Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Aw...Mondays/Blue Monday/Love is.../Maxiine Cracks Me Up/

Leo and Smokey were resting in the cool comfort of air conditioning while outside the temperatures were rising. They are just adorable. Please visit Sandee and say Aw...Monday. I am late, the internet was on the fritz, we kept getting five minutes of giant raindrops and then more sunshine. It was a weird day.
Leo was enjoying the Fourth of July festivities yesterday. My son-in-law Roger snapped this photo.
Hannah's diamond shaped birthday cake. Vickie at the Albertson's bakery near our home does one amazing job with these beautiful cakes.
The lighting made the frosting look lime green when it was really Hannah's favorite color, mint green.
Hannah bought this pool and we have all had so much fun. I will tell you, you have not lived until you ride that slice of pizza in the pool!
Noelle enjoying the cool pool.
Rebekah and Noelle enjoying some pool time.
Noelle and I enjoyed sharing that pizza slice. It was fun to float on. I hope Jeanne and the Blue Monday crowd stop by soon.
Too much fireworks yesterday! People were shooting fireworks at 2:00 A,M. Oh my goodness, I did not think I would ever get to fall asleep. Jeremy said it was the same in his neighborhood, and the police showed up at two a.m. on the street directly in front of his house. Silly people.
Ah,,,,even Maxine was wishing the Stars and Stripes well. Hope you had a wonderful 4th and hope it was safe. Considering the disgraceful turn our nation is taking, I pray, trust God and value my freedom for the time being and those who fought and are fighting to keep it. 


Sandee said...

I so love dogs. A huge Awww. So precious.

We had lots of fireworks here, but it didn't stop us from going to bed our usual time. Sorry it was so late for you.

Have a terrific day Anne. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Mevely317 said...

Your pool images look soooooo fun and refreshing.
It's been more than a few years since I've ventured into ours ... no reason, really. BUT(!) I bought a bathing suit a few weeks ago so that's a start ... right?

Love that picture of happy Leo. Who says dogs don't smile?

LV said...

I am not a fan of fireworks. They are not supposed to be shot in neighborhoods, but some did ours. Sounded like canon went off.

Debbie Petras said...

I had a fairly quiet 4th of July but loved it none the less. That pizza slice certainly looks like fun! And thank you for your kind comment on Heart Choices as I celebrated my mom's birthday.

Buttercup said...

Love, love, love the birthday cake. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Intense Guy said...

The pool looks super refreshing!

Jim said...

Dogs are looking laid back, Anne. We are hot here too. No rain drops for a while.
I put a picture of my Adi beagle dog on Sandee's Aaaw Monday sitting all pretty by an American flag. Just the picture link, no blog reference. Adi died in 2013, I miss here a lot still. We were a certified pet therapy team.
Your pool looks great. We might have to get a pizza slice for us.. Our daughter bought a large swan that KP plays on.