Monday, November 14, 2016

A Little Bit of This and That

I'm late to a very important date....Aw...Mondays with Sandee and the furry friends fan club! But here I am. So let me share:
Mr. Kitty, he is a bashful kitty, N O T ! Don't let him fool you. He is into everything like a tiny toddler on steroids! So much energy until he crashes and has to get his beauty sleep.
The Cat's Bible. This kitty has checked his references and he is not finding any information on the benefits of neutering in this guide to a cat's life. Stop by and tell Sandee thank you for hosting an sharing fun with us.
Stop by Jeanne's and share your blue. My blue today just reminds me that being an American is something I am proud of. If I can  figure out how to remove all my photos from social media I am going to close it all down. I already kicked Twitter to the curb. I don't need a twenty four hour reminder of  last week.  I love America. I don't need anyone judging my comments or thinking they are reading my mind. Too many people have too much time on their hands. A real tragedy all the hate filling our society.
I am not a huge fan of technology. Some of it has gotten out of control.I remember these days like the little Love is..character. Ah...none of us perished because we missed a call. If someone needs you they can call again.

I worked with a lady who complained about everything. She always complained she was so broke yet she spent top dollar on a psychic. I think if psychics are so knowledgable why don't think give you the winning lottery numbers or as Maxine says, why don't they know your name? Food for thought.

No other words are needed. Self explanatory.
These are great examples of being grateful. I am grateful everyday that I am alive and able to get up and move about without  being fearful. Little things make me happy and most grateful. Thank you for stopping by. 


Linda said...

Another great post, Anne, and the cats have won my heart. I am not a huge fan of technology, either. Would you believe I don't have a VCR or DVD player??? I don't have a cell phone, either, nor do I have an iPad or iPod of any of those things. Just my laptop and a regular telephone landline. :)

Sandee said...

Awww on both kitties. I think Mr. Kitty would be fun to watch. I so love kitties. I wish I wasn't allergic.

Yes Facebook has been horrible of late. What I don't get it the real side that is doing all the finger pointing are mostly from the left and they are the ones that are destroying their neighborhoods and cities. They are against hate, but they are so hateful.

As for the lady that complains all the time. She is just unhappy. She wants everyone around her to be unhappy too.

Have a fabulous day Anne. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Summer said...

Beautiful post. Happy Tuesday ♥

Intense Guy said...

I kicked Facebook and Twitter to the curb long ago.

My hope is that people that tweet all the time - actually do some work when they are at work!!

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne dear, Talking about late...we were traveling home by car from FL on Monday. We arrived home late at night. Sorry this comment is so late.

We are thankful the election is over but there is still a lot of complaining from the losing side. I do not get it at all. The reaction is often very hateful. I do think time will help this go away.

Love the kitty with the book and your great pics and quotes. Kindness and love is the best medicine for unhappy people. Prayers help too. Smile.

Love and hugs to you today,