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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Memories

I am sharing some wedding photos of some of my favorite people. These beautiful and strong willed women are my heroes, the reason I am a faithful servant of God and the reason I am strong willed myself. They faced many difficulties and never wavered in their faith or their phamily. A Mother's Day tribute to them:

My momma was a beauty. She was a wedding attendant here for my daddy's sister, my auntie Angela (Gela) Kocman to her beloved, my uncle Anthony (Bear) Medved, along with my dad. They were godparents for myself and my siblings. My auntie could tell a story like no other and she kept me smiling after my daddy's passing. My Uncle was a quiet man and he owned a liquor store and later on, a garage where he and my cousin Danny serviced our cars.
My daddy's baby sister Auntie Millie and precious Uncle Sam Cosimano. My daddy was sad when his baby sister moved across the country from Colorado to New York Thank you sweet cousin Juliane Cosimano Barden  for sharing this beautiful wedding picture with me. Aunie could make you laugh out loud and Uncle was kind and artistic. My cousin Jeanne Medved Litherland told me a story once, that she was sleeping in the basement of our grandparents house with Auntie Millie and she was scared. She hated the basement and said she was afraid of dying. Auntie Millie told her no one ever died from sleeping and to be quiet and go to bed!

My momma's baby sister Jo and her handsome hubby Uncle Tom Binder. They were so beautiful. Uncle had been in the Army Air Corp. and Auntie Jo was a wee little one when her daddy was killed in a gold mining accident in Victor, Colorado. These two were beautiful souls and so very kind. Auntie passed away way too young and Uncle was a lost man without her all those years before he joined her in their heavenly home.
Uncle Louie, momma's older brother on his wedding day with Auntie Ang Jacklovich. The Catholic priest from our church Father Daniel Gnidica and my beautiful BFF Grandma S. Auntie Ang never had children. But she and Uncle Louie treated all of the kids wonderfully. I think she was a very big influence on my life. She was independent and sassy and very smart. She sewed almost all of her own clothes and spoke up and never was shy. She was even an unconventional bride back in the 1940's when young brides were more traditional. She was a trend setter. Uncle was smart and kind and he always said he had "lucky money", that he gave it away and it came back to him ten fold! He knew Colorado history like most of us know our own self! He was the son who survived, by the grace of God, while his younger brother and his father perished in a gold mining accident in Victor, CO. He flew a plane and read all the classics
He was a real hero to me, very much like my own daddy was.
These two were precious people. My big sis Pat, my dad's first born and his "Patty". My late brother-in-law Gary. All I know is these two sweethearts would be tickled to see their beautiful phamily of five sons and all the grand little ones and great little ones too. My pretty sister traveled the world with this fellow. He was in the U S Army and she married young and raised five boys with him. Their first and last sons were born in Germany. She was just a good person. I miss her too, every day.
My Tata Rose Krall at her wedding to Mr. John Levstik. This is 1908 and it had to be late autumn or winter as My grandfather Joseph Steblay is holding Uncle Louie ( May 8, 1908). My beautiful grandmother is next to my grandfather who passed away when my momma was just 13. My Tata was a strong willed woman. She was left to care for her children while her husband went off to war in WWI. She had five daughters and two sons. What a remarkably beautiful phamily I came from. My Tata was my grandmothers younger sister.
Elsie Steblay, my momma's younger sister at her marriage to Edward "Munson" Trontel.  Uncle Louie and Auntie Ang were beautiful attendants too. Uncle Munson was a butcher and the phamily stills owns the meat market he founded with his brother-in-law Frank Javornik simply called "Frank's Market, in Pueblo, CO. Auntie Elsie was a generous and fun loving lady. My momma lost all her siblings and she was the final one to leave this earth. I can not ever imagine her pain of loss for those she loved so dearly.
My momma's big sister Mary was the tiniest little lady. She had a heart of gold and lost this precious man, Uncle Charlie Mishmash on Mother's Day 1968. She had longed to be with him from that day forward. He was a fierce protector of his little demure wife and he was a tall and towering gentleman, kind and quiet. I will never forget the day he passed away.

 Uncle Rudolph "Moon" Kocman, dad's older brother with his bride Auntie Elsie Glavich. I was quite young when Uncle passed away so suddenly but my sissy Mary can tell you, he taught her how to bowl. She use to be an excellent bowler. Auntie Elsie worked at the college in Pueblo with momma's sisters Annie and Mary and my mother-in-law, Rita. They were amazing ladies. Talented and beautiful. My dad always made sure my auntie was doing well after his brothers untimely passing.
My daddy lived the Scripture in the books of Timothy and James. after his brother's passing and after Auntie Mary, momma's sister lost her beloved,  he made sure those two precious ladies were taken care of.
Momma's younger sister Annie Steblay and her husband Uncle Frank Petgovsek. They were always such a big part of the phamily. Auntie was a great baker and Uncle was a storyteller. She passed away from Lou Gehrig's disease and my uncle cared for her so lovingly until her untimely passing. My momma lost her husband and two of her sisters within 11 months.  Auutie Annie passed away April 13, 1985 just a few short days after my daddy's passing, April 5, 1985.
I am very sad that I do not have a wedding photo to share of dad's older sister Auntie Mary "Mima" Kocman and Uncle Sam Salvo. They were farmers living their life on the Saint Charles Mesa. Auntie was an excellent cook and she catered weddings and many political dinners throughout the years. i learned how to properly set a table when she catered more formal affairs as our mothers back then, did not have play dates or baby sitters. They hauled us with them everywhere they had to go. All of the girls were paid a small amount of money for helping our mothers at these various functions.   I received my first dose of politics at many of these events also. Uncle Sam was a quiet man who loved to fish. Auntie had a big hearty laugh and she was a real gem. Kind and gentle.

This is a tiny photo but it is my dad's younger sister Anna Skender and her husband Uncle John Skender. He was another quiet and very kind gentleman who passed away too soon. He left Auntie widowed and my dad was always making sure she was cared for. She loved to pinch our cheeks when we were young and she wore red lipstick so she would leave her lipstick print on our faces too. She worked hard after Uncle Johnny passed away and she was a fun loving lady also.
Happy Mother's Day to my oldest child and smile maker Noelle. She is a beautiful wife, mother and grandmother. Love her always She is bright and funny and can always make me smile.
My daughter-in-law Brittany and her daughter Addy. Happy Mother's Day to the girl who made my son Jeremy happy. They are a sweet couple and  I wish them a lifetime of happiest. Brittany has a kind heart and was raised by wonderful parents including her mom Bobbie who is a terrific mom too. 
Happy Mother's Day to these precious sweet girls Christal (left) Jacey (middle) and Tarrah (right). They are the beautiful mothers of the kids in this photo minus sweet Harrison and I know most of you know him by now. I love these girls so much . They make our phamily so much better too.
My sister Mary and her daughter Karla. Happy Mother's Day to two beautiful ladies. My sister is a kind person who raised two wonderful daughters.
My sis with her youngest daughter Holly. Happy Mother's Day ladies! Smart and talented. I love this phamily.

To all the mom's out there I hope your day was beautiful and blessed.  


Sandee said...

What a lovely post in honor of your loving family, past and present and Mother's Day.

I hope your Mother's Day was most grand. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Mevely317 said...

Love your biographical vignettes to accompany each of these pictures, Anne! While my parents were careful to document names and dates, I don't recall having heard anything about personalities, whims and what-have-you's.

My favorite has to be that image of you and Noelle. Made me smile right out-loud!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Anne! Well, that's a lot of beautiful women! I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!