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Friday, July 29, 2016

Pink is Pretty

This is a pink and white house on Main Street in Lamar, Colorado.  I took this photo in July 2010 when we were traveling to  my mother-in-laws graveside service there, after her seven year battle with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  I think this is a sweet little place. It made all of us smile. I would love to be able to peek inside. I love to see how homes are decorated on the inside.
This google image was painted by Robert Thomaston. Isn't it just lovely?
This yellow rose is so pretty. I know it is not pink but because we have a gray and yellow bed cover I wanted to add a pretty yellow rose print on the gray walls we have.  Maybe I will find a pink rose print to match. What do you think?
We have been planting roses. So far we have five beautiful roses growing in our front and back yard. When we bought this house in 2010 there was an overgrown rose bush on the side of the backyard. I took a pair of garden clippers and cleaned up that rose bush. It started to produce the most beautiful dark pink roses, We recently cleaned it up again as it was bending close to the ground and really looking shabby. Today it is standing so tall and pretty. I love roses. Do you? Please visit Pink Saturday and thank Beverly for hosting and tell some Pinkies hello and thank you for sharing their pinks too. Have a wonderful weekend.


Sandee said...

The house is indeed cute and I'd love to tour the inside too. I'm guessing it's very cute inside.

Roses are pretty, but they aren't my favorite flowers. I used to have them all over the place in my younger years and I was in charge of caring for them. I was always all scratched up.

Have a fabulous day Anne. ♥♥♥

Caren Gittleman said...

I am normally not a fan of pink, but I have to say, that house is DARLING. I would love to see the inside too. It looks pristine. Wonder if it is the same owners. catchatwithcarenandcody

Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

I love that little house! I'm not sure where that town is, but we will be traveling to CO soon....wouldn't it be fun if I spotted that same sweet cottage?

I've had rose bush issues...thought the two I have were gonners cuz the leaves were shredded. So I clipped them down to nothing and was waiting for a strong person to dig them up. That's when a friend had me describe what the leaves looked like prior to me whacking the bushes down to nothing. I told her...she said hers did the same thing...she went to a local garden center...they sold her this magical stuff that you spray on and it kills the little varments that had been attacking the plants. Soon my roses were starting to send out new shoots, so I bought some of the spray...and now I have beautiful plants, with blooming roses once again! :) I'm not a I was thrilled about the turn around in those plants!

How I enjoyed reading your comment on my blog about your running son. What an outstanding athlete !! I'm sure you are so very proud of him!! I also hope his college finds a great new coach for his team. You are right about the qualities they need to search for when they hire the replacement.!! Being positive and concerned about the whole person is so important....they are, after all, still kids!!

I appreciate your kinds words about my running. I'm lucky to have been able to find so many kindred spirits. We do support each other and without them I would not have grown as much as I have over recent years.

Hope you had a great PS!! Dana