Sunday, September 27, 2020



Stop by Sandee's and join Aw...Mondays. Some people need a good butting! HaHaHa!

It was a cool day today and we had some rain. But LOve is...makes me feel happy and warm all the time because it is so darn sweet. 

Baby Blue Eyes with a smile. 

The first pair of my new glasses. I was in my pj's until noon today with a backache. SO this is not my best photo. HaHa But girls with glasses are always smart and sassy.

Baby Blue Eyes is a Daddy's Girl. Aw.....she loves him and smiles the biggest smile when she hears his voice or sees his face.

So if you have never read the Birth Order by Dr. Kevin Lehman, please get a copy and read it ! It is one hundred percent true. The middle, who is her father's daughter, adores the man. I found this silliness and it is truth. Humor is worldwide medicine. It is good for the heart and the soul. Laughter is the best. Share some today. 

I will share our trip to Lulu's Farm and Market tomorrow. We bought chilies and corn and are going back for pumpkins. The middle is a good daughter. She took some photos for us. You can not see my leggings but they have tiny footballs all over them. It is Fall and football season. I do love watching the young kids play as we set the NFL on the back burner. Lulu's have wonderful service and so much goodness. The middle bought a Bailey's Irish Cream Torte. Oh Lord, why must you make the good stuff so bad for us? The bad stuff is suppose to be good for us. I think you have it backward. I am sorry and I do apologize.

A sign of the times.

Sharing this for Annie even though she has been on hiatus.  I feel our world would be so much better if each and every person on the planet earth would make this mandatory in their own lives. Every one of us.  It is hard to do but it is so well worth it.

Sweet dreams all and I am still catching up from the weekend. Grands and company and work and play. I am thinking of each one of you dear hearts who left a comment. See you very soon. 


Sandee said...

Love the wanting to be a goat. I can relate. Awww on that adorable baby with striking blue eyes. Takes after day.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Anne. Big hugs. ♥

Brian said...

Those are such pretty blue eyes and we like your glasses too. Happy Be a Goat Day!!!

Rita said...

Be a goat--lol!
Little ones quite literally breathe fresh life into us. :)
Like the new glasses.
Have a great week. :)

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I want to be a goat! 'Don't recall seeing a pix of her momma recently, but Baby Girl sure seems to resemble her daddy! I can't wait to get our shipment of chili from the folks at Hatch in New Mexico. We pre-ordered, but have had to wait 'til early October.

PS - I like your glasses!

Edna B said...

Some days I don't want to adult either. Actually, lots of days! The baby is adorable. I spend a lot of my days in jammies. Why not? It's comfy and I'm in my own home. Enjoy your jammies whenever you can. Hugs, Edna B.

Kathe W. said...

Oh to be a goat! What fun! Have a lovely day!

messymimi said...

Being a goat for a day might be fun.

Love the post, and i like those glasses!

pilch92 said...

I had to read the Birth Order book in college. It is very accurate. My sister is 8 years older so instead of the baby I am more like a first born. Such a beautiful baby. XO

Ginny Hartzler said...

I do Love the Be An Example quote! I like your new glasses, and think this is a good picture!

Cathy Kennedy said...


I'd like to do more than head butt those who annoy me but it's best just to walk away before things get out hand which might land you in the slammer. lol Just kidding, but the horribliest stuff is going on these days and you can't help want to strike back but that's not always the right or wisest move to make. Your Love is cartoon made me smile - so cute! Ohh, that Baby Blue Eyes...what a sweetie! Ooo, sorry to hear about the backache! That's not fun. Yesterday after we got home from my doctor appointment, nothing serious routine HRT, I mentioned to DH that we need to take the old washing machine to the curb for pickup. While he backed the car down the driveway for us to do that I commenced to doing it and got down the drive more than half-way before he got back. He wound up moving the car at the end of the street a few houses down where there's some extra space to park. I told him I'd finish it up and if I needed help I'd ask him. By the time I was done I felt the stiffness in my shoulders and heaviness in my arms. I hadn't even realized it at the time but then that's the way it usually is for me. lol I'm okay this morning much to my surprise. My arms still feel a little heavy, though. I'll survive. In this life we aren't meant to know true peace, even at times when things are going a bit smoother. Unfortunately the ugliness we see in our streets will continue to get worse in time. I think we'll see a temporary break in it in the coming months but it'll rear up again. It's shameful how people allow Satan to control their hearts. Praying for God's people, our president, our military, and this nation daily. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

JanCT said...

That proverb you shared is very timely! I think your new-glasses photo is great. :)
Laughter and Consistency