Monday, September 21, 2020

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tails

 I talk about the days when Angela hosted Tuesday Show and Tails. We always had so much fun. Here is a muskrat to showcase today. 

Muskrat Love

Muskrat, Muskrat, candle light
Doing the town and doing it right in the evening
It's pretty pleasing
Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug out in Muskrat Land
And they shimmy... Sam is so skinny
And they whirl and they twirl and they tango
Singing and Jinging a Jango
Floating like the heavens above
Looks like Muskrat Love
Nibbling on bacon, chewing on cheese
Sam says to Suzie, Honey, would you please be my Mrs.
Suzie says yes with her kisses
Now he's tickling her fancy, rubbing her toes
Muzzle to muzzle, now, anything goes as they wriggle,
Sue starts to giggle
Source: LyricFind

Maxine is a character but today she made me S M I L E !😍 Love being an American. Are so many people unhappy with where they live? I Love my country. I like where I am . 

I can not link my post to Happy Tuesday with Sandee at New blogger is not nice at all!

 But I won't let blogger or anyone wreck my day. I am on a happy high! Waiting for another baby girl to come join us. 

Maxine always cracks me up. She is a real character. 

The new blogger is not complying and it will not allow me to link my post to Sandee at I hope you will visit all the Happy Tuesday participates there. 

I found the lyrics to an old song by Captain and Tennille and I found a photo of a cute muskrat. It was a sweet and silly song from my youth. We use to watch the muskrats swim at the Margaret Carpenter open spaces. They were fast, like Michael Phelps! I hope you stop by to see Sandee


Ann said...

I haven't heard that song in forever. Now I'm going to have it stuck in my head.
I've always loved Maxine cartoons. She cracks me up
How exciting, a new baby on the way.

Sandee said...

Love that song and I've not heard it in ages. It's stuck in my head now.

I love Maxine. She's my kind of gal.

The new blogger format is trying to say the least. I'm guessing some folks are going to be moving to WordPress.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Anne. Big hug from California. ♥

Feline Opines, the World from a Feline Point of View said...

We've got lots of wild animals in our nexk of the woods but we've never seen a muskrat!
Purrs & Head Bonks,

pilch92 said...

Congrats on expecting another baby girl. XO

Brian said...

That is such a cute critter...and we always did like that tune.

Mevely317 said...

Loved that song back in the day. So happy to have a new earworm with which to annoy Tom. 😁

messymimi said...

Maxine is great, and i agree, choose happy.