek has enjoyed the good life. He is an excellent watch dog and he is a kind pet. He is a great addition to Sandee and the gang over at Aw...Monday. Please join us there too.
My honey is miserable, he has a really bad cold and the problem with him and colds are that they turn into bronchitis and then he will have to visit his doctor and have a couple breathing treatments to feel better. Since the weather here is bitter cold with snow it certainly doesn't help him.
It has been a fun month, but November went by so quickly. Thanksgiving came and went and we enjoyed the many blessings we were given. I wish I could give every single person here a gift for being so kind and visiting me here. My honey isn't feeling 100 percent but he drew a name from all the comments we received since I announced the blogaversary giveaway and the winner is......Danice. If you will send me your address I will get your surprise package out as soon as possible.  Congratulations to you! Danice and I are going to be doing an ornament giveaway with our friend Brenda so check in December 1 thru the 7th and enter the ornament giveaway. My dear friend Cheri in Ohio made the pretty ornie I am giving away and she is one of the sweetest ladies you would ever want to meet.
With Brock Osweiler at the helm, Denver beat the Patriots 24-30! The Patriots had been unbeaten and I believe the Panthers  are the only undeated team in the NFL. One of the favorite Pats players "the Gronk" was injured during the game. Between the bitter cold, the snow flying and the high altitude he looked truly miserable. There have been a lot of injuries in the NFL and I wish all of the players a speedy recovery including some of our Bronco players. You never want to see people injured. Congrats to Brock and the Denver Bronco's on a good game.


Liz Needle said...

Great colur scheme for a football team. I wish them well in the football season to come.

Theresa said...

Congrats to the lucky winner:) I watched the game but fell asleep before the end! Loved seeing the snow falling on the field! Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

SmilingSally said...

Morning Anne,

I celebrate with you on the BIG win last night. (I'm tired of the Patriots winning!)

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Happy Blue Monday!

Danice G said...
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Danice G said...
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Danice G said...

Oh, so happy that I won your giveaway. I just emailed you my physical address :)

Denise said...

enjoyed this post

Sandee said...

Awww, Trek is adorable and he can sure jump high. I'm glad the snow doesn't slow him down.

Have a woof woof Awww Monday and thanks for joining in again this week. ☺

Edna B said...

I'm not tired of seeing the Pat's win, however enjoy your win. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Pogo and I did too. We have so many blessings. We do not, however, have the snow yet. Thank goodness, and you can keep all of it. I much prefer Spring and Fall weather.

Pogo and I are enjoying a lazy day here, and hope your day is wonderful too. Hugs, Edna B.

Betty said...

I worry about your coach, Gary Kubiak. He had a mini-stroke his last year here. It was scary. As he was leaving the field for half time he went down. I watched the game last night and he never looks happy. Always a real stressed look on his face. He's a nice guy and needs to take care of himself. I miss TE Owen Daniel too. And Wade Phillips came from the Texans too. Oh well...that's how it is in the NFL. Here today and gone tomorrow. Your quarterback did well.

Laura S Reading said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Kathe W. said...

Have a great day and a wonderful December!

Intense Guy said...

The home team (Iggles) beat the New England Patriots last weekend - and are insufferable. But that win might help the Broncs!

I hope Payton knows when to hang up the spikes - he has had an awesome career!