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Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Y"our Own Story

Everyone has their own story.   I want to tell you a story that belongs to a very young and very strong willed baby girl. Mayah June was born on September 28, 2015. She was born with a condition called Skeletal Dysplasia . It is the medical term which describes the condition most know as dwarfism. The term is an umbrella for a group of hundreds of conditions affecting bone and cartlidge growth. A child born with this condition with have abnormal differences in the size and shape of their legs, arms, trunk or skull. Mayah is a fighter. She is one tough little cookie! I think she will grow up and she will make a real difference in the world. But right now she is in the fight for her life. She had casts on both of her legs and somehow managed to get those off. She has fought her trach  and pulled it out of place. She has battled for her tiny life since she was born. If you are a prayer warrior, please pray.

I think about Mayah every single day. She is the grand daughter of my sweet friend Cheri in Ohio. Mayah has brothers and sisters at home waiting for her to come join them. She is a beautiful little one with dark hair and her eyes say "I am a a fighter, don't mess with me." She is like a pretty Bruce Lee, swinging into action to show the doctors and nurses who is the boss! I think back to my several surgeries and how we managed to survive. We were younger back than but we raised our children and kept going with our lives. Somehow Mayah's phamily will do this too. I just know God has a plan for this little miss.

Several years ago a friend of mine had a friend and their three year old was dying from a rare form of brain cancer. I just knew I had to do something. Several people discouraged me but the more I prayed the more God told me to move forward with this.  I recruited the help of a good blog buddy Suzanne and she and Sue finished a beautiful quilt.

Let me back up a bit here, they finished it after all the outpouring of quilters and friends in blog land pitched in and helped create the quilt. Oh the stories we heard, the tales many told. It was such a blessing and then we got the news that Shannon had passed away. Suzanne thought giving it to her parents as a "Remembrance Quilt". At first they did not wish to accept it. They were grieving and Suzanne and I felt if we kept praying they would eventually change their minds. Suzanne was pressing the quilt before she packed it to send to Sue in another city in Texas to finish with her long arm. She said her email announced "You've Got Mail" and when she read it it was from Shannon's aunt. Her aunt said the parents would like to accept the quilt. Do you know that they sent each one of us who participated a letter with a packet of Forget Me Nots and asked us to plant them in memory of Shannon? They were reeling from the fact that so many strangers wanted to give them some comfort. They were blessed by the outpouring of love they received from total strangers. Do you know I still think of Shannon and especially when I see  forget me nots?
An update on Mayah June, she has an infection in her chest. Please pray because they would like to do a surgery on her in two weeks. Her life may include a rocky road at times but the joy this little spirited child will bring can not compare to anything. Each one of us has a story to tell and I want Mayah to tell us her story someday when she is older and understands what a beautiful gift she is. Send your prayers and all the good thoughts you can muster to Mayah June and her family please.
On another sad note to end the day Jenny will no longer host  Alphabe Thursday  after this round. I am very sad, Jenny is one of the kindest people I have ever known and in November 2011 I was blessed to meet her when we traveled to the Phoenix area. This was a blessing to participate in each week although I had missed many rounds of it. But Jenny is dealing with major health issues so she has to give her full attention to finding the right treatment for her particular health issue. I think we  will all be sad and miss her leadership here but she we all want her to get better and get rid of her pain. Ms. Jenny we are going to miss you so much and this wonderful weekly fun too. PLease visit Ms. Jenny and join the "Y" is for...Alphabe Thursday fun.


Denise said...

praying for this precious one.

Jim said...

I'm praying for Mayah too, Anne. For her family too. Pray that their wait and prayers for the little sister will soon be answered so that Mayah can come home and join them. You may have seen on TV the little girl who now walks with the help of her BIG service dog, even in school to her classroom. (If you missed it I am thinking Google will know.)
Yes, we all as a "YOU" all have a story. Nice "Y" word.
I am hoping that someone will want to step in for Jenny. "YOU"? I am glad you got to meet her and now you know personally another blogger you pray for.
BTW, we have moved from Montgomery, Texas, to Katy, Texas. Just across Houston, about 67 miles. Lots of boxes to unpack. Now we are only a few blocks from our daughter, granddaughter KP (age six), and SIL. We are walking KP home from school at noon today, early dismissal. We are thinking the new Peanuts (Snoopy) movie.

Nancy Beebe Goolsby Tramel Perry said...

very honest.

Sandee said...

Praying for Mayah. So precious.

I'm sorry for your friend Jenny too. May they find a cure for her issues.

Have a fabulous day and weekend Anne. ☺

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Prayers for both families. I will miss Alpha Thursday!

Mevely317 said...

What a poignant story! I read this earlier on my phone, and you know how hard it is to suddenly try and think of something else and keep your tears from spilling over because people will look at you all weird?

Heck with 'em! Definitely, I'm holding baby Mayah and Jenny in my prayers!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Thanks for sharing the story of 3 mighty warriors, Anne.

Lux G. said...

Such inspiring story. I pray for her strength.

Betty said...

I just said a prayer for Mayah and her family.

That was a beautiful story about Hannah's quilt.

I've been hit and miss with Alphabe-Thursday and rarely blog anymore. I keep telling myself I'll do better.

I know Jenny must be heartbroken about giving up her Alphabe-Thursday event. She has been through so much pain. I'm praying this is just a temporary break and she'll be back soon and feeling a whole lot better.