Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday Show and Tail and Happy Tuesday

Thinking about Bandit today. He was small but mighty and he had a bark that made you pay attention. He was an excellent watch dog and he lived a good life for nearly 18 years. He was a quirky lil fellow. So he is the star of my Tuesday Show and Tail Miss you little guy.

I thought this was perfect for Happy Tuesday. Stop by Sandee's and say hello. Some people prefer cats instead of dogs and others prefer both.
Maxine knows about temperature control! There isn't much, here anyway. We go from rain and cold into the heat wave.
Thinking about so many who need prayer. My friend Anna, had gall bladder surgery and it was tougher than it should have been. Britt and Ivan struggle with their mental health issues. Many with medical problems. Deanne's nephew in ICU after a horrific bicycle accident. He is a single dad of four teen girls. Someone somewhere needs a prayer today. Help me pray please.
My dad with Karla and Holly about 1973. Miss my dad every day. Karla and Holly have phamilies of their own today.
Karla and her dad about 1973. Love searching through old photos.
I don't mind laundry, in fact  I like to do our laundry. But this is something to think about. A little humor for Tuesday.
I'm just going to let you think about this one too. Have a great day!


Sandee said...

Aw on Bandit. They are so precious and we miss them every single day.

Prayers to all those that need prayers.

Love all the funnies and always love hearing about your family.

Thank yo for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a blessed Happy Tuesday, Anne. Big hug. ♥

Brian said...

Bandit sure looks like he was quit the sweetie.

Terra said...

Bandit looks like a sweetie. My Bounce thinks he is a big dog too. I was really touched by the nice thing you said about me today in a blog comment on my blog. Sometimes our blog friends know how to touch our hearts, you are one of them. I did have fun looking up about the tea cup pattern you have.